Naval History August 1998 - Nurses Spell Relief

August 1998 Naval History Magazine

"Kamikaze Decoy"; First nurses aboard ships 100 years ago during Spanish-American War; USS Indianapolis.

UNITED STATES NAVAL INSTITUTE July / August 1998 Volume 12 • Number 4
47 Cover
Aviation artist R. G. Smith depicts the Battle of Midway, where the Yorktown recently was rediscovered. For more on Midway, see page 31. For more on the artist, see page 57.
18 A Cuppa Joe
By John Powell Riley, Jr., Artwork by Robert C. Semler
An officer in the Nashville tells how a cup of stale Navy coffee saved him. 23 Kamikaze Decoy
By George A. Hinckley
Forgotten ships play a crucial role in defense against Japan's new weapon. 26 The Stuff of a Bicentennial Debate
By Joseph R. L. Sterne
The controversy over what sank the Maine spawns a centennial debate. 31 Naval Air Facility Midway: Guns to Gooneys
By Lieutenant David T. Black, CEC, U.S. Navy
The focus of the most famous World War II naval battle changes its face. 34 Sick Officer's Quarters-12
By Major George Cadwalader, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
A veteran honors the caring souls at Philadelphia Naval Hospital's SOQ. 38 Nurses Spell Relief
By Lieutenant Colonel Connie L. Reeves, U.S. Army (Retired)
First nurses board ships 100 years ago during the Spanish-American War.
43 Innocent Passage
By Captain William K. Earle, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)
Soviets stymie a mission to circumnavigate the earth via the Arctic Basin.
44 From Arktika to the Next Millennium
By Captain Lawson W. Brigham, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)
International cooperation is the wave of the future for Arctic operations. 47 Timeline to Justice
By Hunter Scott
A 12-year-old outlines what he found to help clear a ship and her skipper. Departments .....
4 Looking Back 53 Historic Aircraft 57 Salty Talk
6 In Contact 54 Historic Fleets 60 Reunions
50 Book Reviews 55 Naval History News 62 Museum Report
.. .
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