RMS Media Passenger List - 25 September 1947

Front Cover, Cunard Line RMS Media First Class Passenger List - 25 September 1947.

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the RMS Media of the Cunard Line, Departing Thursday, 25 September 1947 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain R. G. Thelwell, O.B.E., R.D., R.N.R. GGA Image ID # 13b83d95d6

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: R. G. Thelwell, O.B.E., R.D., R.N.R
  2. Chief Officer: J. C. Dawson, O.B.E., D.S.C., R.D., R.N.R
  3. Chief Engineer: J. G. Wilson
  4. SurgeonL C. P. O’Brien, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P
  5. Purser: J. R. Dunderdale
  6. Senior Assistant Purser: P. A. Dawes
  7. Chief Steward: C. Green

List Of First Class Passengers

  1. Miss M. M. Addison
  2. Mr. C. H. Adsley
  3. Mrs. Adsley
  4. Mr. A. C. Alexander
  5. Mrs. Alexander
  6. Mrs. O. H. Alexander
  7. Mrs. D. E. Allenby
  8. Mr. G. E. Allenby
  9. Mrs. C. J. Anderson
  10. Mrs. H. Angres
  11. Miss T. Applebaum
  12. Mrs. V. M. Austin
  13. Mr. W. J. Beattie
  14. Mrs. M. Bell
  15. Mr. R. W. Bennett
  16. Mrs. J. A. Benson
  17. Mr. G. F. P. Benson
  18. Miss H. Birkett
  19. Mrs. B. V. Blair
  20. Miss M. L. Blyth
  21. Mrs. M. Boardman
  22. Mr. J. Bonner
  23. Mr. F. Borgemeister
  24. Mrs. Borgemeister
  25. Mrs. M. Brachman
  26. Mr. T. W. B. Brodbelt
  27. Mrs. Brodbelt
  28. Sister Anne Catherine Brogan
  29. Mrs. C. Brown
  30. Mr. R. J. S. Bruce
  31. Miss M. R. Bull
  32. Mr. H. Bunn
  33. Mr. B. A. Bygden
  34. Mr. D. W. Cahill
  35. Mr. H. Carpenter
  36. Mr. D. S. Carruthers
  37. Miss M. Chandler
  38. Mr. A. Christie
  39. Mrs. Christie
  40. Mr. W. Clarke
  41. Miss E. M. Clarke
  42. Miss A. Colley
  43. Mr. J. R. Collins
  44. Mrs. Collins
  45. Mrs. S. Cragg
  46. Mr. W. Crighton
  47. Mrs. Crighton
  48. Mr. T. Crowe
  49. Mr. W. H. Deeley
  50. Mrs. J. M. Denbow
  51. Miss E. Dunbar
  52. Mr. J. H. Dunsmore
  53. Mrs. E. Edward
  54. Mrs. O. Evans
  55. Mr. S. J. Evans
  56. Mrs. Farquharson
  57. Mrs. A. A. Farrant
  58. Miss M. M. Fenwick-Gibson
  59. Mrs. A. G. L. Fernie
  60. Mr. H. S. Finch
  61. Mr. F. C. Finney
  62. Mrs. F. C. Finney
  63. Mrs. W. B. Firth-Hand
  64. Miss L. A. Flegg
  65. Mrs. H. Frageman
  66. Mrs. E. M. Freedman
  67. Miss S. N. Freedman
  68. Mrs. I. French
  69. Dr. R. A. Fuller
  70. Mrs. Fuller
  71. Capt. M. S. Fuller
  72. Mr. H. S. Gardner
  73. Mr. H. I. Garlick
  74. Mrs. D. H. Gedge
  75. Mrs. E. Glossop
  76. Mr. E. D. V. Glossop
  77. Mr. A. Goetzl
  78. Mr. G. B. Gordon
  79. Miss H. M. Gordon
  80. Mr. S. Goulding
  81. Mr. P. Graf
  82. Mrs. M. Graves
  83. Mr. W. N. Green
  84. Mrs. E. V. Green
  85. Miss V. M. N. Green
  86. Mrs. M. Greene
  87. Mrs. S. M. Hanscom
  88. Mrs. E. H. Hardie
  89. Mrs. F. A. B. Harding
  90. Miss J. B. Harding
  91. Miss G. P. Harse
  92. Mr. F. S. Hebb
  93. Mr. H. Hilley
  94. Mrs, Hilley
  95. Mr. V. Hiones
  96. Mrs. V. Hiones
  97. Mrs. Hirsh
  98. Mr. E. Hognestad
  99. Mr. O. T. H. Holder
  100. Mr. M. Horner
  101. Mrs. M. Houston
  102. Miss H. Hull
  103. Dr. C. L. Hunt
  104. Mrs. Hunt
  105. Mr. D. G. Hunt
  106. Master C. E. Hunt
