[Attachment 6] Report on S. 2240 Relief of Women in AEF - 1932

War Department,
War Department General Staff,
Personnel Division G-1, Washington, 8 February 1932.

Memorandum for the Adjutant General:

Subject: Report on S. 2240, for relief of women who served in AEF.

The Secretary of War directs:

1. That you secure the following information regarding S. 2240:

a. Whether or not all or any part of the personnel described in the bill signed any special contract with the Government for their service overseas? If such a contract was signed, a photostatic or other copy is desired.

b. Were any of the personnel described required to pass a physical examination? If so, the scope of examination is desired.

c. Were there any personnel who signed contracts or entered into agreements with the Government similar to those referred to in "a" above who were not sent overseas?

d. Were any male civilian employees of the War Department sent overseas? If so, in what capacities and how many such were there?

Andrew Moses
BRIGADIER GENERAL, Assistant Chief of Staff.

A BILL To provide benefits for women who served with the American Expeditionary Forces during the World War.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That in the administration of laws conferring benefits upon veterans of the World War women citizens of the United States who were taken from the United States by the United States Government and served overseas as employees of the War Department during the World War shall be held and considered to have been enlisted, enrolled, or drafted into active service in the military forces of the United States, and if discharged from such service for any reason except misconduct shall be considered as having been honorably discharged [from that place] on the date of their separation from such service: Provided that no back pay, bounty, pension, or allowance shall be held to have accrued prior to the passage of this Act.

A certificate executed by the applicant's physician.

Please have your physician answer the following questions:

  • Is the applicant in good general health?
  • Do you know of any physical disqualification which would prevent her from accepting this position?
  • Is the applicant's digestive system normal?
  • Is there evidence of disease, or abnormal functions, of the cerebrospinal or sympathetic nervous system?

Signature ____________ MD.

a. No contracts signed.

b. Yes. Copy of physical examination attached.

c. No contracts signed.

d. Yes. Approximately 80 clerks.

225 Telephone Operators were appointed in the Signal Service at Large and sent overseas as members of the Signal Corps Overseas Female Telephone Unit. 109 Telephone Operators were at the Port of Embarkation and in Training in the United States on 11 November 1918. (Unit 7)

"[Attachment 6]: Report on S. 2240, for relief of women who served in AEF," in Hearing before the Committee on Venteran's Affairs, United States Senate, Ninety-Fifth Congress, First Session on S. 247, S. 1414, S. 129, and Related Bills, Washington DC: US Government Print Office, 25 May 1977, pp.

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