Closing the Ring: The Second World War - Volume Five by Winston Churchill - 1951

Front Cover, Closing The Ring, The Second World War by Winston Churchill, 1951.

Front Cover, Closing The Ring, The Second World War by Winston Churchill, 1951. GGA Image ID # 16620773be

1951 Closing the Ring: The Second World War Volume Five How Germany was Isolated and Assailed on All Sides. Winston S. Churchill.

Publisher's Note

The drive to victory between June 1943 and July 1944, as the Allies consolidate their achievements, with enormous difficulty and great divergence of opinion.


Preface: "Closing the Ring' sets forth the year of conflict from June 1943 to June 1944… the Western Allies were able to conquer Sicily and invade Italy, with the result that Mussolini was overthrown and the Italian nation came over to our side. Hitler with the circle of countries he had occupied was isolated, and with the immense onslaught of Russia from the East was completely surrounded. At the same time Japan had been forced onto the defensive and was vainly trying to hold the vast territories she had overrun."

Table of Contents

Book One

Italy Won

  1. The Command of the Seas
    Guadalcanal and New Guinea
  2. The Conquest of Sicily
    July and August 1943
  3. The Fall of Mussolini
  4. Westward Ho!
    Synthetic Harbours
  5. The Quebec Conference "Quadrant"
  6. Italy: The Armistice
  7. At the White House Again
    The Invasion of Italy
  8. The Battle of Salerno
  9. A Homeward Voyage
  10. A Spell at Home
  11. Tensions with General de Gaulle
  12. The Broken Axis
    Autumn 1943
    12. Island Prizes Lost
  13. Hitler's Secret Weapon
  14. Deadlock on the Third Front
  15. Arctic Convoys Again
  16. Foreign Secretaries' Conference in Moscow
  17. Advent of the Triple Meeting

Book Two

Teheran to Rome

  1. Cairo
  2. Teheran: The Opening
  3. Conversations and Conferences
  4. Teheran: The Crux
  5. Teheran: Conclusions
  6. Cairo Again: The High Command
  7. In Carthage Ruins
  8. At Marrakesh
  9. Marshal Tito and Yugoslavia
  10. The Anzio Stroke
  11. Italy: Cassino
  12. The Mounting Air Offensive
  13. The Greek Torment
  14. Burma and Beyond
  15. Strategy Against Japan
  16. Preparations for "Overlord"
  17. Rome
  18. On the Eve
  19. Appendices
  20. Index


  • The Rise and Decline of the U-Boat Fleet
  • Cumulative Gains and Losses of Merchant Ships
    Outside of Enemy Control

The Battle of the Atlantic:

  • The Third Attack on the Convoy Routes
  • Phase IV— The Crisis of the Battle
  • Phase V— The Great Air-Sea Offensive


  • The Conquest of Sicily
  • Facsimile of Minute of Prime Minister, May 1942
    Piers for Use on Beaches‭
  • The Salerno Landing
  • The South Aegean Sea
  • Leros
  • Operations in Russia July — December 1943
  • Southern Italy Operations September — December 1943
  • Anzio
  • Cassino
  • New Guinea
  • The Southwest Pacific
  • The Pacific Theatre
  • Burma
  • The Coast of Northwest Europe
  • Normandy
  • Cassino May 11-25
  • The Roads to Rome
  • The Front in Russia January — June 1944
  • Central Italy

Library of Congress Listing

  • LC Control No.: 51014491
  • Type of Material: Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.)
  • Personal Name: Churchill, Winston, 1874-1965.
  • Main Title: Closing the ring.
  • Published/Created: Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1951.
  • Description: xvi, 749 p. maps, diagrs., facsim. 22 cm.
  • Subjects: World War, 1939-1945. World War, 1939-1945 --Great Britain.
  • Series: His The Second World War, 5
  • LC Classification: D743 .C47 vol. 5
  • Dewey Class No.: 940.53
  • Geographic Area Code: e-uk---
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