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RMS Media Passenger List - 7 August 1954

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List from the RMS Media of the Cunard Line, Departing 7 August 1954 from Liverpool to New York

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List from the RMS Media of the Cunard Line, Departing 7 August 1954 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain F. G. Watts, R.D., R.N.R. GGA Image ID # 172ecef4d2

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain F. G. Watts, R.D., R.N.R.
  • Chief Engineer: H. L. Parker
  • Chief Officer: D. E. James
  • Surgeon: H. A. Freeman, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
  • Purser: R. H. Owen
  • Senior Assistant Purser: A. H. Peden
  • Chief Stewart: T. K. Amer

First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. R. G. Adams
  2. Mrs. Adams
  3. Master C. H. Adams
  4. Mrs. E. B. Adams
  5. Mrs. K. Adorian
  6. Miss P. A. Adorian
  7. Mr. A. Aitken
  8. Mrs. Aitken
  9. Professor C. W. Asling
  10. Mrs. Asling
  11. Master J. Asling
  12. Miss C. Asling
  13. Miss R. E. Ayers
  14. Mrs. M. Badger
  15. Mr. H. J. Bailey
  16. Mrs. Bailey
  17. Mrs. M. Barbuscak
  18. Mr. J. Barraclough
  19. Mrs. Barraclough
  20. Miss S. Barraclough
  21. Miss M. Barton
  22. Mr. W. H. E. Bates
  23. Mr. W. Black
  24. Mrs. Black
  25. Miss K. Black
  26. Mrs. F. Blackburn
  27. Mr. A. H. Blakesley
  28. Mrs. Blakesley
  29. Mr. C. Blyth
  30. Mrs. Blyth
  31. Mr. K. P. Bondurant
  32. Mrs. Bondurant
  33. Mr. H. D. Brandyce
  34. Mr. J. Breakell
  35. Mrs. Breakell
  36. Mrs. M. C. Brooks
  37. Miss E. Burns
  38. Mi. R. L. Challoner
  39. Mrs. Challoner
  40. Miss P. Chapman
  41. Miss E. Clark
  42. Mrs. J. B. Clark
  43. Mr. C. Coates
  44. Mrs. Coates
  45. Miss C. Coates
  46. Miss J. Coates
  47. Miss L. Coates
  48. Mrs. P. E. Connarn
  49. Miss L. Cottrell
  50. Miss C. M. Crennell
  51. Miss E. M. Cumming
  52. Mr. G. L. Denny
  53. Mrs. Denny
  54. Miss R. M. Donohue
  55. Mr. A. Dugas
  56. Mrs. Dugas
  57. Miss H. Dugas
  58. Mi. H. H. Edis
  59. Mrs. Edis
  60. Mrs. C. Egbert
  61. Miss L. Egbert
  62. Miss F. V. Ellis
  63. Mr. F. C. Flitcroft
  64. Mrs. Flitcroft
  65. Colonel H. L. Flynn
  66. Mr. A. L. Foley
  67. Mrs. Foley
  68. Master V. J. Foley
  69. Master A. R. Foley
  70. Miss C. E. Forster
  71. Mr. W. Fraser
  72. Miss D. P. Fraser
  73. Miss L. Fried
  74. Miss J. Fried
  75. Mr. H. C. Garber
  76. Mrs. Garber
  77. Master H. Garber
  78. Miss S. Garber
  79. Master R. Garber
  80. Miss M. L. Geyer
  81. Professor H. B. Gotaas
  82. Mrs. Gotaas
  83. Master R. Gotaas
  84. Mr. A. O. Gowans
  85. Mrs. Gowans
  86. Mrs. E. Gray
  87. Miss M. E. Grayburn
  88. Mrs. B. M. Griffin
  89. Miss E. A. Griffin
  90. Miss P. A. Griffin
  91. Mrs. H. A. Hamilton
  92. Master J. Hamilton
  93. Mrs. R. Hannah
  94. Miss D. M. Hannan
  95. Mrs. M. D. Hardin
  96. Mrs. S. Hardman
  97. Miss D. W. Hardman
  98. Mrs. D. L. Harris
  99. Dr. W. C. Harris
  100. Mrs. Harris
  101. Professor H. O. Hartley
  102. Miss G. Hartman
  103. Mrs. B. Hatley
  104. Mrs. M. C. Henderson
  105. Mrs. G. H. Hill