  107. Mrs. W. J. Ives
  108. Mrs. Ives
  109. Mr. L. Jackson
  110. Dr. J. Jackson-Moore
  111. Miss H. A. Jacoby
  112. Mr. T. James
  113. Mrs. D. Johnston
  114. Miss C. Jones
  115. Mrs. A. Jordan
  116. Mr. C. J. Juniper
  117. Mrs. Juniper
  118. Miss L. Kahn
  119. Mrs. L. Kenney
  120. Capt. R. C. Kephart
  121. Mrs. Kephart
  122. Miss M. Kephart
  123. Master R. Kephart
  124. Mrs. W. W. Kidd
  125. Mr. M. H. Kingsley
  126. Rt. Rev. Alfred Koch, O.S.B., D.D
  127. Miss O. Koerner
  128. Mrs. E. Lambert
  129. Mr. R. Langseth
  130. Mr. F. Latham
  131. Mrs. Latham
  132. Miss M. L. Leytham
  133. Mrs. V. M. Lievin-Lievin
  134. Mrs. M. Lindsay
  135. Miss E. G. Little
  136. Mrs. J. Livingston
  137. Mr. W. Lockwood
  138. Mrs. Lockwood
  139. Mrs. J. Lomax
  140. Mrs. A. A. MacHenry
  141. Mr. R. M. MacHenry
  142. Mr. M. Madden
  143. Mr. J. L. Marsh
  144. Mr. R. W. Marshall
  145. Mr. N. Maxwell
  146. Mr. S. McDonald
  147. Mrs. McDonald
  148. Mrs. M. McLaren
  149. Mr. P. Meade
  150. Mrs. M. S. Melhado
  151. Miss I. Melhado
  152. Mr. H. Michael
  153. Miss M. M. Middleton
  154. Mrs. H. L. Millar
  155. Mrs. M. D. M. Millar
  156. Miss J. M. Millar
  157. Mr. S. D. Moore
  158. Mrs. Moore
  159. Mr. A. Morrison
  160. Mr. G. Murphy
  161. Mrs. Murphy
  162. Mrs. D. M. Newell
  163. Mr. M. F. Newell
  164. Mr. R. Newman
  165. Mr. A. M. Osgood
  166. Miss E. S. Parks
  167. Mr. E. C. S. Payne
  168. Mr. F. Peabody
  169. Mr. S. H. Pearson
  170. Miss D. Peaty
  171. Mrs. L. D. Piggot
  172. Mr. P. W. Porter
  173. Mrs. Porter
  174. Mrs. A. Powell
  175. Mr. G. H. Ramsden
  176. Mrs. A. Ramsell
  177. Mrs. C. Reader
  178. Col. F. Reeves-Barratt
  179. Miss E. C. Reid
  180. Mr. J. B. Reinhart
  181. Mrs. H. M. Richards
  182. Miss E. Richards
  183. Mrs. E. R. Ridgeway
  184. Mr. H. J. Roberts
  185. Miss H. M. Robinson
  186. Mr. F. A. Romer
  187. Miss M. Ross
  188. Miss A. Rugsven
  189. Mr. K. Rush
  190. Rt. Rev. Francis Sadlier, O.S.B., D.D
  191. Mrs. R. S. Sanger
  192. Mrs. C. H. Shepard
  193. Mr. W. D. Sinclair
  194. Mr. T. Smith
  195. Mr. N. Steinsland
  196. Mr. F. Sterbenz
  197. Mrs. Sterbenz
  198. Miss M. W. Stevenson
  199. Mr. J. Stewart
  200. Mr. S. Tabak
  201. Mrs. Tabak
  202. Miss B. Tabak
  203. Mr. W. I. Thomas
  204. Mr. J. G. Thomason
  205. Mr. A. W. Thomson
  206. Mrs. H. Thomson
  207. Mr. R. L. Tilbury
  208. Mrs. Tilbury
  209. Mr. F. F. Toomey
  210. Mrs. Toomey
  211. Mrs. N. Turner
  212. Mr. R. Turner
  213. Mrs. J. Vernon
  214. Mrs. D. Vial
  215. Miss M. A. Vial
  216. Mrs. E. Walker
  217. Miss A. Waller
  218. Mrs. E. Ward
  219. Miss N. Warner
  220. Mr. K. Warren
  221. Miss A. R. Watson
  222. Mrs. J. H. Watson
  223. Miss B. H. Watson
  224. Miss J. C. Watson
  225. Miss S. W. Watson
  226. Mr. B. H. Watts
  227. Mr. H. G. Watts
  228. Col. G. H. Wenn
  229. Mrs. Wenn
  230. Mrs. M. West
  231. Mrs. M. G. West
  232. Mrs. C. White
  233. Mrs. E. A. Whitehouse
  234. Mr. J. M. Wigley
  235. Mr. T. Z. Wiklund
  236. Mr. H. Williams
  237. Mr. L. J. Williams
  238. Mrs. M. Williams
  239. Miss E. P. Winspear
  240. Mrs. E. T. Woodhead
  241. Mrs. L. C. Wykoff
  242. Miss P. M. Wyrill

