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Company "K" - 351st Infantry, 88th Division, AEF

Group Photo: Company "K" - 351st Infantry, 88th Division, AEF

Company 'K' of the 301st Infantry was organized at Camp Dodge, Iowa, September 5, 1917. The company with a roster of 238 enlisted men and four officers entrained at Camp Dodge, August 7, 1918, en route to Camp Mills, Long Island where it arrived August 10, 1018.

The company boarded the ship Ulysses and set sail the following day for Liverpool, England. No time was lost after arrival in boarding trains and the company was taken to the Rest Camp Cowshott. On the night of September 5th a transport was boarded and the English Channel was crossed to Cherbourg, France.

The company marched to the Rest Camp Manche. On September 7th the company entrained at Cherbourg and went to Pouillinay, Cote d’Or, where it detrained September 9th and marched to Massigny. The company remained here until it entrained at Les Laumes, Cote d’Or for Hericourt. It was billeted at Byans when it began its march to the trenches arriving at Dannemarie, Alsace.

The company moved into the trenches where it remained for a week when it withdrew to Hagenbach. It remained at Hagenbach a week when it again went into the trenches. It was then withdrawn to Camp Norman. It left Camp Norman and marched to Evette, Belfort. It entrained at Belfort detraining at La Cumiji. It marched to Jaillon where it was billeted until November 29th.

On the morning of November 29th the company began a three-clay march to Houdelaincourt, Meuse, where it arrived December 1st. Winter was spent at this place and the time was taken up by military maneuvers and close order drill.

Jack W. Long,
2nd Lieutenant, 351st Infantry.

Houdelaincourt, Meuse, France,
May 7, 1919.

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