The Cunarder: A Travel Magazine - February 1927

Front Cover for the Februry 1927 Issue of The Cunarder - A Travel Magazine

Front Cover for the Februry 1927 Issue of The Cunarder - A Travel Magazine. GGA Image ID # 101c4c4635

The February 1927 issue of The Cunarder featured articles included: The Call of the Riviera—By Estelle H. Ries; Palermo, Where All is Picturesque—By Ellen H. Ried; Algiers—By Wm. K. Boland and Traveling in Winter—By Helen Nicholson. Front cover featured Algiers in 1572 from Contemporary Map by Braun-Hohenber.

On the Front Cover: Algiers in 1572 from Contemporary Map by Braun-Hohenber.

Vol. 11 FEBRUARY, 1927 No. 2


  • Frontispiece
    The Native Quarter, Algiers

    The Narrow twisted streets, with their mysterious houses, provide a vivid contrast for the balmy sweetnes of the air in Algiers, and for the brilliance of the fashionable French quarter.
  • The Call of the Riviera
    By Estelle H. Ries

    The climate, luminous and balmy, is one of the fundamental advantages of wintering in the Riviera, a fact that has made the Mediterranean shore for centuries the home of pleasure.
  • Palermo, Where All is Picturesque
    By Ellen H. Ried

    With no small interest did I approach Palermo, one of the oldest and most beautiful of the many old and beautiful Mediterranean ports.
  • Algiers
    By Wm. K. Boland

    The sun is but one of the gifts of Algiers to those people whose sun-worshiping tendencies take them over the seas and far away each winter season.
  • On the Riviera
    Scenes of Monaco, Grand Corniche, Nice and Eze and the Côte d'Azure.
  • Charming Villefranche
    By H. A. Phillips

    Villefranche, with its harbor like a chalice of bright lapis lazuli, its colony of painters and writers, its picturesque natives, is among the smaller jewls of the Riveria, still unspoiled by the madding throng.
  • Traveling in Winter
    By Helen Nicholson

    To travel when snow and ice are the order of the day at home, to poke among the ruined splendors of dynasties that were hoary with age when Cleopatra was a baby -- that is to make holiday when the sun shines!
  • Who’s Who on the Cunarders
    Photographs of passengers include: Miss Wally Toscanini; John McCormack and his son Cyril, The Mischa Elmans, Commander J. M. Kenworthy, M.P., Prince Naru Higashi-Kuni, and Fritz Kreisler.
  • Royalty, Diplomacy and Genius
    Photographs include: The Right Honorable and Mrs. Jos. G. Coates, Prime Minister to New Zealand and Sir Patrick McGrath, High Commissioner of Newfoundland.
  • Pictorial Monte Carlo
    Photographs include: The facade of the dramtic Casino in Monte Carlo, Gardens at the Casino, and Palace of the Prince of Monaco.
  • Shelf of Books
    By Ethel Fleming

    Books Reviewed: Finding the Worth While in the Orient by L.S. Kirtland; The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson; An Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln, Compiled by N. W. Stephenson (Bibbs Merrill); Pepys Diary; Sea Whispers by W.W. Jacobs; Venice Past and Present, by Selwyn Brinton; and Murder at Smutty Nose by Edmund Pearson.


The Cunarder is published on the first of every month by the Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited, 25 Broadway, New York. Editorial Office, 25 Broadway, New York. Curtis Patterson, Editor, Ethel Fleming, Managing Editor. Main Advertising Office, 25 Broadway, New York. Frederick E. Garlick, Publisher, Archdale J. Jones, Advertising Manager, Everett A. Thiele, Assistant Advertising Manager.

Advertisements received at any Cunard office throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Subscription price, one year $1, by the copy, 15 cents. Postage addressed to Canada and foreign countries, 50 cents per year additional.

Change of Address—Three weeks’ notice is required for changing an address.
Copies are for sale at Cunard Line Offices in the Linited States, Canada and foreign countries, also in the libraries of the Cunard and Anchor fleet.

Copyright, 1927, by the Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited

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