Lucien Lelong - Parisian Fashion Designer - 1920

Blue Serge Afternoon Gown by Lucien Lelong

Blue serge afternoon gown embroidered back and front in a brick medieval design over a black satin sheath

Detached Panels and Tunics Distinguish the Afternoon Gowns of This Designer - Magnificent Evening Coats Show Vague Kimono Sleeves

Lelong is a house of old standing renovated and made thoroughly up to date by its director and owner, Monsieur Lelong. That he has made a success of it is apparent from the fact that under his management his firm has more than doubled its list of buyers. The well-known artist and designer, Soulié, is one of his most precious aides.

The straight silhouette, slender but not clinging, is favored by Lelong. He uses detached panels and tunics for the afternoon and forecasts plain tailor-mades.

I noticed a good black felted satin model, the seams and front underlined by a tiny bright braid. The large straight sleeves stand out at right angles from the waist, giving an ample note to the
otherwise flat outline.

Among other interesting numbers were magnificent evening coats, properly capes, with vague kimono sleeves. One model of black and silver brocade had huge, plain, silver lamé sleeves and a kolinsky collar—a clever combination of color and

The use of bright colors on the various stuffs for afternoon gowns adds a most attractive note to the otherwise rather subdued tone of the most favored fabrics.

"Lelong" in the Garment Manufacturers’ Index, New York: The Allen-Nugent Co. Publishers, Vol. II, No. 3, October 1920: 31.

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