Company "I" - 351st Infantry, 88th Division, AEF

Group Photo: Company "I" - 351st Infantry, 88th Division, AEF

Company "I" 351st Infantry left Camp Dodge, lowa, August 7, 1918, with the company strength of 234 men and arrived at Camp Mills, N. Y. August 10th, leaving there for overseas duty August 15th.

We arrived at Liverpool, England, August 28th. We remained in England for seven days sailing from Southampton for Cherbourg, France on September 5th. From Cherbourg we entrained for a station near Mussy le Fosse remaining at Mussy for a period of five days.

Our next stop was at Bvans near Hericourt where we trained intensively for three weeks. From Byans we went to the trenches on the front in Alsace, while here we occupied the Schonholz sector tor a period of twelve days.

The first enemy raid came on October I8th but was successively repelled with the loss on our part of one man killed, Private Edgar L. McCord and Private Harley J. Miller wounded.

After a rest of eight days at Hagenbach we marched to Evette, a distance of twenty-three miles. This is said to be the longest march ever made by a company in our regiment in a single day.

We left Evette November l0th marching to Belfort where we entrained tor the big front. On November 28th we left Jaillon for Houdelaincourt making a three-day march.

The remainder of the winter was passed at Houdelaincourt where the time was spent in drilling and terrain movements.

David W. Schmitt,
2nd Lieutenant 351st Infantry.

Houdelaincourt, Meuse, France,
May 7, 1919.

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