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Anderson, SC USA

Company "M" - 351st Infantry, 88th Division, AEF

Group Photo: Company "M" - 351st Infantry, 88th Division, AEF

To recount the history of Company “M” would take a book in itself let alone a few words to accompany its picture in this memorial of the deeds of the regiment.

At this day—when we are about to return to the old haunts again—let us not forget the glorious days we had as Company “M.” Let us all be as proud in days to come as we have been in days gone by when we told those who asked, “Company M, 351st, sir.”

From the days at Dodge to these days at St. Nazaire, the regiment has looked to “M“ for its morale—for it was in “M” that spirits were highest. Company “M” was ever ready; when the time came to take over a sector of the front line, Company “M” did it with half a company; it was Company “M“ who took the first German blow, the first to report battle deaths.

And in the never forgettable hikes through the mud and rain, Company “M” came through as they started out. Let us remember those hardships, let us tackle those minor ones in lite with the same “go-get-’em" spirit. Let us not forget the graves at Hericourt and Hagenbach.

Keep the morale as high as it was in the days of September and October, 1918.

Officers, Company “M“

St. Nazaire, France,
May 19, 1919.

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