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Anderson, SC USA

Company "E" - 351st Infantry, 88th Division, AEF

Group Photo: Company "E" - 351st Infantry, 88th Division, AEF

EVERY man in that picture is a friend of every other man there and we are proud of it.

A more loyal company a captain never had and it is with pleasure and pride that I refer to that bunch of men as “my company.” My company did things. More things than they were merely told.

They had hearts of iron through those days when the going was hard and the packs were heavy; through those days in a slimy rat-infested trench; through the days of maneuvering over these hills to the time when we went to Liffoe-le-Grand to do our convoy duty.

And now going home again brings thoughts of anything but those military. The big day is coming. As we go out, each our own way, let us keep each other in mind.

To each of you, 1 extend my hand. I wish you well. And the latch key is always out.

P. J. Miller,
Captain 351st Infantry.

Houdelaincourt, Meuse, France,
May 7, 1919.

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