Ladies Dresses and Tea Gowns 7407 7432 - 1904

Ladies Dresses and Tea Gowns 7407 7432 - 1904

This graceful tea-gown is No. 7432 in smoke-blue Viyella; lace and ribbon give a decorative touch, and shirrings assist in the decoration. Striped wash silk was employed for reproducing No. 7407, which is a practical mode for a house dress or the sick-room.

Ladies’ Dress No. 7407

Ladies’ Dress No. 7407

7407—Ladies’ Dress, in Dip, Round or Short Round Length: consisting of a Spencer Waist, with Standing or Rolling Collar and Bishop or Two-Seam Sleeves and with or without the Body Lining; and an Attached Four-Gored Skirt, with Gathers at the Back. (As a House or Work Dress or Nurses* Dress.)


A neat design for a house, work or nurses’ dress is here pictured in blue gingham. Gathers regulate the fulness at the lower edge of the waist, which is in Spencer style and closes at the center of the front.

Shoulder and underarm seams are employed in the shaping, and a narrow band and standing or rolling collar may complete the neck.

Two-seam sleeves, open for some distance at the inside, as well as bishop sleeves gathered into bands, are supplied, either type is appropriate. Four gores dart-fitted over the hips shape the skirt, which is gathered at the back and attached to the waist under a belt of the material.

Measurement of three yards and one-fourth is allowed at the lower edge in the medium sizes. Darts and a center, shoulder and under-arm seams shape the body lining, which may be used or not.

Dressmaker Options

Mercerized cotton, seersucker, duck, and challis may be employed with good results.

Pattern Information

Pattern 7407 is in 10 sizes from 30 to 48 inches, bust measure. For the medium size, it will require 8 3/8 yards of material 27 inches wide. Price of pattern, 20 cents.

Ladies’ Tea-Gown or Wrapper No. 7432

Ladies’ Tea-Gown or Wrapper No. 7432

7432—Ladies’ Tea-Gown or Wrapper, in Long or Medium Sweep, in "1830” Style, Shirred or Gathered to the Yoke, with High or Dutch Round Neck and Draped or Full-Length or Elbow Puff Sleeves, and with or without the Shirred or Gathered Flounce.


Of all the “1830” modes now so prominent none is more popular than the negligee. The tea-gown here portrayed is made of blue challis associated with filet lace.

A short body lining-supports the drop-shouldered yoke which tops the mode and may be completed by a standing collar or cut out in Dutch round outline.

The fronts and back are attached to the yoke, shirrings or gathers regulating the fulness, and the employment of the gathered or shirred flounce is a matter of choice.

Draped sleeves shirred at the inside and the lower edge may be replaced by puff sleeves reaching to the elbow and frilled with lace or faced in gauntlet style if full-length sleeves are preferred. Either a long or medium sweep may be adopted.

Dressmaker Options

This mode is only adaptable to soft, pliable materials, such as crepe, albatross, etc.

Pattern Information

Pattern 7432 is in 7 sizes from 32 to 44 inches, bust measure.

For the medium size, the tea-gown with flounce needs 14 3/4 yards of material 27 inches wide, without flounce 10 1/2 yards.  In either instance, 1 1/8 yard of all-over lace will be required for the collar, etc.

Price of pattern, 25 cents.

“Ladies Dresses and Tea Gowns [No. 7407 & 7432],” in The Delineator: An Illustrated Magazine of Literature and Fashion, Paris-London-New York-Toronto: The Butterick Publishing Co. Ltd., Vol. LXIII, No. 2, February 1904, p. 212-213.

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