Beautiful Fashions For Fall and Winter - 1912


What the Glass of Fashion reveals for the Fall and Winter 1912.

What the Glass of Fashion reveals for the Fall and Winter 1912. Designs by Grace Margaret Gould, Painting by M. Emma Musselman. Woman's Home Companion, September 1912. GGA Image ID # 16486c9f9f


The glass of fashion reveals many surprises this year, but they are all happy surprises with a note of charm and a touch of art. 

The silhouette transforms positively, shedding straight lines for a more alluring curve. Soft draperies and elegantly modified panniers replace the once plain and uninspiring skirts. 

But this does not mean that skirts are to flare or be increased in width to any marked extent, for the foundation skirt of most of the latest costumes is still straight and narrow, though not as narrow as it was when walking in it was dangerous.

Sleeves are growing longer, and when they are not of the tailored type, fanciful little puffs are often added to increase their length. Coats are longer and show more of the figure's outline, though the old-fashioned tight-fitting coat is not yet with us.


The Lastest in Coats

The new coats are a unique sight with their graceful lines and semi-fitted silhouette. Many of them feature a belt or intricate trimming at the back, adding a touch of elegance. The long, close-fitting sleeves often flare into a bell shape at the wrist, a distinctive design element.

The most captivating images that the Glass of Fashion is currently showcasing are of evening dresses. While many of these are inspired by period costumes, each incorporates a modern twist, a subtle modification of the past fashion that gives it a contemporary edge. 

The panniers, reminiscent of Marie Antoinette's era, have made a comeback. However, they have undergone a significant transformation, losing much of their bouffant effect and adopting a more contemporary look. Draped skirts also make a statement, and plaited chiffon skirts are another popular trend. When worn over a satin petticoat, these chiffon skirts create a beautiful contrast, with the satin peeking out at the hem.


Evening Gowns

Laces, both heavy and filmy, are a prominent feature in the new gowns. The juxtaposition of light lace with heavy is a popular choice. Puffings of the same fabric as the gown and delicate plaitings and tulle ruches add elegance. Bead embroidery is another striking feature in many of the evening gowns.

Among the fabrics for evening costumes, we are graced with many crêpes and chiffons and an abundance of satin charmeuse in the most exquisite and alluring color palettes.


The Latest Fashion Trends by Miss Gould

It is a unique privilege for every woman from the esteemed Woman's Home Companion family to be privy to the latest fashion trends each season, well before they hit the mainstream. This year, she is exceptionally privileged. 

With her keen eye for fashion, Miss Gould, our esteemed fashion editor, illuminates the changes in the new modes, revealing their many fascinating surprises for every woman to see. 

What's truly exclusive is that we're showcasing some of the smartest fashions for autumn and winter in full color, just as the models were initially developed.


The Skirt Revolution

Get ready for a skirt revolution! The foundation skirt may still be scant, but we're introducing plenty of draperies, many of which suggest the pannier. The severe, perfectly plain skirts will be little used this coming season, except perhaps in some tailored suits designed purposely for general utility wear. Yet even in these skirts, a few plaits are to be seen, preferably toward the foot, where they widen the skirt.

These pattern depots may also order the new Fall and Winter Catalogue. It will be ready for distribution on October 25th. 

Every woman who makes and buys ready-made clothes will want to see this catalog before investing in her fall and winter outfits. It tells all about the new fashions and is full of clever ideas that do much to make a dress or a tailored suit a success. It illustrates costumes for every possible occasion.

For every design illustrated, there is a ten-cent paper pattern. With its aid, even a woman with little dressmaking experience can make a gown that looks just like the illustrated design.


Article based on "What the Glass of Fashion Reveals for the Fall and Winter," in Woman's Home Companion, New York: The Crowell Publishing Company, Volume XXXIX, No. 9, September 1912, p. 44, 73.


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