Naval History - October 1998 - On Board the Missouri 1945

October 1998 Naval History Magazine

US Naval Institute 125th Anniversary Tribute; "At Sea on the Nagato"; On board the Missouri 1945; Sinking of the HMS Pegasus 1914.

UNITED STATES NAVAL INSTITUTE September / October 1998 Volume 12 • Number 5
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U.S. Naval Institute 125th Anniversary Tribute 18 Time Capsule: 1873
Global events abounded during the year the Naval Institute was founded.
20 They Wrote for Their Profession
Some Ideas About Organization on Board Ship
By Licatmant Ernest). King, U.S. Navy
A Prize Essayist fires an early shot across the bow of conventional wisdom. Military Value and Tactics of Modern Submarines
By Lieutenant C. W. Minim U.S. Navy
A future architect of victory in the Pacific looks at a "new" form of warfare. The Price of Power
fis 'amain A A Bloke. U.S. Navy
An ()Bocci who bet ante a legend warns against U.S. postwar complacency. Why the Naval Institute Matters
Notable Naval institute members espouse the society's professional worth. Foreword for Midway
Hy Admiral Raymond A Spnasnte, S Nalm0 (Retired)
A leader during the battle analyses this Itinimg point in World War II.
27 Tradition Is Their Middle Name
By Roy C. Smith IV and Captain Roy C. Smith III. U.S. Nand Reserve (Retired)
This family tree likely wins the prize for distinguished military service.
31 Who Built Those Subs?
By Richard Knowles Morris
Long overshadowed, Arthur Busch finally gets his due as a shipbuilder.
36 At Sea on the Nagato
By Stuart M. Tave
A U.S. officer reflects on a Japanese battleship's final mission—to Bikini.
40 The Sinking of HMS Pegasus
By Frank A. Contey
In 1914, a German cruiser surprised a British cruiser anchored at Zanzibar.
44 Message from the Missouri
By Gilven M. Slonim
For those on board, the Japanese surrender had a greater meaning.
48 The Youngest Sailor
By Frank Groin III
Letters from a 14-year-old bring home the 1898 Battle of Santiago. Departments
4 Looking Back 6 In Contact
50 Book Reviews
53 Historic Aircraft 59 Salty Talk
54 Historic Fleets 60 Museum Report
55 Naval History News 62 Reunions
Acclaimed maritime artist Tom Freeman pays his own tribute to the U.S. Naval Institute.
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