Naval History - April 1998 - What Really Sank the Maine?

April 1998 Naval History Magazine

Examining Vietnam with David Hartman; 'Flying Underwater' with Jacques Yves Cousteau; Rescuing BAT 21 - Navy SEAL in Vietnam.


UNITED STATES NAVAL INSTITUTE March / April 1998 Volume 12 • Number 2





A Kurz & Allison chromolithograph depicts the USS Maine as she sinks on 15 February

1898. For a report on the explosion, see page 30. Courtesy of Chicago Historical Society.

18 Two Who Dared to Write

By Commander Thomas B. Buell, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Edward L. Beach Sr. and Jr. have embodied the U.S. Naval Institute mission, such that the organization's new quarters will be Beach Hall.

24 Late Vietnam: Loyalty to Whom?

By Kenneth Hagan

A McCormick Foundation-/Naval Institute-sponsored conference asks William Westmoreland, David Hartman, Gerald Ford, Robert Timberg, and other panelists to reexamine the war's final years.

30 A Special Report: What Really Sank the Maine?

Edited by Thomas B. Allen

Was it coal-dust combustion or was it a mine? A new study commissioned by National Geographic magazine—excerpted here for the first time—advances conclusions that could help explain the explosion that sank the battleship in Havana Harbor 100 years ago.

40 'Flying' Underwater

An Interview with Jean-Michel Cousteau

The son of the late undersea explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau and the head of his own sea-environment-related institute talks about his father's legacy.

43 Unsinkable Archie Gibbs

By Captain James E. Wise, Jr., U.S. Navy (Retired)

It just wasn't his day. On 14 to 15 June 1943, one World War II merchant seaman escaped two sinking ships, only to be rescued by a German U-boat.

47 Rescuing BAT 21

By Darrel D. Whitcomb

Navy SEAL—later a Medal of Honor recipient—Tom Norris recovers a downed U.S. Air Force intelligence officer in Vietnam.

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