General Information for Passengers

CHANGES IN ACCOMMODATION. The Purser alone is authorized to make changes in accommodation and may only do so on payment of any difference in fare which may be required according to the Company’s current tariffs.

BAGGAGE INSURANCE. Passengers are recommended to insure their baggage as the Company’s liability is strictly limited in accordance with the terms of the passage contract. Baggage insurance, carrying world-wide cover can be arranged through the Purser’s office.
CHEQUES. Passengers are advised that the Purser cannot accept private cheques.
DECK CHAIRS, CUSHIONS AND RUGS are available for hire and can be obtained through the deck steward at the following charges :—
Deck chair, 10/-. Cushion, 5/-. Rug, 5/-.

DINING SALOON (“B” DECK). Meals will be served at the following times

  • BREAKFAST 8:00 am and 9.00 a.m
  • LUNCHEON 12:15 pm and 1.30 p.m
  • DINNER 6.30 pm and 7.45 p.m

FIRE AND LIFEBOAT STATIONS. Passengers are earnestly requested to acquaint themselves with the notice in the staterooms regarding lifeboat and fire stations.

The Captain specially appeals to passengers to assist him by promptly mustering at their appointed stations at all times when passenger boat station muster is being held. Only by immediate attendance at this important muster can passengers obtain the necessary instructions which are so vital to the well-being of all on board. The co-operation of every passenger is earnestly desired.

FIRE PRECAUTIONS. Passengers are specially requested to exercise care in disposing of cigar and cigarette ends and matches and to make use of the receptacles provided for the purpose in the different parts of the ship, in view of the serious consequences which can arise from carelessness in this respect. Throwing lighted cigarettes, etc., overboard should also be avoided.

(“A” DECK). These rooms are fitted with the most modern equipment and the following charges are made :—

Hairdressing (Gentlemen).

  • Shave and Hot Towel I /-
  • Haircutting 2/-
  • Shampooing 2/6
  • Oil Shampoo 3/6
  • Listerine Shampoo 2/6
  • Dry Shampoo 1/6
  • Singeing I/-
  • Oil Shampoo and Vibro 4/6
  • Hand Scalp Massage 21-
  • Tonic Dressing I/-and 1/6
  • Vibro Face Massage 3/6
  • Hand Face Massage 2/6
  • Manicuring 5/-

Hairdressing and Beauty Culture (Ladies).

  • Permanent Waving From 50/—
  • Finger Waving 5/-
  • Marcel Waving 5/-
  • Waving and Cutting 6/-
  • Trimming 2/-
  • Trim and Singe 3/6
  • Tar Shampoo 5/-
  • Ordinary Shampoo 4/-
  • Henna Shampoo ’ 5/-
  • Camomile Shampoo 5/-
  • Helena Rubinstein Facials 21/-
  • Elizabeth Arden Facials ... 21/-
  • Spirit Shampoo 4/-
  • Hot Oil Shampoo 6/6
  • Bleaching and Touching up From 7/6
  • Face Massage „ 6/-
  • Pedicure ... » 5/-

EXCHANGE OF MONEY. For the convenience of passengers the Purser is able to exchange a limited amount of English, U.S. and Canadian money at rates which will be advised on application. Current finance regulations prohibit issue of Foreign currency against sterling.

