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SS Vancouver Passenger List - 16 May 1903

Passenger List, Dominion Line SS Vancouver, 1903, Naples, Italy to Boston

Saloon Passenger List for the SS Vancouver of the Dominion Line, Departing 16 May 1903 from Naples to Boston via Azores, Commanded by Captain MacDonald.

Saloon Passengers

  1. Miss E. F. Burnett
  2. Mr. Consiglio Cavallo
  3. Miss G. Cacouriotou
  4. Mr. Nic. Carayannis
  5. Mrs. Secat. Carayannis
  6. Master Thos. Carayannis
  7. Mr. George D. Carayannis
  8. Mr. Heracles Choukuroglou
  9. Miss Polymnia Choukuroglou
  10. Mr. Griffith Coit
  11. Mrs. G. Coit
  12. Miss Doroty Coit
  13. Miss Barbara Coit
  14. Dr. G. M. Cooper
  15. Mr. W. H. Cotton
  16. Mr. Carmine Del Basso
  17. Mr. Parros Drivalas
  18. Mr. Luigi Ferrise
  19. Mrs. Chas. F. Fitz
  20. Mr. Alessio Foggia
  21. Mrs. M. J. Gorham
  22. Miss Mary C. Hardy
  23. Miss Henriette E. Hardy
  24. Miss Alice Hayes
  25. Mr. A. Karam
  26. Mrs. Karam and children
  27. Mrs. George H. Love
  28. Miss Marion W. Lowe
  29. Mr. Wilhelm Mayward
  30. Mr. James Means
  31. Mrs. Agnes B. Means
  32. Master Gregor Means
  33. Master Lloyd Means
  34. Miss Agnes Means, Maid and Governess
  35. Master V. Michalopoulos
  36. Mr. Chas. Mitchell
  37. Mrs. Chas. Mitchell
  38. Miss Mitchell
  39. Miss Ladie M. Morse
  40. Miss Isabel Murray
  41. Mr. Libby Paladino
  42. Mrs. D. Papageorgiou
  43. Miss Fedora Papageorgiou
  44. Capt. Richardson
  45. Miss M. R. Ripley
  46. Miss H. B. Ripley
  47. Miss Lisa Salcebic
  48. Mrs. Roland Seager
  49. Miss Annina Sgueglia
  50. Mr. E. W. Stevens
  51. Mr. Chas M. Stewart
  52. Miss Mary Taussig
  53. Miss Catherina Taussig
  54. Miss Helen Taussig
  55. Mrs. M. Towne
  56. Mr. P. V. Ventelis

Printing: Richter & Co. Napoli

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