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RMS Mauretania Passenger List - 26 April 1949

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List from the RMS Mauretania of the Cunard Line, Departing 26 April 1949 from Southampton to New York Via Le Havre and Cobh

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List from the RMS Mauretania of the Cunard Line, Departing 26 April 1949 from Southampton to New York Via Le Havre and Cobh, Commanded by Captain R. G. Thelwell, OBE, RD, ADC, RNR. GGA Image ID # 172b71da7d

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain R. G. Thelwell, O.B.E., R.D., A.D.C., R.N.R.
  • Staff-Captain: F. G. Watts, R.D., R.N.R.
  • Chief Engineer: S. Nicholas
  • Surgeon: I. N. Winer, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
  • Chief Steward: E. Charlton  
  • Chief Officer:  H. L. De Legh, R.D., R.N.R.
  • Purser: E. G. Thomas
  • Staff Purser: D. N. Parker

First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Fred Aeschlimann
  2. Mr. William A. Allen
  3. Mrs. Allen
  4. Mr. Luciano Almenara
  5. Mrs. Almenara
  6. Mr. Louis Ameye
  7. Mr. H. Appleton
  8. Mr. E. Atkinson
  9. Mrs. Gitla Bayer
  10. Mr. Manfred Bayer
  11. Mr. Melville R. Bissell
  12. Mrs. Bissell
  13. Mrs. Margaret R. Black
  14. Mr. Victor Blagden
  15. Mr. J. M. Blasingame
  16. Mrs. C. R. Branch
  17. Mrs. Mary W. Brice
  18. Mr. Dennis G. Broscomb
  19. Mr. Murray A. Bull
  20. Mr. Findley Burns. Jnr.
  21. Mr. J. L. Bushnell
  22. Mrs. Jennie B. Cameron
  23. Professor C. Catlin
  24. Mrs. Catlin
  25. Mr. H. A. Chase
  26. Mr. A. Chatin
  27. Mrs. Chatin
  28. Mrs. Murray Chipman
  29. Mr. L Clarke
  30. Mr. P. A. Cohen
  31. Mr. J. C. Colquhoun
  32. Mr. Eric W. Crosby
  33. Mrs. Crosby
  34. Mr. R. Cunningham
  35. Mr. Arthur C. Davis
  36. Mr. F. De Paramo
  37. Mr. W. Desborough, O.B.E.
  38. Miss Ruth Draper
  39. Mrs. Florence Dunn
  40. Mr. John Eckel
  41. Mr. W. Engel
  42. Mr. F. S. Ferris
  43. Mr. A. M. Fisher
  44. Mrs. Fisher
  45. Mrs. Mary L. Fisher
  46. Mr. P. J. Flanders
  47. Mrs. Norah C. Ford
  48. Mr. W. A. Frater
  49. Mr. R. Freund
  50. Mr. Gebhardt
  51. Mr. E. N. Gibbs
  52. Mrs. C. Dana Gibson
  53. Mr. C. F. Goeringer
  54. Mr. Raymond Goeringer
  55. Mr. Paul T. Goldenberg
  56. Mr. Thomas Hewes
  57. Mrs. Hewes
  58. Mr. Benjamin Hillman
  59. Mr. E. P. Shelton Hooper
  60. Mr. Walter Idema
  61. Mrs. Idema
  62. Miss D. Ivatt
  63. Mr. Anthony Jardine
  64. Mr. John M. Johnson
  65. Mrs. E. M. Johnstone
  66. Dr. C. B. Jolliffe
  67. Mr. H. E. Jones
  68. Mr. J. A. Mitchell Jones
  69. Mrs. Jones
  70. Mr. L. M. Keachie, C.B.E., K.C.
  71. Mrs. Keachie
  72. Mr. William Keating
  73. Mr. J. J. Kelligrew
  74. Mrs. Hannah M. Kelly
  75. Mr. S. J. Kidder
  76. Mrs. Kidder
  77. Mrs. Mally Kiewe
  78. Mr. Hartford M. King
  79. Mr. Gilbert Kinney
  80. Mrs. Kinney
  81. Mr. E. H. Lashmar
  82. Miss Alice Lawranec
  83. Mr. Ralph G. Lewis
  84. Mrs. B. Livesey
  85. Miss J. Livesey
  86. Mr. R. G. Luttman
  87. Dr. William MacCarty
  88. Mrs. MacCarty
  89. Mr. Philip Maguire
  90. Mrs. Maguire
  91. Miss Sue Maguire
  92. Miss Sheila Maguire
  93. Dr. Bruno Mark
  94. Mrs. A. C. Massie
  95. Mr. Gilbert E. Mayhew
  96. Mr. Carlo Mazarello
  97. Mr. Robert McCallum
  98. Mrs. McCallum
  99. Mr. Sterling G. McNees
  100. Mrs. McNees
  101. Miss Margaret Meakin
  102. Mr. Jean G. Mercier
  103. Mrs. A. Mills
  104. Mr. Ranlet Miner
  105. Miss L. Mullin
  106. Miss Helen Mutchler
  107. Miss Mary Myers
  108. Mr. E. L O’Connell
  109. Mr. Charles O’Doherty
  110. Mr. Charles D. Oliver
  111. Mrs. Oliver
  112. Mr. J. W. Parker
  113. Mrs. Parker
  114. Major D. R. G. Peal
  115. Mr. G. Peters
  116. Miss Louise A. Pfeiffer
  117. Mr. Wilfredo Pflucker
  118. Mrs. Pflucker
  119. Professor Alfred J. S. Pippard
  120. Mr. E. A. Bradford Pratt
  121. Mrs. C. B. Price
  122. Mr. Leonard Rabiner
  123. Mrs. Rabiner
  124. Mr. P. W. Rankin
  125. Mrs. Rankin
  126. Mr. John O. Reilly
  127. Mr. Garson Reiner
  128. Mrs. Reiner
  129. Mr. Charles B. Rogers
  130. Dr. B. E. Shackelford
  131. Mr. William Simpson
  132. Mrs. Simpson
  133. Mr. Harry Singer
  134. Mr. Leslie Smith
  135. Mr. Norman W. Soblosh
  136. Mrs. Doris Steed
  137. Mr. Frederick Sullivan
  138. Mrs. Sullivan
  139. Mr. A. Swirsky
  140. Mrs. Swirsky
  141. Mr. W. Telford
  142. Mrs. Telford
  143. Mr. Richard Tompkins
  144. Mrs. Tompkins
  145. Miss Audrey W. Tompkins
  146. Miss Jessie G. Tompkins
  147. Mrs. Marshall Uhl
  148. Mrs. S. A. Vanular
  149. Mr. Niels S. Vitso
  150. Mr. Sidney F. Ward
  151. Mrs. Ward
  152. Mr. Edward Wenham
  153. Major R. Wilkie
  154. Mr. W. E. Williams
  155. Mr. Paul Worsley
  156. Miss Prudence Zeffertt

Painting of the Cunard Line RMS Mauretania - 26 April 1949.

Painting of the Cunard Line RMS Mauretania - 26 April 1949. GGA Image ID # 172bb9afa8


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