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SS Kensington Passenger List - 5 April 1906


Front Cover, Cabin Passenger List from the SS Kensington of the Dominion Line, Departing 5 April 1906 from Liverpool to Halifax and Portland, ME.

Front Cover, Cabin Passenger List from the SS Kensington of the Dominion Line, Departing 5 April 1906 from Liverpool to Halifax and Portland, ME, Commanded by Captain William Roberts. GGA Image ID # 201050dfed


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain William Roberts
  • Surgeon: David A. Kearns
  • Chief Steward: R. Haworth

Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. A. Allsop
  2. Miss A. J. Ashford
  3. Mr. E. G. Bailey
  4. Mr. Sidney Bailey
  5. Mr. George Barratt
  6. Miss Daisy J. Battell
  7. Miss Amy Bell
  8. Mr. W. A. Bentley
  9. Mrs. Rose Bentley
  10. Master Hugh Bentley
  11. Master W. A. Bentley
  12. Miss Edith Bentley
  13. Mr. George Betts
  14. Mr. P. Boulton
  15. Miss E. Boyd
  16. Mr. A. E. Brewitt
  17. Master Harry Bristow
  18. Mr. Fred Brown
  19. Mr. W. Brundrett
  20. Mr. H. B. Burrow
  21. Mrs. Burrow
  22. Miss Hannah M. Burrow
  23. Mr. G. Bush
  24. Mrs. Bush
  25. Commissioner E. Cadman
  26. Miss Beatrice Cannon
  27. Mr. E. Church
  28. Mr. W. Clare
  29. Mr. A. T. Clarke
  30. Mr. H. Clayton
  31. Mr. H. J. Collier
  32. Mr. H. B. T. Cooper
  33. Mr. W. Cornish
  34. Mr. A. B. Cornish
  35. Mr. W. Crane
  36. Mr. G. Deakin
  37. Mr. Joseph Doeksey
  38. Mrs. Doeksey
  39. Miss Louisa F. Dore
  40. Miss G. Downes
  41. Mr. P. N. Drake
  42. Mr. D. Drimmie, Jr.
  43. Mr. R. W. Dubock
  44. Mrs. Maud Dubock
  45. Miss Olive F. Dubock
  46. Mi. W. R. Easey
  47. Mr. W. A. F. Edge
  48. Mr. R, W. C Edgecombe
  49. Mr. C. Ellis
  50. Mr. C. A. Elvin
  51. Miss M. E. Elvin
  52. Mr. G. E. T. Eyears
  53. Mr. F. S. Faulkner
  54. Mr. Wm. Fletcher
  55. Mrs. M. Foster
  56. Mr. Harold Foster
  57. Master Percy Foster
  58. Miss Evelyn Foster
  59. Mr. T. S. G. Foyster
  60. Miss E. Fozzard
  61. Miss H. Franklin
  62. Mrs. H. A. Furmston and Infant
  63. Mr. F. Gammage
  64. Mr. F. W. Gammon
  65. Mrs. Giddings and Child
  66. Miss M. E. Glover
  67. Mr. J. Gmemer
  68. Mrs. Gmemer
  69. Mr. C. W. Goddard
  70. Mrs. Goddard and Child
  71. Mr. T. H. Gollop
  72. Mr. Percy Gott
  73. Mrs. Gott
  74. Mr. W. Gottheiner
  75. Mr. T. D. Grant
  76. Mrs. M. Gray
  77. Mr. A. Halsted
  78. Mr. R. E. Harrison
  79. Miss E. Heasman
  80. Mr. Cecil Hellyar
  81. Mr. Arthur Hills
  82. Mrs. Hills and Infant
  83. Miss Connie Hills
  84. Miss G. Hill
  85. Mr. N. Holloway
  86. Mr. Fred Holloway
  87. Mr. H. B. Horton
  88. Mrs. Horton and Infant
  89. Miss Dorothy Horton
  90. Miss Hilda Horton
  91. Master W. J. Horton
  92. Master R. S. Horton
  93. Master B. R. Horton
  94. Mr. R. Howard
  95. Mrs. Howard
  96. Mrs. E. M. Howe
  97. Mrs. Hughes
  98. Mr. Thomas Jacklin
  99. Master Thos Wm. Jacklin
  100. Master John H. Jacklin
  101. Mr. Walter Jackson
  102. Mrs. Jackson
  103. Mr. Edmund Jackson
  104. Mr. A. E. Jaggard
  105. Mr. A. E. Jennings
  106. Mr. G. H. Jewell
  107. Mr. J. B. Jolly
  108. Mr. G. R. Jones
  109. Mr. F. W. Jones
  110. Miss Esther Kedge
  111. Mr. F. P. Kemp
  112. Mrs. A. S. Kiddle
  113. Master George Kiddle
  114. Mr. F. J. Knight
  115. Mr. Wm. Knight
  116. Mr. A. Kostner
  117. Mrs. Kostner
  118. Master Joseph Kostner
  119. Miss I. Kostner
  120. Mr. C. J. La Key
