Cunard Daily Bulletin - 1912 Summer Number

Front Cover of the Cunard Daily Bulletin Summer Number for 1912

Front Cover of the Cunard Daily Bulletin Summer Number for 1912. GGA Image ID # 1019202311

Featured Articles include: A Japanese Girl Painter of Genius: The Story of Miss Wakana Utagawa and her Art; The Adventuress -- A Short Story By J. J. Bell and A King in Babylon -- A Short Story By Alice and Claude Askew. Several illustrated Women's Fashion Articles are also included.


  • Cunard Offices and Agents
  • Frontispiece, "Water Carrier in Alsexandria"
  • A Japanese Girl Painter of Genius
    The Story of Miss Wakana Utagawa and her Art
  • The Adventuress
    A Short Story By J. J. Bell
  • "Better Things"
    A Poem by George MacDonald

Cunard Supplement

Homeward Bound: Illustratiojn from a Painting by Bernard F. Gribble

Flags of the H.L.J.W. Lusitania

Flags of the H.L.T.Q. Mauretania

Map of Liverpool Bay

Cunard Captains with Photographs

Building the Aquitania

  • Preparing Wooden Model
  • Bottom of Ship in Early Stages of Plating
  • Looking Forward
  • Inner Bottom, Looking Aft


  • Life on a Cunarder (Through Photographs)
  • Photograph: RMS Lusitania Entering New York Harbor
  • Photograph: RMS Lusitania at Landing Stage, Liverpool
  • Three Photographs of Coaling the Mauretania
  • The Landing of Columbus: Illustration from a Painting by Bernard F. Gribble

Wooden Paddle Wheels to Quadruple Screw Turbines

  • RMS Britannia
  • RMS Persia
  • RMS Russia
  • RMS Servia
  • RMS Campania
  • RMS Franconia and Laconia
  • RMS Lusitania and Mauretania


  • A Fight Between Blake and Von Tromp, Admiral of Holland: Illustration from a Painting by Charles Dixon, R.I.
  • Some Beautiful English Gardens
    By H. H. Thomas
  • "Ireland Long Ago"
    A Poem by Katherine Tynan
  • A King in Babylon
    A Short Story By Alice and Claude Askew
  • Cunard Sailings
  • The Vanguard of Fashion
    By Azeline Lewis
  • In the Path of the Purchaser
  • "Forbearance"
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Places to Visit
    A Few Hints That May Prove Useful to Tourists
  • Cricket Fixtures
  • Two Magnificent New Cunard Steamers -- Franconia and Laconia

List of Advertisers

  • Hotel Metropole, Brighton
  • The Irish Linen Stores, London
  • Paquin, London, Paris and Buenos Aires
  • Hunt & Roskell, Ltd., London
  • MacDougall and Company, Ltd. - The Royal Clan Tartan Warehouse, London
  • Lacon & Ollier's Opera, Theatre & Concert Tickets, London
  • Waldorf Hotel, London
  • The Irsh Warehouse, London -- The Depot for Irish Peasant Industries
  • Great Eastern Railway -- The Cathedral Route to The North of England and Scotland
  • Regemt Hotel, The Premier Hotel of the Midlands
  • Isle of Man Steam Packet Co., Ltd.
  • Booth Line
  • St. Petersburg Hotel, London
  • Hotel Adlon, Berlin
  • W. Turner Lord & Co, London
  • John Wight & Co, "Scotch Goods Specialists"
  • Konski, London - Ladies' Tailor, Court Dressmaker, and Furrier
  • Cunard Line Travellers' Cheques
  • Turner & Dunnett, General Printers, Liverpool
  • The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company, Jewellers, London
  • Grafton Hotel, London
  • County of Kent
  • North British Station Hotel, Edinburgh and Glasgow
  • J. C. Vickery - Their Majesties' Jeweller and Silversmith, London
  • Jaeger Pure Wool -- Travellers' Outfits for All Seasons
  • Daniell, London
  • Coburg Hotel, Carolos Place, Mayfair
  • Spink & Son, Ltd., Fine Old English Silver / Dealers in Ancient Coins and Medals
  • Mackay & Chisholm -- Antiques, Curios, and Works of Art, Edinburgh
  • Great North of Scotland Railway
  • Fritz Eilers Jr. Bielefeld, Germany -- Manufactures of Advertising Novelties
  • Crosse & Blackwell -- Table Delicacies
  • The Doorland Special American Newspaper Agency
  • Pim Bros. Ltd. -- Largest Drapery Warehouse in Ireland
  • Croall's Royal Garage, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh
  • Furness Abbey
  • Tarbet Hotel
  • The Lake Hotel, Killarne Lakes
  • To Canada by Cunard Line -- London & Southampton to Quebec & Montreal
  • City of Dublin Steam Packet Company -- The Royal Mail Service Between England and Ireland
  • Cunard Line Cruises to the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Egypt from New York and Liverpool
  • E. M. Hodgkins, Works of Art -- London, Paris and New York
  • Apollinaris Natural Table Water

Cunard Daily Bulletin 1912 Summer © 1912 Cunard Steam ship Company, Liverpool, England, UK, 100 Pages.

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