Naval History - Spring 1989 - Vice Admiral Yamagata

Spring 1989 Naval History Magazine

Cover: With the continuing discussion of the surrender of the Pueblo (ACER-2) in the pages of Naval History, a young naval officer reminds us of an earlier incident where an American skipper gave up his ship—James Lawrence’s surrender of the Chesapeake to HMS Shannon in 1813. Our author challenges the idea that Lawrence is a great naval hero. (Painting courtesy of the Beverley R. Robinson Collection, U. S. Naval Academy Museum; inset of Lawrence courtesy of the U. S. Naval Academy Museum.)


12 Grim Peleliu: The Aircraft
By Rolfe L. Hillman III
Air support was a joint-service effort during the invasion of the Palau Islands in 1944.

19 The Veneti: A Pre-Roman Atlantic Sea Power
By D. Cameron Watt
This little-known power dominated Atlantic trade routes for 300 years, until Julius Caesar stepped in.

24 Manifestations of Cordiality
By J. Calvin Clarke III
In the mid-1950s the Soviet Navy got some of its warships built in—of all places—Italy

29 The Day Vice Admiral Yamagata Joined his Honorable Ancestors
By Ralph T. Briggs
Samurai tradition dictated death for the survivors of a shot-down plane.

31 The Catch of the Day
By Captain Raul F. Stevens. USN (Ret.)
This Navy pilot didn't know it at the time, but he bagged the prize.

33 The Final Days
By Nobuyuki Taniguchi as told to Ralph T. Briggs Poignant narrative of a warrior's demise.

36 When Courage Was Not Enough
By Ensign Rodney G. Graves. USN
Proper prior planning prevents poor performance, and it would have done so in 1813.

50 Australia's Stake in America's Civil War
By Rick Kennett. B. L. Fuqua, and C. S. Fuqua
Aussie crewmen joined a Confederate raider's one-ship war
against the Yankees—even after Appomattox


  • In Contact 2
  • Pictorial: The Garcias and Brookes: One Last Look 42
  • Technical Report: The Davis Gun: A U. S. Navy ‘First’ 55
  • Oral History: Launching the SPARs 58
  • Book Reviews 60
  • In Progress 64
  • In Profile: Frank O. Braynard 70
  • In Focus 73
  • Museum Report: The Treasure Island Museum 74
  • Special: USS Paducah: Illegal Immigrant Ship 77
  • Notebook 79

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