Classic Ships - Romance and Reality


Front Cover, Class Ships - Romance and Reality by Nicholas Faith, 1995.

Front Cover, Class Ships - Romance and Reality by Nicholas Faith, 1995. Jacket designed by Robert Updegraff. GGA Image ID # 202075de18


On the Front Cover

In 1967, the RMS Queen Mary made her last Atlantic crossing, from Southampton to New York, before sailing to Long Beach, California, where she is now a floating museum (Popperfoto).


From the Inside Flap

In the first full exploration of the subject, Classic Ships surveys the important industrial, military, commercial, and leisure ships of the last one hundred and fifty years.

The range is vast, from warships to sailing dinghies, oil tankers, and Thames barges. While covering all aspects of maritime history and architecture, Classic Ships is also a social history of one of the greatest shipping nations in the world. Ships, boats, and yachts touch every strata of the community.

They describe Britain's social and industrial heritage as tools, workhouses, and objects of pleasure.

In this remarkable account of ships and the people working on them, Nicholas Faith details the developments that have taken place in the history of shipping, once one of Britain's proudest industries.

Classic Ships accompanies the six-part series produced by Uden Associates for Channel Four Television.


Back Cover, Class Ships - Romance and Reality by Nicholas Faith, 1995.

Back Cover, Class Ships - Romance and Reality by Nicholas Faith, 1995. GGA Image ID # 202099977a


On the Back Cover

(Top left) Astra, racing in the classic yacht regatta, Nioulargue, at St Tropez in 1994 (Kos/Kos Picture Source). (Top right) Crowds gathered for the Cambridge boat races in June 1892 (Popperfoto). (Bottom left) The last moments of the Prince of Wales were sunk by the Japanese in Malaya in 1943. (Associated Press/Topham). (Bottom right) Tug boats at Sunderland-on-the-Wear (Topham).





1. Men o' War The Expendables

2. The Great Liners - And Some Lesser Ones As Well Star of the South

3. A Life on the Ocean Wave

4. Boats at Work The Norfolk Wherry: Work Before Pleasure From Baldie to Zulu

5. The Fishermen of England - And Scotland

6. Messing About in Boats A Floating Morris Minor Uffa and the Duke

7. Sail, Sea, Snobbery - And True Grit




About the Author

Nicholas Faith is a well-known author and journalist. As a business writer, he has been variously Assistant Editor of The Economist, Industrial Editor of The Sunday Times, and Contributing Editor of The Independent on Sunday. Nicholas Faith has written over a dozen books on subjects as wide-ranging as Swiss Banks, Bordeaux, and Cognac and two books on railways, one of which was filmed as the BBC TV series 'Locomotion.' Nicholas Faith is also the author of Classic Trucks: Power on the Move.


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