The Cunarder: A Travel Magazine - April 1927

Front Cover for the April 1927 Issue of The Cunarder - A Travel Magazine

Front Cover for the April 1927 Issue of The Cunarder - A Travel Magazine. GGA Image ID # 101ccb2f43

Volume 11, No. 4, the April 1927 issue of The Cunarder featured articles include: Let's Go! By Frank L. Cox; The Bizarre Tower By R. E. Bailey; The High, Wide and Handsome Transylvania By Christopher Morley; Fly! By David Graham; Skansen, The Open-Air Museum By Dr. K. G. Bosander; The Scheherzade of Cities By Eva Gorn; and The Pageant of Palestine By Anna Sirkin. 36 Pages plus Covers.


  • Frontispiece
    The Trocadéro, to Be a Famous Rendezvous
  • Let's Go!
    By Frank L. Cox
  • Contrast in Belgium
  • The Bizarre Tower
    By R. E. Bailey
  • Two French Sketches
    By Herbert S. Kates
  • The Grand National
  • The High, Wide and Handsome Transylvania
    By Christopher Morley
  • Fly!
    By David Graham
  • On the Mauretania
  • Skansen, The Open-Air Museum
    By Dr. K. G. Bosander
  • The Scheherzade of Cities
    By Eva Gorn
  • The Pageant of Palestine
    By Anna Sirkin
  • A Shelf of Books
    By Ethel Fleming
    • The Quest for Winter Sunshine by E. Phillips Oppenheim (Little Brown), Boston, 1927
    • Lanterns, Junk and Jade by Samuel Morrill (Stokes) New York, 1926
    • Here We Are Again! by Bob Sherwood (Bobbs Merrill) Indianpolis, 1926
    • Travel in Europe Made Easy by G. C. Chester (Dodd, Mead), New York, 1927
    • Loafing Through the Pacific by S. K. Humphrey (Doubleday Page) Garden Ciy, 1927
    • The Purple Land by W. H. Hudson (Modern Library), New York, 1927
    • The Epicure's Guide to France by Curnonsky and Rouff (Harper), New York, 1926

List of Photographs

  • The Trocadéro in Paris, Destined to be a Famous Rendezvous (Publishers Press)
  • Famous Bridges and Cathedral of Notre Dame in the Isle de la Cité (Uncredited)
  • Open Air Flower Market near the Madeleine in Paris (Uncredited)
  • Books in the Stalls on the Left Bank, Paris (Uncredited)
  • Two Middle-Class French Children (Uncredited)
  • Pretty Glimpse of the Boise de Boulogne Lake and Island (Uncredited)
  • The Cluny Museum (Uncredited)
  • Statue to Maupassant, Parc Monceau (Uncredited)
  • Scene of an Old Canal in Bruges, Belgium (Uncredited)
  • Grand Basin in Antwerp (Uncredited)
  • The Eiffel Tower seen from the Trocadéro (Publishers Press)
  • An Unusual View of the Eiffel Tower (Publishers Press)
  • Jack Horner, Past Winner by Three Lengths at the Grand National (Uncredited)
  • First Jump where Silvo, the favorite, fell at the Grand Naational (Uncredited)
  • Dangerous Water Jump at the Grand National (Uncredited)
  • Another View of a Dangerous Water Jump at the Grand National (Uncredited)
  • Panoromic scenery along the Clyde (Uncredited)
  • Christopher Morley on the SS Transylvania (Uncredited)
  • In Abbotsford in the shadows of the Eldon Hills (Uncredited)
  • The Kyles of Bute (Uncredited)
  • Flying Above Nimes, An Enchanting City From The Air (Uncredited)
  • Miss Elinor Dorrance Returning from Europe on the Mauretania (Uncredited)
  • Honore Palmer Returning Home on the Mauretania (Uncredited)
  • George Ade Leaving on the Mauretania for Naples (Uncredited)
  • Col. R. R. McCormick Arriving in New York on the Mauretania (Uncredited)
  • Old-Time Swedish Wedding Reproduced at Skansen (Uncredited)
  • Bit of Lapland at Skansen (Uncredited)
  • Old Windmill at Skansen (Uncredited)
  • Old Peasant Hut at Skansen (Uncredited)
  • Women at the Marketplace in Cairo (Clarence Welch)
  • The Mosque of Mohammed Ali (Publishers Press)
  • Shepheard's Hotel (Uncredited)
  • The Tombs of the Mamelukes (International)
  • Marketplace in Palestine (Uncredited)
  • Farmer in Palestine (Uncredited)
  • Street in One of the Colonies in Palestine (Uncredited)
  • Haifa Harbor Scene (Uncredited)
  • Risbon Lezion, World's Second Largest Vineyard in Jewish Colony in Palestine (Uncredited)
  • A Communal Colony in the North (Uncredited)
  • Cleaning Day for One Of The Colonies (Uncredited)
  • Arab Famers of Daharia (Uncredited)
  • Valley Near Sofad (Uncredited)
  • Sakespeare Hotel, Stratford-on-Avon (Uncredited)
  • Reading the Best Sellers en Voyage (Uncredited)

