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Steamboat Bill - September 1957

Front Page, Steamboat Bill of Facts, Journal of The Steamship Historical Society of America, No. 63, September 1957.

Front Page, Steamboat Bill of Facts, Journal of The Steamship Historical Society of America, No. 63, September 1957. GGA Image ID # 1a00390b56

1957-09 Steamboat Bill of Acts: Journal of the Steamship Historical Society of America. Articles include: La Grande Duchess; SS Carolina; Steamboat Glossary, Part II - Boat, Wharf to Marks; Boston Waterfront at the turn of the Century (1900)


  • La Grande Duchesse by Carl Raymond Brown
  • An Illustrated Steamboat Glossary, Part II by Alan L. Bates
  • The Boston Waterfront at the Turn of the Century: Being some random reflections upon the sturdy liners then engaged in the North Atlantic passenger service by P. M. Stone
  • Steamship Historians in the Navy! By William King Covell
  • Found! A Beam Engine Steamboat in Service! by Richard Edgerton


  • Inland Rivers
  • Atlantic Seaboard
    Harry Cotterell, Jr., Editor
  • West Coast
    Robert W. Parkinson, Editor
  • Great Lakes
    Rev. Edward J. Dowling, S.J., Editor
  • Heard on the Fantail

Book Reviews

  • Memoir on Steamboats of the United States of America
    Jean Baptiste Marestier, Translated by Sidney Washington
  • West County Passenger Steamers
    Grahame E. Farr
  • Puffer: med teckningar och omslag av forfattaren
    Arne Gadd
  • Rescue Tug: The Story of the Flying Enterprise and the Salvage Tug Turmoil
    Ewart Brookes
  • Handelsflotta och Sjöfart: Sverige på Världshaven
    Ture Rinman
  • Merchant Ships: World Built -- Vessels of 1000 Tons Gross and Over Completed in 1956
  • Israeli Shipping and Foreign Trade
    Baruch Boxer
  • -A Century of Shipping: The History of the Royal Netherlands Steamship Company, 1856-1956
    Ger. H. Knap
  • At the Sign of the Quadrant: An Account of the Contributions to American Hydrography made by Edmund March Blunt and his Sons
    Harold L. Burstyn

Photographs of Vessels

  • A.M. HALLIDAY (107836)
  • ADMIRAL (204086)
  • ALEXANDER HAMILTON (223775) (1924)
  • CALVERT (127606)
  • CAROLINA (141440)
  • CARPATHIA (British)
  • CATALONIA (British)
  • IVERNIA (British)
  • JOHN S. HOPKINS (76175)
  • LA GRANDE DUCHESSE (141440) (1896)
  • PERE MARQUETTE (200611)
  • PERE MARQUETTE 18 (150972)
  • PRESIDENT (223580)
  • SAGAMO (122218-C)
  • SEGWUN (92443-C)
  • TERCEIRA (Brazilian)
  • THEODORE ROOSEVELT (202941) (fantail)

Other Items

  • SSHSA—meetings and groups On aircraft carrier TARAWA
  • Doctor pump

Steamboat Bill: Journal of the Steamship Historical Society of America
Volume 14, No. 63, September 1957, West Burlington, Rhode Island

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