  121. Miss E. F. Langrell
  122. Mr. T. Laws, Jr.
  123. Mrs. Laws
  124. Master R. L. Laws
  125. Miss Beatrice Laws
  126. Mrs. Ellen Laycock
  127. Miss Ada Laycock
  128. Miss Eva Laycock
  129. Master Henry Laycock
  130. Mr. E Lewin
  131. Mr. W. Light
  132. Mr. T. Lockyer
  133. Mr. W. Lomas
  134. Mr. J. H. Long
  135. Miss Mary Lowe
  136. Mr. Charles Lowe
  137. Mr. Arthur Lowe
  138. Miss A. Ludge
  139. Miss E. Ludge
  140. Mr. H. J. Lush
  141. Miss Annie Marshall
  142. Mr. R. Martin
  143. Mr. H. Martin
  144. Mr. J. W. Martindale
  145. Mr. Joseph Mason
  146. Mr. John Masson
  147. Miss L. G. Masters
  148. Mr. W. Matthews
  149. Mr. A. J. McLeod
  150. Mr. R. M. McNoilaire
  151. Mrs. C. E. Mingo
  152. Mr. J. Moores
  153. Mr Russell Moorhouse
  154. Mr. T. Morling
  155. Mrs. M. Murray
  156. Mr. W E. Nankwell
  157. Mr. G. C. Neale
  158. Miss C. E. Neve
  159. Miss C Nicklin
  160. Mr. Joseph North
  161. Mr. S. Norwood
  162. Mr. John Olsen
  163. Mr. E. Owens
  164. Mr. H. Page
  165. Staff-Captain Patterson
  166. Mr. N. Peel
  167. Mr. T. A. Perkins
  168. Mr. Harry Pigott
  169. Mr. W. H. Poole
  170. Mrs. Poole
  171. Master F. W. Poole
  172. Mr. James Pope
  173. Mrs. Pope
  174. Mr. Leonard Pover
  175. Mr. Frank Pratt
  176. Mr. S. W. Prince
  177. Mr. George Purelies
  178. Mr. O. P. Queenby
  179. Mr. C. Ralph
  180. Mr. W. Ransom
  181. Mr. H. T. Richards
  182. Mrs. Richards
  183. Mr. L. A. Riches
  184. Miss Mary Riches
  185. Miss Margaret Riches
  186. Mr. Percy J. Riddle
  187. Mr. T. T. Rigg
  188. Mr. R Riggall
  189. Mr. James D. Riggs
  190. Mr. R. C. Riggs
  191. Mr. John Ritchie
  192. Mrs. Ritchie
  193. Mr. C. H. Roberts
  194. Mr. G. E. Roberts
  195. Mr. A. J. Rogers
  196. Mr. C. Rolfe
  197. Mr. W. Rose
  198. Mr. A. Rose
  199. Mr. E. B. Rosniter
  200. Mr. J. F Sampson
  201. Miss Agnes E. Sohallenberger
  202. Mr. A. Schreiber
  203. Mrs. Schreiber
  204. Master Andrew Schreiber
  205. Mr. S. Sargent
  206. Mr. W. Secidon
  207. Mr. T. Sewaid
  208. Mr. H. Shepherd
  209. Mr. F. G. Simmonds
  210. Mrs. Simmonds
  211. Miss Edith Simmonds
  212. Mr. James Simple
  213. Mrs. Simple
  214. Miss Maggie Simple
  215. Miss Grace Simple
  216. Miss Lizzie Simple
  217. Miss Christina Simple
  218. Mr. Willie Simple
  219. Mr. James Simple
  220. Miss ina Simple
  221. Mr. Simpson
  222. Mr. W. A. Slade
  223. Mr. B. Smith
  224. Mr. William Smith
  225. Miss L. D. Smith
  226. Mrs. S. Smith
  227. Miss Alice Smith
  228. Miss Katherine Smith
  229. Mr. J. R. Soper
  230. Mr. H. Stanbridge
  231. Mrs. Stanbridge
  232. Mr. B. P. Stockley
  233. Miss K. J Stone
  234. Mr. K. N. Stone
  235. Mr. R. Summerfield
  236. Miss Minnie Sykes
  237. Miss E. M. Tame
  238. Mr. J. B. Tell
  239. Mr. F. Templeman
  240. Mr. A. E. Theed
  241. Mr. Arthur Tipton
  242. Ensign Tudge
  243. Mr. E. Vickers
  244. Mrs. Vickers
  245. Master A. M. O. Vickers
  246. Master E. G. Vickers
  247. Master W. M. Vickers
  248. Master A. M. Vickers
  249. Miss V. Vickers
  250. Miss E. Vickers
  251. Mr. W. W. Walker
  252. Mr. T. Wallbank
  253. Mr. Charles Ward
  254. Miss Minnie S. Warren
  255. Mr. A. Watson
  256. Mr. L. M. Webb
  257. Mrs. M. A. Whitaker
  258. Miss C. Wilkes
  259. Miss Malinda Wilkinson
  260. Mr. O. F. Williams
  261. Mr. W. H. Winsor
  262. Miss Ethel Woods
  263. Mr. A. Wright
  264. Mr. S. J. Wright
  265. Miss Edith Wright
  266. Mr. W. H. Yates

