Naval History - June 1996 - Heroes of World War II

June 1996 Naval History Magazine

June: Blue Angels; "An Exotic Birds-eye View" - A Navy photographer's view of WWII in vivid color; "Vengeance in Vladivostok" - Russians hosting US Fleet in 1937


UNITED STATES NAVAL INSTITUTE May / June 1996 Volume 10 • Number 3

In this issue, through words and pictures, we celebrate 50 years of crowd-pleasing performances by the U.S. Navy's precision aviation team, the Blue Angels.

John Bradford reports that Australia is naming a submarine for World War II hero Teddy Sheean, just as the U.S. Navy christens a new Aegis destroyer for the fabled Sullivan brothers. In more below-decks heroics, the brave crew of the cargo ship Alchiba saves her from sinking.

Navy photographer Paul Southwick reprises his "Skate Shoot" from the November-December 1995 issue with color photos of war-torn Guadalcanal and Wakde late in World War II.

Also in this issue, we dive on the Civil War-era steam screw Tulip, fraternize with the U.S. Fleet in Vladivostok in 1937, and cruise the Korean Coast with the Horace A. Bass.

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Get It Up, Get It On, Get It Down 11
By Lieutenant John F. Kirby, U.S. Navy
From Hellcats to Hornets, the Blue Angels have soared for 50 years
More Than Half A Loaf 16
By Captain Edward L. Beach, U.S. Navy (Retired)
Supporters of the Pearl Harbor commanders should declare victory.
They Did Their Part 17
By John Bradford
Australia honors Teddy Sheean; the United States fetes the Sullivans.
`Any Purpose Designated' 22
By John B. Dwyer
The Horace A. Bass broke the destroyer-transport mold in Korea.
An Exotic Bird's-Eye View 27
By Paul Southwick
A Navy photographer recorded his view of World War II in vivid color
`Last Gasp' 32
Painting by Tom Freeman
The Battle at Trent's Reach was the final hope for the Confederate Navy. `Been Blown to Atoms' 34
By Terry Morr
In November 1864, a huge explosion sank the Potomac Flotilla's Tulip. Legacy of a Fourth-Rate Steam Screw 36
By Bruce F. Thompson
An underwater archaeologist dives on the remains of the Civil War ship. Admiral Porter and His 'Damned Gunboats' • • . 40
By Chester G. Hearn
The Union Navy comes to the aid of the Army at Arkansas Post. Vengeance in Vladivostok 43
By Ilya Sergievich Okunev, Translated by Victor M. Frank
Russians who hosted the U.S. Fleet in 1937 met serious consequences.
Only Her Crew Kept Her Afloat 46
By Commander R. H. Tibbetts, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Their pure guts made the Alchiba "the ship the Japs couldn't sink." Departments

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Cover: In conjunction with the Golden Anniversary of the U.S. Navy's precision flight team, the Blue Angels, naval and maritime artist Tom Freeman depicts three Grumman Bearcats flying over the USS Valley Forge (CV-45) in 1949.

Blue Angels' Golden Anniversary Celebration
June 1996
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World War II
ving on the Tragic
Civil War Tuli
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