SS Bergensfjord Passenger List - 27 July 1935

Front Cover - 27 July 1935 Passenger List, SS Bergensfjord, Norwegian America Line

Front Cover of a Cabin and Tourist Class Passenger List for the SS Bergensfjord of the Norwegian-America Line, Departing 27 July 1935 from Oslo to New York via Stavanger and Bergen, Commanded by Captain Thorbiørn Thorsen. Designated at Voyage 191 West. GGA Image ID # 1efa48edae


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Thorbiørn Thorsen
  2. Chief Officer: Andreas Anderson
  3. Chief Engineer: Peder Karstensen
  4. Purser: Arne U. Blix
  5. Physician: Kjell Mossige
  6. Chief Steward: Stefanus Pedersen


List of Cabin Passengers

  1. Sigurd Boschen
  2. Edna K. Campsie
    Sioux St. Marie, Mich
  3. John Carlsson
  4. Sophie Carlsson
  5. Margaret Christiansen
  6. Harriet Christiansen
  7. Marshall A. Coyne
    Germantown, Pa
  8. Nenette M. Coyne
  9. Jeanne Coyne
  10. Thomas D. Davis
    Indianapolis, Ind
  11. Marcella Davis
  12. Winifred Davis
  13. Signe Funder
    New York
  14. Eleanor Funder
  15. Nicolay Andrew Grevstad
  16. Victor Hybinette Jackson
  17. Jennie E. Lyngor Jenssen
  18. Emilie Johansen
  19. Alta M. Luckings
  20. Gordon Mendelssohn
  21. Henrietta Nelson
    Beverly Heights, Cal
  22. Gladys Petch
  23. Brynjulf Strandends
  24. Edna M. Strauss
  25. Alfred D. Trempe
    Sioux St. Marie, Mich
  26. Minnie O. Trempe
  27. Casper Yeager

Tourist Class Passengers

  1. Florence Akerson
  2. Carl A Anderson
  3. Helen Irene Baldwin
    Jamaica, L.I
  4. Theodore Bentz
    Flushing, N.Y
  5. Henry Bernhardt
  6. Hans Bue
  7. Betzy Carlsen
    San Francisco
  8. Karen Dahl
    Selkirk, N.Y
  9. Marie Dahl
  10. Anna Inge Engels
    Stamford, Conn
  11. Lillian Engels
  12. Andrea Engels
  13. Ann Marie Engels
  14. Mathilda O. Hansen
    Richmond Hill, N.Y
  15. Harold Hansen
    Elkhurst, Ind
  16. John Hansen
    Melrose, Mass
  17. Emilie Hansen
  18. John Hansen
  19. Edna Hansen
  20. Edward L. Hill
  21. Irene Hill
  22. Anna Ingebrigtsen
  23. Jonas Iversen
  24. Anna Iversen
  25. Arne G. Johnson
    Bow, Wash
  26. Dagmar Justnes
  27. Dagmar Mary Justnes
  28. Aage Karset
  29. Ella Lund Kittleson
    Madison, Min
  30. Gladys Adeline Kittleson
  31. Knut S. Knutsen
    Turlock, Calf
  32. Oscar Knutsen
  33. Andrew Larson
    Woodrow, Calf
  34. Margit Lindquist
  35. Roy Norman Lindquist
  36. Anna Lindaas
  37. Ejmy Magnussen
  38. Emilie Nelson
    Teaneck, N.J
  39. Martha Numa
  40. Nanny Johanne Olsen
  41. Carl Gustaf Ohlsson
  42. Alma Ohlsson
  43. Gosta Ohlsson
  44. Osmund Pedersen
    Berley, Cal
  45. Caroline Pedersen
  46. Leon I. Radin
  47. Frida Radin
  48. Ragnhild Rinde
  49. Bernhard H. Steenland
  50. Gulborg Steen
  51. Bertinius Strand
  52. Bertine Strand
  53. Bjorn Vaage
  54. Astrid Vaage
  55. Louise Vedo
  56. Magda Ystebo
    Hamilton, Ont

Cabin Passengers Errata

Additional :

  1. Harry Levine
    New York
  2. Rolf Smith
    Ursin Lille Frøen

Total 29 Cabin Passengers

Tourist Class Errata

Additional :