PASSAGE TICKETS. Passengers are requested to hand their passage tickets to their bedroom stewards as soon as possible after embarkation.

PASSENGERS’ MAIL. Inward or Outward Steamers. Passengers expecting urgent letters or telegrams should notify the Purser’s office. For the convenience of passengers, telegrams and postal matter are received aboard and distributed but without any responsibility whatsoever on the part of Cunard White Star Limited for non-delivery, misdelivery or delay.

Mail received for passengers addressed care of our incoming ships is assembled in readiness for distribution to passengers immediately on arrival, and when leaving the ship at New York passengers are requested to enquire for mail at the mail desk, which is located on the quay side.

It will assist the system of delivery if letters are endorsed prominently in the top left-hand corner “ Passengers’ Mail ” and addressed care of

Cunard White Star at port of departure or arrival and also bear the following particulars :—
Name of passenger (in full)
Class of Travel
(Inward or Outward) Passenger
(name of ship)
Date of departure or arrival.

Accommodation Addresses. When it is desired to use any of the Company’s Offices as accommodation addresses, it is essential that the envelope be endorsed prominently in the top left-hand corner “ Passengers’ Mail, to await instructions ” and be addressed care of the appropriate Cunard White Star Office or Agency. Cunard White Star Limited allow their offices to be so used and forward letters, telegrams and postal matter for the convenience of passengers only and shall be under no responsibility whatsoever for non-delivery, misdelivery, or delay.

PAYMENTS. Passengers should obtain a receipt on the Company’s form for any payments made on board for additional passage money, rugs, chairs, excess baggage, etc.

PORTHOLES. As it is dangerous for passengers to handle the ports the/ are requested to ask the bedroom steward to open and close the ports in the staterooms as may be desired.

Private radio receivers or other electrical apparatus must not be operated or connected to the ship’s electrical supply circuits without official approval, applications for which should be made to the purser. Passengers using loudspeakers are requested to avoid disturbing their fellow passengers.

RADIO TELEGRAPHY. This vessel is equipped with the most modern radio telegraphy installation ensured to give passengers a swift and reliable means of communication with their friends or business associates. Full particulars of rates and any information dealing with the various classes of traffic will be gladly furnished on application to the Purser’s Office on “A” Deck.

ROTARIANS traveling by this ship are invited to Register at the Purser’s office. The Purser will be glad, providing circumstances permit, to arrange an informal meeting during the voyage.

SPECIAL NOTICE FOR PASSENGERS HOLDING RETURN TICKETS. All passengers holding return tickets for specified sailings are requested to communicate with the most convenient Company’s office, at least a week in advance of their intended sailing from the United States or Canada, so that the necessary formalities may be arranged in connection with their passage.

If for any reason the holder of a return ticket should be unable to travel by tihe sailing shown thereon, immediate advice should be given to the nearest Company’s office, so that any accommodation held can be released and new reservation made in sailing selected.

SHOP (PROMENADE DECK). In this attractive shop a good selection of articles is available for purchase.

SURGEON’S CONSULTING ROOM (STARBOARD SIDE, “B” DECK). Hours of consultation 11:00 am and 5.30 pm . Qualified nurse in attendance.

The SURGEON is authorized to make customary charges for his services, subject to the approval of the Captain.

VALUABLES. In their own interests passengers are advised not to leave articles of jewellery and other valuables lying about. Articles not required for frequent wear may be deposited with the Purser and will be placed in an envelope sealed in the presence of the passenger for custody in the ship’s safe. A receipt will be given but no liability as to contents can be accepted.

Passengers are advised to protect themselves by insurance, which can be arranged on board on application to the Purser.

VALETING SERVICE is in charge of an expert attendant and work will be carried out for passengers at the following charges :—


  • Lounge and Dress Suits 5/-
  • Coats 2/6
  • Trousers and Breeches 2/6
  • Overcoats, heavy 5/-
  • light 41-


  • Suits, Costumes, Coat Frocks or Dresses 5/-
  • Dress Coats and Plain Cloaks 5/-
  • Skirts 2/6
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