The Shipbuilder & Marine Engine Builder - March 1932

Front Cover of the Shipbuilder and Marine Engine-Builder for March 1932

Front Cover of the Shipbuilder and Marine Engine-Builder for March 1932. GGA Image ID # 101840ed42

The March 1932 issue of The Shipbuilder offers primarily technical orientated articles on engine and shipbuilding. Featured articles included Limitation of Passenger-Liner Construction -- noteworthy for its assessment of the fundamental change in passenger traffic from the immigrant trade to pleasure cruising and the need to meet the new requirements for this demographic.

Table of Contents

  • Dipl. Ing. Hermann Hein (Frontispiece)‭ ‬
  • Limitation of Passenger-liner Construction
  • Biographical Sketches (No. 192—Dipl. Ing. Hermann Mein)
  • Propeller Design
  • The Structural Damage of the Oil-tank Motorship “ San Diego Maru ” (Illustrated). By K. Tamai
  • Modern Rudder Design. By John Tutin, D.Sc., M.Inst.N.A.
  • Oil-burning with Scotch Marine Boilers. By J. S. Gander, M.I.Mech.E., M.I.Mar.E., M.I.Fuel
  • The Brown-Bovert Exhaust-steam Turbine System—The Conversion of the Propelling Machinery of the "Blitar" (Ilustrated)
  • Turbine-driven Tugs on the Rhone (Illustrated). By R. W. Miller
  • The Voith-Schneider Method of Propulsion (Illustrated)
  • The Maneuvering of Ships (Illustrated)
  • A New Diesel-driven Fire-float for Gothenburg (Illustrated)
  • M.A.N. Diesel-engine Developments
  • The Royal Corps of Naval Constructors
  • The Japanese Cargo Motorships “ Santo Maru ” and “ Sansei Maru” (Illustrated)
  • Institute of Metals
  • The Service Performance of the “ Trione ”
  • Institution of Naval Architects
  • Notes from the Shipbuilding Centers
  • Launches and Trial Trips
  • Obituary—Mr. J. W. Aitchison, Professor W. H. Watkinson, Mr. Kenneth Barclay-Brown, Mr. Alexander Ivsplen, Mr. Gilbert Campbell, and Mr. George Nicol
  • Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Finance
  • New Contracts and Inquiries
  • Book Reviews
  • Proceedings of the Technical Societies

About the Magazine

The Most Informative Publication for All Who Are Concerned with the Designing, Building, Equipping or Operating of Any Type of Vessels, The Journal of Commerce, Shipbuilding and Engineering Edition.

It contains the earliest reports of events relevant to the maritime industries, papers read before meetings of the technical societies at home and abroad, specialty contributed articles by authoritative writers, reports from each of the shipbuilding and ship repairing centers, and the following exclusive features

Motor Shipping - Steam Propulsion - Marine Electricity - Ship-furnishing and Decoration

Its articles of launches and trial trips and full descriptions of outstanding vessels have been the subject of many congratulatory messages received from leaders of the ship owning, shipbuilding and marine engineering industries of the United Kingdom, the Continental, and Overseas countries.

The success of its policy is evidenced by a continuously increasing circulation at home and abroad, the paid circulation of each issue of The Journal of Commerce Shipbuilding and Engineering Edition being much larger than that of any other European ship owning, shipbuilding, marine engineering and/or motor shipping periodical.

Additionally, it enjoys a comprehensive measure of popularity as an advertising medium, its columns being regularly used for publicity purposes by leading firms in the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Japan, the United States, etc.

The Shipbuilder and Marine Engine-Builder, Vol. XXXIX, No. 262, March 1932. Founded in July 1906, Edited by A. G. Hood.

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