Headquarters Company, 351st Infantry, 88th Division, AEF

Group Photo: Headquarters Company, 351st Infantry, 88th Division, AEF

To recount that which has been done by Headquarters Company during its existence would be infringing on the good nature of the publishers of this book—it would take a book in itself. However, it will not be amiss tor those of us who have been with the company since its inception to express a feeling of gratitude for our good fortune in being thrown together with a body of men such as has made up this organization.

All men of the company are particularly fortunate in having as companions the other “fellows” in the company.

Made up, as it is. of several units, each with a separate and distinct duty, the Headquarters Company is one upon which a bulk ot duties unknown to the rifle company falls.

The condition of the communications, barracks and other duties that tall to the Pioneers, Signalmen, Band, Trench Mortars, One Pounders and Headquarters platoons depends upon a well-organized company as a whole, containing an enthusiastic body of men.

Regimental HQ -- Dodge

We can say that the Headquarters Company was “there" in every sense of the word, and when it came to making a defunct lighting system blossom forth, a more defunct steam roller make roads, building hangars and barracks, and boosting morale with lively music, we know that the spirit that made the 351st what it was was in the bottom of every man’s heart, and when it came to proving which platoon of one pounders and trench mortars was the best the 351st Headquarters Company took its place with the rest of the regiment.

We are out of the service. Let us do our work as wearers of the red chevron with the same spirit and optimism as we did when we were “packing” hobnails and mud. Let us not forget those men who did not return with us.

As a closing word, allow us to wish you well and to admonish each of you to be as good a man to yourself as you were to Headquarters Company.

Officers of Headquarters Company.

Noyen, Sarthe, France.
May 17, 1919.

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