Order of Battle: American Expeditionary Forces, Volume 1 - 1937

Order of Battle Volume 1 : American Expeditionaary Forces

U.S. Government Printing Office, Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War, Volume 1, American Expeditionary Forces: General Headquarters, Armies, Army Corps, Services of Supply, Separate Forces © 1937/1988, Center of Military History, United States Army, U.S. Government Printing Office, Hardcover, 412 Pages.  940.4'12'73. cover of book is dark blue with insignia of the United States but no lettering. Title on Binding.

Subject: United States, Army -- History -- World War, 1914 - 1918.


Volume 1 covers the AEF's general headquarters, the American Services of Supply, armies, army corps, and separate forces, including the three French army corps under American command in 1918 and American units in North Russia and Siberia.


The United States entered "the war to end all wars" seventy years ago, but much may still be learned from a study of that vast military and diplomatic experience. Accordingly, the Center of Military History is now bringing back into print a series of volumes on the World War I period.

The facsimile reprint of the Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War, in five volumes, provides a logical introduction to the series. It will be followed shortly by a newly formatted edition of the United States Army in the World War (1917-1919), a major collection of documents pertaining to the conflict.

The concise and unique data in the Order of Battle is central to any serious examination of the Army's involvement in World War I. The Center's predecessors-the Army War College's Historical Section, and the Special Staff's Historical Division-originally published this work in three volumes.

The first two concentrated on the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF). Volume 1 covers the AEF's general headquarters; the American Services of Supply; armies; army corps; and separate forces, including the three French army corps under American command in 1918 as well as American units in North Russia and Siberia. Volume 2 provides outline histories of the AEF's divisions.

The essays in these two volumes combine information about the command and composition of units with tables that offer the reader a broad survey of operations in both major and minor theaters and the rear areas.

Volume 3, consisting of five chapters organized in two parts, presents an array of useful information on the zone of the interior.

Part 1 includes the organization and activities of the War Department, the territorial departments, the divisions that did not deploy overseas, and data about posts, camps, and stations.

Part 2 consists of a directory of troops, covering all organizations that made up the Army between 1917 and 1919. Each volume begins with a guide to the use of the material. In publishing this facsimile reprint, the Center has made some formatting changes to assist the modern reader, but the original text is unchanged. Volumes 1 and 2 are reprinted intact.

Volume 3, first published in two parts, is now divided into three, in three separate volumes.

For the reader's convenience, a new appendix, "Posts, Camps, and Stations Index:' has been added to the new Part 2. The original Part 2, the directory of troops, is now Part 3.

The volume's consecutive pagination remains the same. To all volumes the Center has added its own front matter and, after the half-title page, incorporated relevant pages of the original introductory material (indicated by brackets around original folios).

Any work that attempts to describe such a vast and complex subject inevitably includes errors of both omission and commission. The Order of Battle is no exception. No attempt has been made to correct any errors in the work.

For those students who wish to pursue these matters, they will find most of the original source material in the custody of the National Archives and Records Administration.

What remains of the original manuscript for the volumes is in the custody of the Center and is available for examination. In increasing numbers, military historians are coming to realize that the Army's experiences in World War I offer students of the profession of arms a vast classroom in which they might study the many facets of their subject.

The Order of Battle is not a definitive guide, but it is a fine place to begin any in-depth study of that mighty war.

Washington, D.C
7 August 1987

Brigadier General, USA
Chief of Military History


This publication, "Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War", is an official War Department document prepared by the Historical Section, Army War College, for the purpose of making available an accurate digest of the principal facts concerning the participation of the larger organizations of the land forces of the United States Army in the World War.

It presents command rosters of such organizations, tables depicting their daily order of battle, their composition at important periods, and under "Record of Events" a chronological resume of the principal events regarding the organization and its operations.

The work is planned as consisting of three volumes. Two volumes are devoted to the American Expeditionary Forces, one concerning itself with organizations larger than a division, the other with divisions. A third volume is contemplated, dealing with organizations in the United States and containing appendices pertinent to the entire series.

The work is based upon original sources, most of which are official documents of the War Department. They include war diaries, operation reports, journals of operations, reports on battle participation; historical reports of brigades, divisions, corps, and armies; field orders, operation orders, returns, rosters, cablegrams, telegrams, and numerous other papers, the majority of which had their genesis in the organizations described.

Most of these documents are on file in the World War Division of The Adjutant General's Office or in the Historical Section, Army War College.

A source book, for each unit described, has been prepared indicating the authority for statements made in the Order of Battle and is preserved in the Historical Section for reference.

Every effort has been made to achieve accuracy, but occasionally contradictory evidence and incompleteness of records made this task difficult.

Before publishing these volumes, drafts of their contents were forwarded to officers who participated in the operations, whose first-hand knowledge made their cooperation valuable, and their criticisms were examined and included in this work where justified. Controversial and personal factors have been purposely omitted.

Incorporated in this work are outline histories of all divisions organized during the war, the army corps, armies, services of supply, and general headquarters, and the three French army corps which were under American command. In addition are the records of the American forces in North Russia and in Siberia, separate military expeditions, the American Forces in France, and the American Forces in Germany.

The record of each American unit begins with the date when its mobilization or organization was ordered by the War Department or General Headquarters, AEF, and terminates with its demobilization or discontinuance. In the cases of continuing Regular Army divisions the records close with the return of division HQ to the United States.

The data on the French army corps cover the periods during which they were actually under American army control. Whenever convenient, each outline history in this work has been divided into three parts: command, composition, and record.


  • General Headquarters, American Expeditionary Forces
  • American Services Of Supply
  • American First Army
  • American Second Army
  • American Third Army
  • American I Army Corps
  • American II Army Corps
  • American III Army Corps
  • American IV Army Corps
  • American V Army Corps
  • American VI Army Corps
  • American VII Army Corps
  • American VIII Army Corps
  • American IX Army Corps
  • French II Colonial Corps (While Serving American Armies)    
  • French XVII Corps (While Serving American Armies) ....
  • French XXXIII Corps (While Serving American Armies).
  • American Expeditionary Force, North Russia
  • American Expeditionary Force, Siberia
  • American Forces, France
  • American Forces, Germany
  • Comparison of French And German Clock Time, 1918
  • Calendar
  • Abbreviations

Library of Congress Catalog Listing

  • LC Control No.: 87600306
  • Type of Material: Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.)
  • Main Title: Order of battle of the United States land forces in the World War.
  • Published/Created: Washington, D.C. : Center of Military History, United States Army, 1988.
  • Related Names: Center of Military History.
  • Description: 3 v. in 5 : ill., col. maps; 24 cm.
  • Contents: v. 1. American Expeditionary Forces : General Headquarters, armies, army corps, Services of Supply, separate forces
  • Notes: Reprint. Originally published: Washington : U.S. G.P.O., 1931-1949. Includes indexes.
  • Subjects: United States. Army --History --World War, 1914-1918.
  • LC Classification: D570 .O73 1988
  • Dewey Class No.: 940.4/12/73 19
  • Government Document No.: D114.2:B32
  • Geographic Area Code: n-us---
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