Exhibit C - Gertrude Hoppock - Memo from Capt. E. J. Wesson, US Army - 1918

War Department,
Office of the Chief Signal Officer,
Washington, February 14, 1918.

From : Office of Chief Signal Officer, Room 826, Mills Building Annex, Washington, D.C.

To: Miss Adele Louise Hoppock, 102 Harbard Ave., North Seattle, Wash. Subject: Telephone Operators for Service in France.

1. This refers to your application for membership in the telephone unit being organized for service with the United States Army in France.

2. The case of each applicant will be acted upon as quickly as possible considering the large number of applications received and the demands of the service. First attention is being given to applicants who have had considerable telephone experience. Applicants who have had no telephone experience, but who met the other qualifications most satisfactorily, will be accepted and placed in training as found necessary.

3. You will be notified as soon as any definite action is to be taken in your case. If, in the meantime, you cease to be available for this service, will you kindly notify this department.

By Direction of the Chief Signal Officer.

E. J. Wesson,
Captain, Signal Corps, U.S.R.

"Exhibit C: Affidavit of Gertrude Hoppock: Memo from Capt. E. J. Wesson, US Army, 14 February 1918," in Recognition for Purposes of VA Benefits, Hearing before the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Unted States Senate, Ninety-Fifth Congress, First Session on S. 247, S. 1414, S. 129, and Related Bills. Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 25 May 1977. p. 363.

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