Information for Passengers

Breakfast 8 to 10:00 am Luncheon 1:00 pm Dinner 7:00 pm

Second Saloon.
Breakfast 8:00 am Luncheon 12:30 pm Dinner 6:00 pm

The Bar closes at 11:00 pm LIGHTS are extinguished in the Saloon at 11:00 pm, and in the Smoking Room at 11:30 pm

Smoking is not allowed in the Saloon or Staterooms.

Please apply to the Second Steward for Seats at Table.

VALUABLES.—The Company will not be responsible for Money, Jewellery, and other Valuables of Passengers.

Passengers are warned not to keep such articles in their Staterooms, but are recommended to hand same, sealed, and marked with the owner's name, to the Purser for deposit in his safe, but as no charge is made for carriage, the Company can accept no responsibility for loss or damage however arising.

For the convenience of Passengers the Chief Steward is prepared to exchange a limited amount of English and American money. The rate of exchange will be 4 dollars 80 cents, to the £1 when giving American in exchange for English currency, and £1 to 4 dollars 95 cents, when giving English money for American.

Inquiries regarding Baggage will be attended to by the Baggage Steward, to whom all Baggage which Passengers wish to leave in the Company's care should be handed, properly labelled, and with full instructions as to disposal.

Steamer Chairs can be obtained for use on the voyage, at a charge of 3s. each, upon application to the Second Steward.

Baggage.—Only hand bags and trunks which will fit underneath the berths are allowed in the state-rooms. All large or heavy luggage must be placed in the baggage-room, to which access can be gained by applying to the Baggage Steward.

Passengers will greatly expedite the disembarkation if they will have their stateroom baggage packed ready for removal directly on arrival, so that the transfer may at once be proceeded with.

Persons holding Return Certificates should give as early notice as possible of the date upon which they desire to sail Eastbound, to the Dominion Line, 17, St. Sacrament Street, Montreal; or 1, India Street, Portland, Me.

Letters may be addressed to the care of any of the Offices named hereafter, and they will be retained until called for, or forwarded according to instructions. All such letters should bear the address to which they should be sent if not called for.

Travellers' Checks, payable in all parts of Europe, can be purchased at all the Principal Offices of the Dominion Line.

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