  106. Mrs. M. Hinchcliffe
  107. Mr. H. C. Hinchcliffe
  108. Miss F. B. Holden
  109. Mrs. L. L. Holloway
  110. Mrs. G. M. Homan
  111. Master P. T. Homan
  112. Master G. N. Homan
  113. Mr. J. Irvine
  114. Miss P. L. John
  115. Mr. A. C. Johnson
  116. Mrs. Johnson
  117. Mr. A. C. Johnson, Jnr.
  118. Mr. R. Kam
  119. Mrs. Kain
  120. Miss C. Kain
  121. Mr. K. Kain
  122. Mr. D. Kain
  123. Miss M. Kirk
  124. Mrs. E. F. Lafferty
  125. Mrs. A. K. Lambelet
  126. Mr. R. T. Lane
  127. Mrs. Lane
  128. Miss I. Langdon
  129. Mr. G. R. Lanier
  130. Mrs. E. Lauren
  131. Miss I. W. Leonard
  132. Mrs. Lieberman
  133. Mr. P. R. Lieder
  134. Miss B. J. Lindvall
  135. Mr. N. Littell
  136. Mrs. Littell
  137. Miss K. Littell
  138. Dr. C. F. Loader
  139. Mr. R. B. Long
  140. Mrs. Long
  141. Mrs. A. Maguire
  142. Rev. J. T. Marshall
  143. Mrs. Marshall
  144. Miss E. F. Martin
  145. Mrs. J. Maver
  146. Mrs E. McLaughlin
  147. Master R. T. McLaughlin
  148. Miss L. A. McLaughlin
  149. Mrs. M. E. Mercer
  150. Mr. J. W. Messier
  151. Mrs. Messier
  152. Mr. G. B. Moynahan
  153. Mrs. Moynahan
  154. Miss E. McK. Moynahan
  155. Mr. E. F. Murray
  156. Mrs. Murray
  157. Mrs. H. J. Nolan
  158. Mr. W. Osborne
  159. Miss G. Palmer
  160. Mrs. M. Paniczko
  161. Mrs. P. G. Parrish
  162. Mr. W. Patterson
  163. Mr. R. T. Peterson
  164. Mrs. Peterson
  165. Mrs. G. C. Philips
  166. Mr. D. B. Prentice
  167. Mrs. Prentice
  168. Mrs. A. Pycock
  169. Mrs. C. M. Rathbun
  170. Mr. F. O. D. Redford
  171. Mrs. Redford
  172. Miss V. Redford
  173. Miss E. Reichert
  174. Mrs. B. A. Reid
  175. Mrs. W. C. Reid
  176. Mr. R. Reid
  177. Mrs. Reid
  178. Miss D. E. Remp
  179. Miss N. E. Richardson
  180. Mr. G. Ritchie. D.O., M.R.O.
  181. Mrs. Ritchie
  182. Mr. J. H. Roberts
  183. Miss A. J. Roberts
  184. Mrs. C. W. Rogers
  185. Miss H. F. Rogers
  186. Mr. J. H. Rogers
  187. Mrs. H. Sachsel
  188. Miss L. S. Saunders
  189. Mrs. L. Schofield
  190. Mr. J. F. Scrope
  191. Mrs. C. Sellar
  192. Mr. J. W. Shaw
  193. Mrs. Shaw
  194. Miss M. E. Shields
  195. Mrs. M. J. Slorach
  196. Mr. A. R. Smale
  197. Mrs. H. J. Spencer
  198. Miss E. V. Steinauer
  199. Mr. D. Summers
  200. Mrs. Summers
  201. Mr. B. R. Suydam
  202. Mrs. Suydam
  203. Miss M. Taylor
  204. Miss M. A. Teeter
  205. Miss 0. R. Thomas
  206. Miss R. E. Thorndike
  207. Dr. J. R. Twiss
  208. Mrs. Twiss
  209. Miss E. S. Twiss
  210. Mr. J. R. Twiss
  211. Master D. L. Twiss
  212. Mrs. E. K. Unkles
  213. Miss N. L. Walsh
  214. Mr. J. C. Watson
  215. Mrs. Watson
  216. Master R. C. Watson
  217. Mrs. E. V. Weeks
  218. Mr. A. M. White
  219. Mrs. White
  220. Miss P. White
  221. Mr. W. O. White
  222. Mr. D. H. Wilkinson
  223. Mrs. Wilkinson
  224. Miss G. A. Wilkinson
  225. Miss J. P. Wilkinson
  226. Miss E. M. Wilkinson
  227. Mr. D. R. Williams
  228. Mrs. Williams
  229. Mr. F. W. Williams
  230. Miss E. S. Williams
  231. Mrs. M. S. Worthington

Painting of the Cunard Line RMS Media - 7 August 1954.

Painting of the Cunard Line RMS Media - 7 August 1954. GGA Image ID # 172f4da090

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