Madame Cara - Parisian Fashion Designer - 1920

Tailor-made dress of blue serge by Cara.

Tailor-made dress of blue serge. Waistcoat front and collar embroidered in red and white

Cara is making a name for herself; before establishing her own house, which she personally supervises in every detail, she was designer at Paquin's; what more excellent recommendation, especially if you have seen her models.

A collection that is good and well-assorted in every branch is shown by Madame Cara although she makes a specialty of coats, traveling, afternoon and evening.

One particularly graceful, loose one of dark blue cloth is trimmed with bands of sealskin and brighter blue silk pastilles. A roomy beige coat trimmed with vertical stripes of chic grey and red woolen braid attracted great attention, while a circular cape of bright blue duvetyn is very smart with a dress of the same underneath.

My limited space prevents me from more than mentioning the numerous evening wraps; my favorite is a much embroidered blue velvet trimmed with squirrel and a deep hood collar.

The robes-manteaux are well represented; a great many serges, trimmed with the new gay woolen braids, make ideal tailored frocks. I noticed detached boléro backs to some dresses and a straight little blue serge sheath buttoned to the neck with collar and cuffs of pink oilskin.

A most distinguished and graceful evening gown of black satin, draped and enveloped with wide hanging sleeves and points at the sides of black lace, is one of the many practical dinner dresses on view at Cara's.

"Cara" in the Garment Manufacturers’ Index, New York: The Allen-Nugent Co. Publishers, Vol. II, No. 3, October 1920: 36.

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