  1. Kristian Bredesen
    Minneapolis, Minn
  2. Olga Benson
    Chicago, Ill
  3. Hans Christie
    Innisfail, Alta
  4. Elen Johnsen
    Brooklyn, N. Y
  5. Sonja Johnsen
  6. Thelma Johnsen
  7. Reidar Olafsen
    Longacre, W. Va
  8. Kathleen Olafsen
  9. Mildred Pedersen
    Minneapolis, Minn
  10. Camilla Sande

Total 66 Tourist Class Passengers

Passenger Information

Meals will as a rule be served at the following hours:


  • Breakfast 7.30-9.30 am
  • bouillon 11:30 am
  • lunch 13 (1:00 pm)
  • tea 16.30 (4.30 pm)
  • dinner 19 (7:00 pm)

A bugle is sounded half an hour before and at the beginning of meals.

Tourist Class:

  • Breakfast 7.30 — 9:00 am
  • lunch 12.30
  • tea 15.30 (3.30 pm)
  • dinner 18.30 (6.30 pm)

A Gong is sounded at the beginning of meals.

Seats at the dining tables are assigned by the Steward after sailing. In assigning the seats there will as far as possible be shown due regard to the wish of the Passengers. Children under 10 years, who pay half fare, will as a rule be served at the Second sitting.

Public rooms are open for the use and comfort of the Passengers from 7:00 am all day to 23 (11:00 pm). Lights are extinguished at 23 (11:00 pm) (in the smoking rooms at 23.30 (11:30 pm)) and after these hours the Passengers are not allowed to stay in the public rooms. Nothing is served after 23 (11:00 pm).

Smoking is not allowed in the dining rooms, music rooms, state-rooms and corridors.

Gambling is prohibited.

Baths. Splendid uptodate bathrooms with hot and cold salt water and fresh water showerbaths are conveniently located. Baths, which are free, should be ordered from the bathroom or stateroom servants.

Library. Books may be borrowed from the ship's library by applying to the music room attendant to whom the books must be returned the day before arrival.

Baggage. Only ordinary steamertrunks and hand-baggage is allowed in the staterooms.

Baggage labeled "Baggage Room" will be placed in the baggage room, to which there is access every day 9 to 10 a m. and 15 to 16 (3 to 4 p m.). Baggage labeled "Hold" will be placed in ship's hold.

Deck chairs may be secured by applying to the deck-waiter. Charge $ 1.00.

Blankets and Pillows must not be taken from the staterooms for use on deck.

Rugs may be hired for $ 0.50 for the voyage by applying to the deck waiter.

Wireless Telegrams are received for transmission by the wireless operator at any time.

Wireless Station is located on upper deck (bridge deck).

Ordinary Telegrams are received for transmission by the purser. Time for delivery of such telegrams will be posted on bulletin boards.

Letters must be stamped with Norwegian stamps and put in the mail boxes. Mail will be sent ashore at first port of call.

Stamps are obtainable from the music room attendant (deckwaiter).

Valuables. The company will not be responsible for money, jewelry or other valuables, belonging to the Passengers. The Passengers are warned not to leave such articles in their staterooms.

Money and other valuables enclosed in special safety envelopes provided for such purposes may be deposited with the purser, who will give receipt for package, but as no charges are made, the company assumes no responsibility.

Exchange of Money. The purser will change a limited amount of dollars or kroner. Time and rate of exchange will be posted on bulletin boards.

Ship's Doctor. Office Flours from 9.30-10.30 a. m and from 16-17 (4-5:00 pm). Attendance and medicin is free. In special cases a fee may be charged. A trained Nurse will assist Passengers in case of illness.

Purser's Office (also information office), is open from 9-10:00 am and from 16-17 (4-5:00 pm).

Bennetts Travelbureau is located near Tourist Class Dining-saloon.

Barber Shop is located in C.deck vestibule, port side. The following articles may be purchased in the Barber's shop:

  • Cameras
  • Pencils
  • Seasick Remedies
  • Films
  • Ingersoll Watches
  • Toilet articles
  • Waterman's Fountain-pens
  • Sun Goggles
  • Caps, etc.


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