Ladies Wrapper 349 L - 1890

Ladies Wrapper 349 L - 1890

In this instance, the wrapper is shown daintily made up in figured China silk and plain velvet. The fronts are shirred to form a ruffle finish at the top, and adjusted upon fitted basque-fronts of lining, which show above in round-yoke shape.

The yoke effect being emphasized by a facing of velvet decorated with strips of a fine silver cord of varying lengths that extend from the neck and are coiled once at their lower ends.

Long under-arm darts adjust the fronts smoothly over the hips, while the fullness resulting from the shirrings at the top is drawn closely at the waistline by a group of shirrings made to describe a pretty basque point and tacked to the basque fronts, the fulness falling gracefully into the skirt.

The back is arranged upon fitted backs of lining and is shirred at the top and waist-line to correspond with the front; the fitted back being faced and trimmed with yoke effect similar to that of the fronts.

The closing is made invisibly down the center of the front, and the basque fronts are attached at their side edges along the under-arm darts.

The standing collar is of velvet and is trimmed with upright rows of cord, that seems to be continuous with those on the yoke. The sleeves are in the beautiful bishop style, and their velvet cuffs are trimmed to accord with the yoke decoration.

Costume Options

Although the wrapper has the graceful negligée air so appropriate to house gowns, it is close-fitting and, consequently, can be worn with propriety at luncheon and on nearly all daytime occasions at home.

It may be developed in soft silks and all sorts of lovely woolens, including cashmere, challis, flannel, albatross cloth and camel-hair. Velvet and other ribbons will furnish pretty trimmings, and they may be lavishly used.

Ruffles, plaitings, or flat garnitures may trim the skirt. Ginghams, sateens, prints, lawns, chambrays, and all sorts of pretty cotton in figured, plain, striped, plaid and embroidered varieties are also often used for dainty wrappers of this kind during the warm season.

Moreover, for these, the decorations will usually be lace; embroidered edging, cordings, headings, washable braids, gimps, and fancy bands.

Plain and figured or striped goods will combine prettily.

Illustration and Pattern Information

Figure No. 349 L. — This illustrates a Ladies’ wrapper. The pattern, which is No. 3380 and costs Is. 6d. or 35 cents, is in thirteen sizes for ladies from twenty-eight to forty-six inches, bust measure, and may be seen in two views on page 82 of this magazine.

Ladies Wrapper Pattern No. 3380.

Ladies Wrapper Pattern No. 3380.

No. 3380. — Figured China silk and plain velvet are associated in this wrapper at figure No. 349 L (above) in this Delineator, fine cord providing the decoration.

In the present instance figured dress goods and plain velvet are the materials pictured. The full, low-necked fronts and back meet in short seams on the shoulders and are shirred twice at the upper part to form a narrow frill.

The fronts are arranged over basque fronts of lining, which are fitted by double bust darts and sewed to the fronts along under-arm darts that provide a smooth adjustment over the hips; and the full back is likewise arranged on a lining of basque depth fitted by a curved center seam and side-back gores.

The lining shows above the frilled edges in round-yoke outline, the effect being heightened by a facing of velvet.

Three rows of shirring in the shape of a point at the waist-line of the front and cross-rows at the back draw the fulness well to the center and are tacked to the lining, the fulness falling free into the skirt.

The closing is made down the center of the front to a desired depth below the waist-line, the edges being tacked permanently below.

The full sleeves are gathered at the upper and lower edges and finished at the wrists with round cuffs of velvet, and at the neck is a high standing collar matching the cuffs.

Costume Options

The mode is adaptable to all varieties of dress goods of either cotton, silken or woolen texture, such as flannel, cashmere, serge, camel-hair, foulé, tamise, Surah, India or China silk, seersucker, gingham, lawn, nainsook, batiste, etc.

Velvet will unite handsomely with silk or wool fabrics and all-over embroidery with any of the cotton goods.

Pattern Information

We have pattern No. 3380 in thirteen sizes for ladies from twenty- eight to forty-six inches, bust measure.

To make the garment for a lady of medium size needs eight yards and three-eighths of material twenty-two inches wide, or six yards thirty-six inches wide, or five yards forty-four inches wide, each with five-eighths of a yard of velvet twenty inches wide for the collar, etc.

Price of pattern, 1s. 6d. or 35 cents.

"Figure No. 349 L. — Ladies’ Wrapper," in The Delineator: A Journal of Fashion, Culture, and Fine Arts – Midsummer Number, New York: Butterick Publishing Co., Ltd, Vol. XXXVI, No. 2, August 1890, P. 77 (For Illustrations see Page 77).

"Ladies Wrapper [Pattern No. 3380]," in The Delineator: A Journal of Fashion, Culture, and Fine Arts – Midsummer Number, New York: Butterick Publishing Co., Ltd, Vol. XXXVI, No. 2, August 1890, P. 80+ (For Illustrations see Page 82).

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