Naval History - December 1996 - Images of Iwo Jima

December 1996 Naval History Magazine

December: "Strange Silence" - a look at 300 years of the Russian Navy; "No Day at the Beach" - photos snapped at the Iwo Jima landing' "Someone Get That Da..ed Dog" - the Coast Guard rescues Rickey from a torpedoed ship in WWI; "Known But to God" - The tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

UNITED STATES NAVAL INSTITUTE November / December 1996 Volume 10 • Number 6

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is Strange Silence

ity Richard A. Russell
In the midst of the Russian Navy's 300th anniversary, a naval historian looks at how its story has been received and interpreted in the West.

21 Not 'Just Practice'
From the Diaries of Rear Admiral Richard H. O'Kane, U.S. Navy (Retired)
The author of Clear the Bridge! and Wahoo never got to write a third book, but his wining% on service in the submarine Argonaut surface here.

24 Great Expectations at Port Royal By Eric R. Sterner
Samuel F. DuPont's relatively one-sided victories on the South Carolina coast in 1861 led Union Navy officials to think it was all going to be easy.

30 'No Day at the Reach'

By A. 1: Photography by Howard W. Whalen
He had been forbidden to photograph the Iwo Jima landing, but a Navy lieutenant snapped the most extensive color shots of the invasion.

33 Justice for Commodore Jones

By Frank W. Gam
History has disparaged Thomas ap Catesby Jones for fighting what seemed to be his own war at Monterey. This historian is more sympathetic.

42 'Someone Get That Damned Dog!'
By Commander W Rosen Webster, U.S. Coast Guard
Another illustration of the fabled "dog's life" was the Coast Guard rescue of "Rickey," a survivor from a torpedoed troopship in World War II.

44 It Was No Carnival

By William H. Garrke, Jr.

The expedition to the Titanic was an education for this expert.

45 Known But to God

By Thomas S. Wyman
The tomb of the Unknown Soldier is one of this country's most cherished memorials. The USS Olympia brought that soldier home 75 years ago.

49 The Last Flight of the Intruder

Naval History pays a pictorial tribute to the departing workhorse A-6. Departments
4 Looking Back 6 In Contact 53 Book Reviews 59 Salty Talk
51 Museum Report 55 Books of Interest 61 Reunions
Cover 56 Naval History News 62 Historic Fleets

"The Battle of Navarino, 20 October 1827," depicts Russian, French, and British ships defeating the Turks and Egyptians off the Greek coast. Read more about Russian naval history beginning on page 16. Courtesy of the Beverley Robinson Collection.
Three Centuries of Russian Navy History
December 1996
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d Catesby Jones
Final Voyage for the
Unknown Soldie

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