The Cunarder: A Modern Travel Magazine, May 1933

Front Cover, The Cunarder: A Modern Travel Magazine, May 1933

The May 1933 issue of The Cunarder Magazine featured articles included: The Swedes Love Superfluity By Susan Smith; Exotic Journey By Charles T. Trego; Don't Miss These! By R. Coldwell; A New Paradise in the Balearics By Virginia Van Paterson; and Knitting: The New Deck Sport By Ruth Seder.

On the Front Cover: Yougoslav Children in Folk Costumes


  • The Swedes Love Superfluity
    By Susan Smith
    Author of 'Made in Mexico,' 'Made in America,' and 'The Glories of Venus'
    Illustrations by Sue Williams
    The Swedes love superfluity ... so one of my books on Sweden states --- one of the five hundred or so I seem to have collected in my room in Stockholm. Each one of them is more than a volume, it is a 'tome', as the Germans so love to say. Why do people write such immense books about Sweden, forgetting that there is a charge on all luggage over fifty kilos for the traveller? My books rise up on the floor like a great wall of Visby.
  • Exotic Journey
    By Charles T. Trego
    Tonight we're in Hue, capital of Annam. We'll be here two nights for it's a tremendously interesting place. Our hotel is on the River of Perfumes! These names will drive me into sentimental hysteria! Just across the river is the forbidden city, surrounded by a colossal wall moat. The palace of the King of Annam is in this city. The King is in Paris just now, but he left his brace of wives and concubines behind.
  • Don't Miss These!
    By R. Coldwell
    It is so easy to cross the ocean and miss, by a day, an important sports event, or native festival. it is just as easy to plan ahead and included these events in your itinerary. This article is presented in the interest of a richer experience for any of our readers going abroad this year.
  • A New Paradise in the Balearics
    By Virginia Van Paterson
    If your American Bar means so much to you --- if you must have modern comforts --- if plumbing is more important to you than romance -- then stay in Palma, Mallorca.
  • A Century of Progress
    Centerspread Piece
    The Chicago Exhibition, which opens officially this June, is already a thrilling spectacle, vistiors report. The brilliant color of the buildings in one of the most startling things about the exhibition at first glance.
  • Knitting: The New Deck Sport
    By Ruth Seder
    The smartest gear for shipboard is a hand knitted sweater worn with a tweed skirt. And we know of no better place to knit one than on shipboard, where you can have long, uninterrupted hours with your needles and yarn.
  • Busy Travelers
    A Premier, A Sportsman, and An Author
    Pictorial on Who's traveling on the Cunard Line
  • Travel Guides and Companions
    In the old days of 'Keeping Up With The Joneses' such things couldn't have been. The populace wouldn't have been interested in reading travel books interspersed with 'thus you need spend only ten cents for this whole evening of wonderful entertainment,' or 'this was the best third class trip I have ever taken in Continental Europe.' Emphasis was all on paté de foie gras and trains bleus.

List of Photographs

  • Beer Garden in Flower (Dr. Willer)
  • Cave of the Oracle (Publishers)
  • Saigon might be Paris with Cafés, Renault cars, and 'French Spoken.' But waiters are white-clad annamites (Ewing Galloway)
  • Rickshaw men paid by dancing is an intricate business in Indo-China (Publishers)
  • The Religious Horse Race, July 2nd, at Siena (Henle)
  • Munich's Champion Sharpshooter meets the Beer Festival's Jolliest Girl (German Tourist Office)
  • The Girls May Walk Fifteen Minutes (Never More!) With Each Eligible Suitor (Uncredited)
  • Cliffs Pierce The Indigo Sea (Uncredited)
  • Pastoral -- Outside the Walled City (Uncredited)
  • The Hall of Science. Its Walls Made Brillant With Gaseous Tubes, Presents A Striking Spectacle at Night (Publishers)
  • The Travel-Transport Building Has The Largest Flat Roof Ever Constructed Without Inside Support (Uncredited)
  • 'A Century Of Progress' Begins With A Reproduction of Fort Dearborn (Uncredited)
  • Eastward Passage (Lincoln McCabe)
  • Westward Passage (Lincoln McCabe)
  • Premier J. Ramsay MacDonald of England shown leaving the Berengaria (Uncredited)
  • G. H. 'Pete' Bostwick seen here as he arrived on the Berengaria (Uncredited)
  • British author and explorer, Mrs. Olive Murray Chapman, returns to England in the Mauretania (Uncredited)

List of Advertisers

  • The Ritz-Carlton, New York
  • The Beverly, New York
  • The Plaza, New York
  • Savoy Plaza, New York
  • Cunard LIne India via England
  • German Tourist Information Office -- A Royal Ransom of Romance for the Price of a Song in Beautiful Germany
  • Nomad Electrical Engineers Inc. - The Empire Phone
  • Hotel Windsor, New York City
  • Swiss Federal Railroads -- The Alp-Horn is Calling!
  • Hotel Knickerbocker
  • Swedish State Railways -- Dalecarlia
  • Hyde Park: A Residential Hotel, New York
  • Mothersill's Seasick Remedy
  • The Croydon, New York
  • Greyhound Lines: A New World
  • The Mayflower -- Washington's FInest Hotel
  • Thomas Cook & Son, Wagons-Lits Inc Tours
  • The Traymore, Atlantic City
  • Model Dairy Company, New York
  • Hendrickson's Transfer, New York City
  • Horton's Ice Cream
  • Hotel White, New York City
  • Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company
  • The Park Central, New York
  • American Express Travelers Cheques
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