Steerage Passage Contracts / Tickets

The GG Archives has an assortment of extremely rare steerage class contracts, steamship tickets, and agent receipts that can assist you in identifying the type of document you have. These can also be used to illustrate your family history book as an example of what your ancestor's passage contract may have looked like.


Front Side, North German Lloy Prepaid Steerage Passage Contract from 17 February 1883 from Bremen to New York for a German Immigrant Family.

North German Lloyd Prepaid Passage Certificate - 17 February 1883

Received from Carl Nutchen the sum of Seventy-Two Dollars for the passage of Bealle Nutchen & party, as one in the steerage of one of the Steamers of the North German Lloyd from Bremen to New York.


1895 Dutch Steerage Passage Contract on the Cunard Line for a German Immigrant. The Voyage Took Him from Rotterdam to New York via Liverpool.

RMS Lucania Passage Contract - 29 May 1895

Original steamship contract for passage for a German Immigrant, Heinrich Hermes, a 21-year-old laborer who undertook the voyage in steerage.


Original Third Class/Steerage Steamship Passage Contract and Ticket from Gothenburg, Sweden to New York, 14 November 1902, on the White Star Line RMS Celtic.

RMS Celtic Contract Ticket - 14 November 1902

Original Steamship Contract from Gothenburg, Sweden to New York, 3rd Class Steerage Immigrant Ester Hilma Maria Magnuson of Stockholm on the White Star Line. The ensemble includes the detachable receipt located on the right-hand side (panel).


The Counterpart of Passenger's Contract Ticket No. 48799, SS Arundel Castle of the Union-Castle Line, Southampton to Cape Town, 8 October 1904.

SS Arundel Castle Contract Ticket - 8 October 1904

1904-10-08 Steamship Ticket Record - Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company, Limited - Counterpart of Steerage Passenger's Contract Ticket, RMS Arundel Castle, Southampton to Cape Town.


Front Side, Steerage Passenger's Contract Ticket, The Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co., Ltd.

SS Halmer Castle Passage Contract - 17 November 1906

Original Steerage Passenger's Contract Ticket for a 27-year-old man from Southampton, England for passage to Natal, South Africa in 1906. It provides rich details of the requirements of the steamship company regarding food, water, and other items supplied.


SS President Lincoln Prepaid Steerage Ticket/Contract, 20 November 1907 for a German Immigrant Family.

SS President Lincoln Prepaid Passage Contract - 20 November 1907

Steerage Prepaid Passage Contract issued by the Hamburg America Line for passage from Hamburg, Germany to New York and a Train from New York to Ellsworth, Minnesota for a German Immigrant Family.


Receipt for the Purchase of a Steamship Ticket and Passage From Hamburg to New York via the SS President Lincoln of the Hamburg America Line With Inland Passage to Mcfreesport, Pennsylvania Dated 13 January 1913.

SS President Lincoln Prepaid Passage Contract - 13 January 1912

Receipt for the purchase of passage from Hamburg to New York via the Hamburg America Line with inland passage to McFreesport, Pennsylvania dated 13 January 1913.


RMS Zeeland of the Red Star Line Third Class Passage Contract Dated 10 August 1912, Antwerp to New York, Arriving in New York 20 August 1912.

RMS Zeeland Passage Contract - 10 August 1912

Original steamship ticket for a voyage undertaken on 10 August 1912. The 24-Year-Old Immigrant left Belgium in 1912 for New York in Third Class (Steerage).


RMS Carmania Passage Contract for the Swedish Immigrant Alfred Person, Age 19, Traveling From Gothenburg to Boston, 10 April 1914.

RMS Carmania Passage Contract - 10 April 1914

Passenger contract for a voyage from Gothenburg, Sweden to Boston, Massachusetts for Alfred Person, 19 years of age, traveling alone. He paid SEK 178.50 for Steerage / third class accommodations.


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