Picture History of the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth - 2004


Front Cover, Picture History of the Queen Mary And Queen Elizabeth By William H. Miller, Jr., 2004.

Front Cover, Picture History of the Queen Mary And Queen Elizabeth By William H. Miller, Jr., 2004. Book Design by Carol Belanger Grafton. Typesetting by Irene Kupferman. GGA Image ID # 201fbb514a


From the Publisher

Powerful and fast Atlantic liners of the 1930s, this volume is packed with high-quality vintage photographs of the RMS Queen Mary and RMS Queen Elizabeth, from construction to heyday to eventual decline and their successor ships bearing the same name. Maritime authority William H. Miller pays tribute to both sumptuous and elegant vessels and describes their launchings, amenities, maritime rivalry, and contributions during WWII.

Also covered are other splendid ships, and the vessels are captured in iconic locations at key points in the Twentieth Century.


Back Cover, Picture History of the Queen Mary And Queen Elizabeth By William H. Miller, Jr., 2004.

Back Cover, Picture History of the Queen Mary And Queen Elizabeth By William H. Miller, Jr., 2004. GGA Image ID # 201fe2e4d7


From the Back Cover

Big, fast, and powerful, the RMS Queen Mary lived a long life that included 1,001 successful Atlantic crossings. Launched in Southampton, England, in 1934, the ship at one time held the record for the fastest-ever North Atlantic crossing. For many years, it carried the rich and famous across the ocean in luxury.

Her running mate, the RMS Queen Elizabeth, christened four years later, saw service in World War II and provided deluxe transatlantic travel afterward. These two ships, among the twentieth century's most famous and successful ocean liners, are given royal treatment in this authoritative volume.

In paying tribute to the RMS Queen Mary and the RMS Queen Elizabeth, maritime authority William Miller describes their heralded debuts, magnificent lounges, staterooms, other amenities, maritime rivalry, and contributions during World War II, among other subjects. Their royal successors—the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 and RMS Queen Mary 2—are also covered, as are the Berengaria, Mauretania, Lusitania, and a host of other splendid ships.

In addition to nearly 200 rare photographs of impressive interiors and exteriors, extensive captions provide data on each vessel's builders, tonnage, size, speed, and passenger load.

A delight for ship lovers and armchair travelers, this affectionate pictorial reminiscence will also provide maritime historians with a wealth of information.

Original Dover (2004) publication. Forewords. Introduction. Bibliography. Index. 189 photographs. xii+116pp. 8"x 11". Paperbound. ISBN 0-486-43509-1



  • Chapter I Maritime Rivalry
  • Chapter II Royal Debut
  • Chapter III The Queens at War
  • Chapter IV Getting There Was Half the Fun
  • Chapter V Decline, Withdrawal, And A New Cunard
  • Chapter Vi Royal Successors: Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary 2
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Ships


Index of Ships

Many of the ships mentioned in this book have carried different names during their careers. With a few exceptions, only the name most relevant to the text is reflected in this index.

  1. Alsatia
  2. Aluania
  3. America
  4. Andania
  5. Andria
  6. Antonia
  7. Aquitania
  8. Ascania
  9. Aurania
  10. Ausonia
  11. Bayern
  12. Berengaria
  13. Berlin
  14. Bismarck
  15. Bremen
  16. Britannia
  17. Britannic
  18. Carmania
  19. Caronia
  20. Carinthia
  21. Carpathia
  22. Columbus
  23. Constitution
  24. Conte di Savoia
  25. Crystal Serenity
  26. Cunard Ambassador
  27. Cunard Adventurer
  28. Cunard Countess
  29. Cunard Crown Dynasty
  30. Cunard Crown Jewel
  31. Cunard Crown Monarch
  32. Cunard Princess
  33. Curacoa
  34. De Grasse
  35. Empress of Britain
  36. Empress of Scotland
  37. Europa
  38. Flandre
  39. France
  40. Franconia
  41. Georgic
  42. Homeric
  43. Ile de France
  44. Imperator
  45. Independence
  46. Ivemia
  47. Laconia
  48. Lancastria
  49. Laurentic
  50. Leonardo da Vinci
  51. Liberté
  52. Lucania
  53. Lusitania
  54. Majestic
  55. Mauretania
  56. Media
  57. Millennium
  58. Nieuw Amsterdam
  59. Normandie
  60. Olympic
  61. Queen Elizabeth
  62. Queen Elizabeth 2
  63. Queen Mary
  64. Queen Mary 2
  65. Queen Victoria
  66. Rafaello
  67. Rex
  68. Royal Princess
  69. Royal Viking Sun
  70. Sagafjord
  71. Samaria
  72. Saturnia
  73. Saxonia
  74. Scythia
  75. Sea Goddess Twins
  76. Sea Venture
  77. Seaboum Pride
  78. Sovereign of the Seas
  79. Stockholm
  80. Stratheden
  81. Sylvania
  82. Titanic
  83. Tuscania
  84. United States
  85. Vaterland
  86. Vistafjord
  87. Voyager of the Seas
  88. Vulcania


Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

  • Title: Picture History of the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth / William H. Miller
  • ISBN: 0-486-43509-1 (Pbk.)
  • ISBN 13:  9780486435091
  • Author  William H. Miller, 1948-
  • Format  Paperback
  • No. of Pages  128
  • Publisher:  Dover Publications, Mineola, NY
  • Subjects: 1. Queen Mary (Steamship) -- History. 2. Queen Elizabeth (Ship) -- History. I. Title
  • LC classification (full): VM383.Q4M54 2004
  • Dewey class no.: 387.5'42--dc22
  • Notes: Includes Biographical references and index.
  • LCCN: 2004045548


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