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The Cunarder, A Travel Magazine by the Cunard Line, Far East Issue August 1930

Front Cover, The Cunarder - A Travel Magazine, August 1930 Far East Issue.

Front Cover, The Cunarder - A Travel Magazine, August 1930 Far East Issue. GGA Image ID # 128459d1b7

The August 1930 Far East Issue of The Cunarder featured articles included: Pekin By Sydney Greenbie; The Happy Island Japan and the Japanese By Reneé Browne; Something Rich and Strange -- The City of Bangkok By Ethel Fleming; Soft Life in Shanghai -- Living Well on Little In China By Anne Donnelly; Aloha from Hawaii By Betty Bacon; and The World of Diversion By Betty Shannon. Fill-Ins for the Traveler, Women's Fashions on board ship By Ruth Seder was also included.

The Cunarder is published on the first of every month by the Cunard Steam Ship Company, Ltd. in New York City.

Far East Issue. Vol. 18, No. 2


  • The Cunarder's Calendar of Events
    Covers Austria, Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.
  • Pekin
    By Sydney Greenbie
    I have seen the marvel of Pekin through the eyes of a cautious old man who was death on exaggeration. Here is a Pekinese that is a Pekinese. And a frivolous pet he looks too, for a Lama monk from the solemn plains of Thibet. These monks, in their robes the color of grape juice, are a characteristic part of the Pekin scene.
  • The Happy Island
    Japan and the Japanese
    By Reneé Browne
    These Japanese smiles weren't just put on for a particularly funny photographer. Laughter is characteristic of the Japanese, who are in general light-hearted and contented.
  • Something Rich and Strange
    The City of Bangkok
    By Ethel Fleming
    Bangkok, the capital of Siam, boasts sophistication against the most exotic background in the world.
  • Soft Life in Shanghai
    Living Well on Little In China
    By Anne Donnelly
    People with very moderate incomes, as reckoned by our standards, can afford a servant or two, and good ones. For a few dollars per month, the office stenographer can sport a personal maid, the clerk can manage a bachelor apartment with a servant thrown in.
  • Aloha from Hawaii
    By Betty Bacon
    Many a traveler is surprised to discover that Honolulu is not on Hawaii at all, but on the island of Oahu, and that Hawaii is a big island off to the south.
  • The World of Diversion
    By Betty Shannon
    Do not expect me to tell you of all the festivals that are going on in Europe at the moment, and will be going on in August and even into September. There are festivals everywhere, and if you want to see one, it is safe to say -- "Scratch any small country on the European map, and you will find a festival."
  • Among Our Envoys to England
    See list of VIP photographs below
  • Returning from the Great American Vacationland
    See list of VIP photographs below
  • Fill-Ins for the Traveler
    Women's Fashions on board ship
    By Ruth Seder
    Features a navy blue sheer crepe dress with fresh white collar and cuffs; and Tweet suit made by Chantal of a diagonal weave brown and beige tweed.

Photographs of VIP Travelers on board the Cunard Steamships

  • Charles G. Dawes, U.S. Representative at the Court of St. James on the Aquitania
  • George Voigt, Glenna Collett, Harrison Johnston, Bernice Wall, Francis Ouimet, and Miss Steifel on the Aquitania
  • Mr. Ogden Reid, Publisher of the New York Herald Tribune and Mrs. Reid on the Aquitania
  • Mr. Ernest Torrence, Character Movie Actor and Mrs. Torrence on the Aquitania
  • The Hon. Joseph L. Heffernan, Mayor of Youngstown, Ohio, with Mrs. Heffernan on the Berrengaria

Selected Advertisers / Advertisements

  • Hartmann Trunks : Any Way You Go Is "First Class" With A Hartmann
  • The New Yorker : Manhattan's Largest and Tallest Hotel
  • The Shelton : Summer Resort Hotel in the Heart of New York City
  • Mothersill's Seasick Remedy - Stops Travel Sickness
  • Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York
  • Hotel Gramercy Park, New York
  • Maplewood Club Golf Course, Restricted Patronage - New Hampshire
  • P&O British India and New Zealand Companies Mail Frieght & Passenger Services
  • Around the World with Poland Water
  • Coca-Cola
  • The Ritz-Carlton, New York
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