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Steamships Cincinnati and Cleveland of the Hamburg American Line

The SS Cleveland on her Maiden Voyage 1909

The New SS Cleveland of the Hamburg America Line, which will sail from Hamburg to New York on her first Transatlantic voyage on March 27, 1909.

The new large twin-screw steamers of the Hamburg-Amerika Linie "Cincinnati" and "Cleveland"

The new liner "Cincinnati", which was launched at the yards of the Schichau Shipbuilding Company at Danzig, Germany, in August, 1908, and her sister-ship, the "Cleveland", which was constructed at the yards of Blohm & Voss at Hamburg, Germany, are intended for the New-York passenger and freight service, and both vessels are splendidly appointed for the transportation of passengers as well as freight.

They are similar in type and appearance to the steamers "Kaiserin Auguste Victoria" and "Amerika", though of somewhat smaller dimensions. These vessels afford the greatest comfort and luxury, as they are provided with all of the modern features of the two well-known liners referred to above : they may be classed among the most modern liners of the present day.

The dimensions of the "Cincinnati" and "Cleveland", are as follows length, about 600 feet; width, about 65 feet; height, from water-line to upper deck, about 50 feet; tonnage, 17,000 tons.

They are built of the best steel, and are provided with 5 steel decks and a double bottom extending the entire length of the ship. which latter is sub-divided into numerous water-tight chambers, and the hull itself is divided into 11 water-tight compartments.

Two well-balanced high and low pressure engines of the quadruple expansion type, which are supplied with steam from three double and three single boHers, give these vessels a speed of about 151/i knots.

They have the capacity for about

  • 230 First Cabin Passengers
  • 530 Third Cabin Passengers
  • 400 Second Cabin Passengers
  • 2200 Steerage Passengers
  • The crew comprises about 360 officers and men
  • and have a cargo capacity of about 15,000 tons

The accommodations in the first cabin have received special attention, and in addition to the large number of ordinary staterooms there will be 70 rooms for the sole use of one passenger; several suites comprising parlor, bedroom and bath-room, and number of large rooms with bath and toilet.

The spacious dining-room, which is located on the upper deck, has been equipped with small tables for two, four and six persons, and the saloon is large enough to accommodate all passengers at one sitting, even during the height of the season.

On the promenade deck there is located a spacious lounge, music roomon writing room, smoking room and gymnasium, and on the different promenade decks sheltered corners are provided affording protection from the wind and weather when the conditions are unfavorable.

In addition to the above-named features, there is an electric passenger elevator connecting the different decks, a well-equipped gymnasium with electrical apparatus electric light baths, a dark room for photography, a book-stall, library, information bureau, etc.

For promenading there are two large promenade decks, and in addition there is a large open deck on the top of the uppermost deck-house.

The arrangement of the second cabin has also been given special attention, and affords every modern comfort and convenience. The main saloon, ladies' parlor and the smoking room are simHar in size, design and decoration to those of our most recent vessels.

For the safety of the vessel, the doors of the water-tight compartments have been equipped with the automatic hydraulic devices, enabling the Captain to close aH of the doors in few seconds from the bridge.

The vessels have also been equipped with sub-marine bell systems, fire extinguishers, a complete fire alarm system, steam pumps, etc.

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