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RMS Dominion Passenger List - 9 August 1900

Front Cover - 9 August 1900 Passenger List, SS Dominion, Dominion Line

Second Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Dominion of the Dominion Line, Departing 9 August 1900 from Liverpool to Quebec and Montreal.

List of Second Saloon Passengers.

  1. Mr. G. F. ABBOTT
  2. Mrs. ABBOTT
  3. Miss R. F. BARNARD
  4. Miss N. G. BASSETT
  5. Mr. T. S. BAYLES
  6. Mr. T. S. BAYLES
  7. Mr. S W. BEALE
  8. Mrs. J. BENNETT
  9. Miss C. BENNETT
  10. Mr. George BEVERIDGE
  11. Miss C. BISHOPRICK
  12. Miss B. M. BLEWETT
  13. Mr. BOWLES
  14. Mrs. BOWLES
  15. Mr. BOWLES
  16. Miss E. BROOKS
  17. Mr. C. BURGIS
  20. Mr. C. M. Clark
  21. Miss K. A. Clark
  22. Mr. William CLAYTON
  23. Mr. J. Clemens
  24. Mrs. Clemens
  25. Dr. J. R. CLOUSTON
  26. Mrs. CLOUSTON
  27. Mr. James COATES
  28. Mrs. E. COTTINGHAM
  30. Miss M. A. CURLEY
  31. Mr. Peter DEMAN
  32. Mrs. DEMAN
  33. Mr. E. D. DODGE
  34. Mr. A. McDONALD
  35. Mr. James DUKELOW
  36. Miss B. N. FINNEEAN
  37. Miss C. FELSKO
  38. Mrs. FERRIER
  39. Mr. George B. FISKE
  40. Mr. W. J. Fraser
  41. Miss ANNA Gibson
  42. Mr. S. C. GOLDENBERG
  43. Mr. D. C. Hall
  44. Miss S. M. Hall
  45. Miss C. HALVERSON
  46. Miss C. H. HANDY
  47. Mr. W. H. HAWLEY
  48. Mrs. HAWLEY and Infant
  49. Master HAWLEY
  50. Mr. A. HAY
  51. Mr. W. HAY
  52. Miss A. Heath
  53. Miss F. HENEY
  54. Miss A. J. HOBBS
  55. Mr. C. G. HOPKINS
  56. Mrs. HOPKINS
  57. Mr. Robert HOME
  58. Mr. F. W. HUNT
  59. Rev. T. M. HUSTON
  60. Mrs. E. IVESON
  61. MRS.James
  62. Miss C. Jensen
  63. Mr. Johnson
  64. Mrs. Johnson and Two Children
  65. Mr. H. H. KARPINSKI
  66. Rev. A. W. Kelly
  67. Mr. ED. P. Kelly
  68. Miss Kate M. Kennedy
  69. Rev. G. N. KENISTON
  70. Mr. A. H. KENNETT
  71. Miss M. E. KLINE
  72. Mr. N. G. KNOTTS
  73. Mrs. LAING
  74. Mr. Charles LAVIS
  75. Miss IDA LEONARD
  76. Mr. F. W. LENT
  77. Miss J. M. LIDDELL
  78. Mr. George LOGGIE
  79. Miss E. M. LOUD
  80. Miss F. E. LUDD
  81. Miss M. S. LUSK
  82. Miss L. R. MANLEY
  83. Miss J. A. MANLEY
  84. Dr. MARADETH
  85. Mr. A. O. Marshall
  86. Mr. David McCALLEY
  87. Mr. J. A. McLAREN
  88. Mrs. McLAREN
  89. Mr. A. McDONALD
  90. Miss THEO McDONALD
  91. Miss G. MOREHOUSE
  92. Mr. J. K. MORSE
  93. Mrs. MORSE
  94. Miss Morrison
  95. Miss Mary NADIN
  96. Rev. R. H. Newton-Powell
  97. Miss E. F. Newton
  98. Miss M. E. NIES
  99. Miss B. NIES
  100. Rev. LEO NIES
  101. Miss ANNA OLSON
  102. Mr. H. St. ONGE
  103. Rev. J. B. ORR
  104. Miss S. M. OSGOOD
  105. Mr. Thomas Osborne
  106. Miss R. A. Owens
  107. Rev. J. T. PARSON
  108. Miss J. PEEBLES
  109. Mr. J. L. PENDLEBURY
  110. Mrs. PENDLEBURY
  111. Miss D. N. Pitt
  112. Mr. R. W. PRINGLE
  113. Mr. B. K. PUNSHON
  114. Mr. J. E. Randall
  115. Rev. SISTER G. REBORD
  116. Mr. R. J. RICHARDSON
  117. Mr. E. H. RICE
  118. Mr. E. D. Russell
  119. Mr. H. RUTHVEN
  120. Mr. A. RUTHVEN
  121. Mr. S. T. Saunders
  122. Master S. H. Saunders
  123. Miss J. A. Saunders
  124. Mrs. C. S. Scott
  125. Miss B. M. Scott
  126. Miss B. A. SHOREY
  127. Mr. George A. SHRIVE
  128. Mr. P. SODERGREN
  129. Mrs. SODERGREN
  130. Mr. E. S. SLATER
  131. Miss E. D. STOWELL
  132. Miss L. P. STOWELL
  133. Rev. C. F. SWIFT
  134. Miss F. Taylor
  135. Mr. A. TENNANT
  136. Mr. E. J Townsend
  137. Mrs. Townsend and Child
  138. Mr. George WADDINGTON
  139. Mrs. B. WADDINGTON
  140. Miss M. E. Wallace
  141. Mr. S. P. WAY
  142. Miss A. F. WILCOX
  143. Mr. W. T. WOODr.OFE
  144. Miss H. WOODr.OFE
  145. Mr. WOOTON
  146. Mrs. WOOTON
  147. Mr. G. W. Wright
  148. Mr. A. L. Young
  149. Mr. J. P. Young

Fleet of Steamers

  1. Steamer (Twin-Screw) 13000 (building)
  2. Commonwealth (Twin-Screw) 13000) (building)
  3. New England (Twin-Screw) 11400
  4. Canada (Twin-Screw) 9000
  5. Dominion Twin-Screw 6618
  6. Vancouver 5231
  7. CAMBROMAN 5500
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