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RMS New England Passenger List - 18 May 1899


List of Saloon Passengers abord the Domion Line Steamship SS New England 1899

Front Cover, Saloon Passenger List for the RMS New England of the Dominion Line, Departing 18 May 1899 from Liverpool to Boston via Queenstown (Cobh).


Notable Passengers: Viscount Fincastle, Mr. J. Murray Forbes, Miss Mary B. Forbes and other members of the Forbes family.


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. J. D. Armitage
  2. Mrs. Armitage
  3. Mr. Howard A. Carson - Howard Adams Carson, Engineer in Boston
  4. Mrs. Carson
  5. Mrs. Clark
  6. Mr. C. H. Dalton
  7. Mrs. Dalton
  8. Miss Susan D. Dalton (Later, Mrs. Alfford W. Cooley)
  9. Miss Daly
  10. Mrs. Dayton
  11. Mr. T Eaton
  12. Mrs. Eaton
  13. Miss Ellis
  14. Viscount Fincastle Alexander Edward Murray, 8th Earl of Dunmore, VC, DSO, MVO, (22 April 1872–29 January 1962)
  15. Mr. J. Murray Forbes - James Murray Forbes (1868-1957)
  16. Mrs. Forbes (m. 1871) Alice Francis Bowditch (1848-1929)
  17. Miss Mary B. Forbes - Mary Bowditch Forbes (1878-1961) founder of the Mary Bowditch Forbes Collection of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia
  18. Miss Dorothy Forbes - Dorothy Murray Forbes (1881-1944)
  19. Mr. A. Geiger
  20. Miss A. H. Gilman
  21. Miss E. M. Hacker
  22. Mr. I.. Higginson
  23. Mrs. Higginson
  24. Mr. H. H. Holmes
  25. Mr. J. H. Housser
  26. Mrs. Housser
  27. Mr. R. James
  28. Mr. G. L. Lilley
  29. Mrs. L. Lloyd
  30. Mrs. G. S. Mansfield
  31. Mr. Robert L. Means
  32. Mrs. Means
  33. Miss Claire Means
  34. Miss Nannie Means And Governess
  35. Master Gordon Means
  36. Master Robert Means
  37. Mr. Otto Meyer
  38. Mr. R. Fletcher Moorshead
  39. Mrs. E. C. Palmer
  40. Miss M. L. Palmer
  41. Miss M. E. Palmer
  42. Mr. D. C. Percival
  43. Mrs. Percival
  44. Mr. E. A. Pierpoint
  45. Mr. James C. Potter
  46. Hon. J. Price And Valet
  47. Mr. Llewellyn Price
  48. Miss Price
  49. Miss C. Price And Maid
  50. Miss E. Robb
  51. Mrs. N. W. Rogers And Maid
  52. Miss Annie Schofield
  53. Miss H. Simpson
  54. Mrs. E. L. Squire
  55. Mr. W. L. Stebbins
  56. Mrs. Stebbins
  57. Mr. J. D. Street
  58. Miss M. T. Taylor
  59. Mr. T. Frank Thompson
  60. Miss Turton
  61. Miss Venour
  62. Mrs. W. C. Wharton
  63. Miss N. C. Wharton And Maid
  64. Miss K. Wilson


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