List of Illustrations

  • Peasant Houses in Saint-Pol de Léon (Herbert S. Kates)
  • Rue St. Martin, Bayeux (Herbert S. Kates)

List of Advertisers

  • Bowman Bilmore Hotel
  • Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC
  • Hotels du Parc and Majestic, Vichy, France
  • Thomas Cook & Son: How They Live, Work and Play in Europe
  • The Plaza Hotel, New York
  • White Rock Mineral Water
  • The Ritz-Carlton of New York
  • Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company
  • Swiss Federal Railroads: Lake of Lacerne
  • Poland Water
  • Willoughbys: Filmo -- The Automatic Movie Camera for the Amateur
  • The Seaboard National Bank of the City of New York
  • Hotel Bretton Hall, New York
  • Chase National Bank of the Ciy of New York
  • Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis -- Busch Pale Dry
  • The Mayflower -- Washington's Finest Hotel
  • Swedish State Railways: Sweden Welcomes You
  • German Railroands Information Office: Beautiful Germany, Land of Catles and Romance
  • Raymond & Whitcomb Company, Cruise Travel
  • Florida East Coast Railway Co. & Florida East Coast Hotel Co. -- The Magic of the Gulf Stream
  • London & North Eastern Railway: What to see in Britain
  • Mothersill's Seasick Remedy
  • The St. Charles, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Franco-Belgique Tours Co., Ltd. : Prearranged Independed Travel -- Europe by Motor
  • The Express Touring Company
  • Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Montreal
  • Anglo-South American Bank, Limited
  • Frank C. Clark, Originator of World Cruises
  • British Overseas League, New York Branch
  • Brown, Shipley & Company
  • Radio Corporation of America (RCA) Radiograms for Hotel Reservations
  • Hotel Breslin, New York
  • Hotel Blackstone of New York
  • H. Hicks & Son, New York, Steamer Baskets and Presentation Baskets
  • "Glimpses of the East" Official Shippers' Guide and Commercial Year Book of the World
  • Hotel Chelsea, New York
  • Hotel Touraine and Parker House in Boston
  • Hotel Knickerbocker, New York
  • Angell Games, Inc.
  • Open Door in Greenwich Village
  • Horton's Ice Cream
  • NYK Line: To Fair Japan on a Japanese Ship
  • Wallen's Special Coffee - George S. Wallen & Co.
  • Cunard Travellers' Cheques: A Personal Checking Account for Travellers
  • Hendrickson's Transfer, New York
  • P&O to British India & New Zealand
  • 42 Jessel House, London
  • Arrow Press, Inc., Publisher of The Cunarder Magazine
  • Gray's Publishing Co. -- Travel Outlines of France
  • Merrell-Soule Company, Syracuse, NY - KLIM Powdered Whole Milk
  • South African Government Bureau and High Commissioner for South Africa: The Land of Thrills, Mystery, Beauty...
  • R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (Camel)


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