Cunarder: A Modern Travel Magazine, September 1933

Front Cover, Cunarder: A Modern Travel Magazine, September 1933

The September 1933 issue of The Cunarder featured articles included: Curacao Curiosa Papiamentoe ... Perfume ... Pearls By Albert K. Dawson; Bring on the 'Heuriger' By Sophie Wilds; Javanese Diary By Charles T. Trego; and Luxury for a Song ... In Anacapri By Carol Coombs Heyl. Passports to Elegance the Women's Fashion Piece by Cunard Line featured two evening ensembles from Bergdoff Goodman.


  • Curacao Curiosa
    Papiamentoe ... Perfume ... Pearls

    By Albert K. Dawson
    Papiamentoe is not a condiment, anew drug, or a new drink. It is a language, a new and distinct language with its own grammar and dictionary. Papiamentoe is like no other language --- with the possible exception of Esperanto --- it is built on a foundation of Portuguese, Dutch, Indian, African and English. It resembles Pidgin English in that it is highly simplified and has few verb forms. It is the mother tongue of about 50,000 people who inhabit the islands of Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire, of the Dutch West Indies. Dutch and Englsih are taught in the schools but the pupils speak Papiamentoe on the playground.
  • Bring on the 'Heuriger'
    By Sophie Wilds
    The Heuriger however through just as distinctive a feature of the Austrian capital remains unique, inimitable, dependent for its existence upon the special blend of gaiety, cultivation, laziness and humour which constitutes the Viennese nature. The word heurige itself merely means this year's; its implication is heurige Wein, this year's wine; its original application is to the inn or tavern on the outskirts of the city where new wine is ready to be dispensed.
  • Javanese Diary
    By Charles T. Trego
    Java is the richest looking country I've seen in the Far East. Sugar cane ... tons and millions of tons, acres and acres of it. Very beautiful too ... for it's in bloom now. That means a stalk about eighteen feet high with a golden tulf on top.
  • Luxury for a Song ... In Anacapri
    By Carol Coombs Heyl
    Although much has been written of vacations spent in this enchanting land, there are still those wistful souls, I imagine, who believe it can never be financially possible for them and so let their desires hang fire over the passing years.
  • Travel Guides and Companions
    Emily Hahn broke a convention when she dared to write realistically about Africa. In 'Congo Solo' (Bobbs Merrill) she has told, without romancing one bit, the story of her adventures in the Belgian Congo. It would be a rather horrible story if it weren't for her sense of humor.
  • Passports to Elegance
    Women's Fashion Piece by Cunard Line
    Utterly simple lines, fine fabrics, and rich furs -- these are the mediums that most truly express elegance, elegance that is immediately recognizable and can not be imitated. Here is definite proof in the photographs of these two evening ensembles from Bergdoff Goodman.

List of Photographs

  • Old Amsterdam (Uncredited)
  • Curacao is Very Busy (Nesmith)
  • Very Dutch and Very Clean (Nesmith)
  • Very Cheap for Shopping (Nesmith)
  • Danube Corso in Budapest (European)
  • The Corso along the Danube in Budapest (European)
  • The Viennese Like Their Out-Of-Doors, Even with Heuriger (Uncredited)
  • In a Viennese Café (Uncredited)
  • Grinzing, The Scene of Heuriger Festivals (Uncredited)
  • A Dancer, Java (Publishers)
  • The Rare and Fragrant Pigeon Orchid (Ewing Galloway)
  • Benn Levy and his bride, Constance Cummings play Backgammon in the lounge of the Berengaria (Uncredited)
  • Uncaption Photographs of Anacapri ... Houses in Tiers, the Blue Ray, Villa Maria's Terrace, Garden, Walkway, Shoreline (All Uncredited)
  • Dancing Spain -- Three Photographs in the Centerspread of Spanish Dancers. Uncaptioned. (All Uncredited)
  • Emily Hahn, Author of 'Congo Solo' (Uncredited)
  • Art Meets a Friendly Critic's Eye. Annecy, France (Burton Holmes: Ewing Galloway)
  • Ermine and Black Velvet (Bergdoff Goodman)
  • Baum Marten and Red Velvet (Bergdoff Goodman)
  • In Switzerland ... Locarno (Wolff)

List of Advertisers

  • The Plaza, New York
  • P&O for Sailing East of the Suez Canal
  • Sherry-Netherland on Central Park, New York
  • Thomas Cook & Son: Egype the Nile for Winter and Spring
  • The Croydon, New York
  • The Mayflower -- Washington's Finest Hotel
  • Greyhound Lines: A New Travel World
  • Mothersill's Seasick Remedy
  • Essex House at Central Park South, New York
  • The Ritz-Carlton, New York
  • Linguaphone Institute
  • The Park Central, New York
  • Model Dairy Company, Inc., New York
  • Hendrickson's Transfer, New York City
  • Horton's Ice Cream
  • The Beverly, New York
  • Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company
  • Hotel White, New York City
  • American Express Travelers Cheques
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