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In Memoriam: The 351st Infantry

In Memoriam: The 351st Infantry

Listing of the officers and enlisted men who died during World War 1 in the 351st Infantry, 88th Division, American Expeditionary Force.

  • Freese, Harry F., Captain.
  • Eckerman, Mathew D., Second Lieutenant.
  • Maloney, Clarence A., Second Lieutenant.

Headquarters Company

  • Bohn, William T., Corporal.
  • Carrett, Jesse D., Private.
  • Olson, Ralph, Private.
  • Romelfanger, Edward R., Private.
  • Russell, Curtis Loyal, Private.
  • Simmons, Ralph, Private.

Machine Gun Company

  • Hanson. Arthur M., Private.
  • Hall, Chester V., Private.
  • Lunde, Thorvald E., Private.
  • Port, William C., Private.
  • Medical Detachment
  • Cretzmeyer, Joseph W., Private.

Company "A"

  • Pass, Roman F., Sergeant.
  • Thompson, John W., Private.
  • Lucero, Octavaino, Private.

Company "B"

  • Miller, Frank H., Sergeant.
  • Acord. Henry L., Private.
  • Hughes, James L., Private.
  • Jones, Arnold F., Private.
  • Morrison, Earl G., Private.
  • Ridge, Forrest, Private.
  • Steindorf, Fred, Private.

Company "C"

  • Johnson, Carl V., Private, First Class.
  • Lobb, Virgil W., Private, First Class.
  • Thomsen, Jens E. A., Private, First Class.
  • Barton, Ray, Private.
  • Benda, Joe J., Private.
  • Bender, John F., Private.
  • Blumenshine, Chester A., Private.
  • Clad well, Loyd E., Private.
  • Fletchall, Berjie L., Private.
  • Gertje, John F., Private.
  • Kennedy, Sam, Private.

Company "D"

  • Hansen, Wilhelm, Private.
  • Moore, Roy V., Private.
  • Jenson, Neils P., Private,
  • kycek, Joseph, Private.
  • Monybacher, John A., Private.
  • Sessler, Charles F., Private.
  • Tohhs, Roy N., Private.

Company "F"

  • Carr, Bernard J., Private, First Class.
  • Hamilton, Howard C., Private.
  • Otterman, Joseph. Private, First Class.
  • Sutton, James L., Private, First Class.
  • Turning-Bear, David, Private.
  • Webster, Perle L., Private.

Company "F"

  • Fuller, Hale P., Corporal.
  • Schwartz, Joseph H., Corporal.
  • Kortan, Stanley T., Private, First Class
  • McGriff, James E., Private, First Class.
  • Peterson, John, Private, First Class.
  • Smith, George W., Private, First Class.
  • Berry, Ulysses R., Private.
  • Dale, Homer, Private.
  • Dieterich, Henry A., Private.
  • Kinji, Van C., Private.
  • Monroe, Alvin J., Private.
  • Schultz, Fred H., Private.
  • Sheppelman, George C., Private.
  • Sommer, Frederick F., Private.

Company "G"

  • Bents, Cornelius H., Corporal.
  • Stake, Rinhart H., Corporal.
  • Street, Velpo W., Corporal.
  • Casady, Gurney O., Private.
  • Fairley, Porter M., Private.
  • Hinkle, Smith, Private.
  • Hoem, Ole, Private.
  • Kirby, Harold L., Private, First Class.
  • Patterson, Clyde C., Private.
  • Siener, Joseph, Private.
  • Anderson, Mathew D., Private.
  • Stewart, Ernest, Private.

Company "H"

  • Bularen, Elmer C., Private.
  • Grice, Adlai, Private.
  • Mann, Charles S., Private.

Company "I"

  • Loy. Pearl E., Corporal.
  • Achatz, Otto, Private.
  • Hoekman, Fred F., Private.
  • Lundberg, Carl T., Private.
  • Neu, Clarence E., Private.
  • Smith, Lloyd, Private.
  • Smith, William B., Private.
  • Stacy, Nathan J., Private.
  • Trenary, James, Private.
  • McCord, Edgar L., Private.

Company "K"

  • Barnett, Thomas E., Corporal.
  • Gause, Cyrus, Private.
  • Johnson, Thomas, Private.
  • Kirby, Chancey L., Private.
  • Nation, Orville, Private.
  • Uthlaut, George E., Private.

Company "L"

  • Mudd, Leonard A., Corporal.
  • Ledbetter, Alpha G., Corporal.
  • Hayner, John E., Private, First Class.
  • Frye, Charles, Private.
  • Holloway, Harold M., Private.
  • Nefstad, Ernest K., Private.
  • Still, Hiram L., Private.
  • Thomas, Floyd R., Private.
  • Williams. Willard L., Private.

Company "M"

  • Brown, Ira F., Private.
  • Chandler, Joushay S., Private.
  • Deitch, William L., Private.
  • Farnan, Joseph C., Private.
  • Kuntzman, John R., Private.
  • McCreary, Edmund, Private.
  • Smith, Perry L., Private.
  • Torgerson, Albert N., Private.
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