Cunarder Travel Magazine Christmas Number - December 1921

Front Cover of the Christmas Number of the Cunarder Travel Magazine for December 1921

Front Cover of the Christmas Number of the Cunarder Travel Magazine for December 1921. GGA Image ID # 10194d7d1d

The Cunarder was a monthly pubication of the Cunard Line that was distributed to passengers of their steamships and ocean liners in their world-wide services including transatlanic voyages. It offered a mixture of travel destinations and lifestyle related articles. Vintage advertisements from that era included in this issue.

Fetured Articles include: 'Twas Christmas on the "Aquitania," By Charles Welton; The Playground of Europe, By Dorothy Cocks; The Hawkers and Minstrels of London's Streets, By Phillips Russell; and the wormen's fashion number -- Wraps In Which To Welcome Atlantic Breezes, By Julia Marquis.

"The Cunarder" may be purchased at all subway and elevated newsstands and at Tyson's offices in the leading hotels of New York. It is also for sale upon the arrival and departure of Cunard and Anchor Line steamers, as well as at the Cunard Building, 25 Broadway.

Table of Contents

  • Frontispiece, 'Twas Christmas at Monte Carlo
  • 'Twas Christmas on the "Aquitania," By Charles Welton
  • The Playground of Europe, By Dorothy Cocks
  • They Separate the Sheep from the Goats
  • The Hawkers and Minstrels of London's Streets, By Phillips Russell
  • To Veil Or Not To Veil, By Dorothy Cocks
  • Wraps In Which To Welcome Atlantic Breezes, By Julia Marquis
  • In The Shadow Of The Shows, By Ralph S. Roberts

List of Advertisers

  • Cunard-Anchor Steam Ship Lines Services, Fleet and Offices
  • Thomas Cook & Son, New York
  • Max Schling - The Telegraph Florist of New York
  • Charles Francis Press, New York
  • John Curtiss Company, Inc., New York
  • Swiss Federal Railroads, New York
  • The Cunard Daily Bulletin (see below)
  • International Sleeping Car Co., New York
  • The Ritz-Carlton, New York
  • American Surety Company of New York
  • Insurance Company of North America, Philadelphia
  • Hotel Chelsea, New York
  • Cunard-Anchor Line Traveller's Cheques
  • American express Travelers Cheques
  • Furness Bermuda Line, New York
  • Cunard-Anchor and Anchor-Donaldson Proposed Sailings
  • Mechanics & Metals Safe Deposity Company
  • The Hanover National Bank, New York
  • Royal Indemnity Company, New York
  • Consolidated Stock Exchange of New York
  • Knauth, Nachod & Kuhne, New York
  • Forteen East Sixtieth Street, New York
  • Medley Scovil & Company, Inc., Advertising, New York
  • Banco di Roma, New York
  • H. Hicks & Son, Inc, New York
  • Hotel Seymour, New York
  • House of A. Silz, New York
  • Atlantic Coast Shipping Co., Inc. Stevedores, Baltimore
  • Hotel Bretton Hall, New York
  • Hotel Van Rensselaer, New York
  • The Baltimore Dry Docks & Ship Building Company, New York and Baltimore
  • Oil Well Supply Co. - New York, London, Pittsburgh
  • Hotel Judson, New York
  • Murphy, Cook & Co
  • Frank Tourist Company - New York, Philadelphia, Paris, London
  • Philadelphia Trust Company, Philadelphia
  • Lebaron Coachwork, New York
  • Robert Reis & Company, New York
  • Merchantile Trust Company, New York
  • Albert Frank & Company, Chicago, London
  • Otis Elevator Company
  • Bowman Hotels, New York

The Cunard Daily Bulletin

The Cunard Daily Bulletin is a newspaper published by the Cunard Steam Shiip Company Limited, daily on board all their steamers east and west-bound.

The newspaper is eagerly ready by passengers and contains, amongst other interesting reading matter, the latest telegrams sent by wireless from both hemispheres.

A limited number of advertisements are accepted. Applications ofr the west-bound issues should be made to

Cunard Daily Bulletin
Advertising Department
1476 Broadway
New York

The Cunarder, The Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited, Vol. I No. 5, December, 1921.

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