There's Something About a Navy Wave - 1967

Front Cover, There's Something About a Navy Wave. 1967 Brochure.

Front Cover, There's Something About a Navy Wave. 1967 Brochure. GGA Image ID # 1409e03cff

This 1967 WAVES enlistment brochure provides a transitional phase where the World War II era moves toward full integration into the regular US Navy. The emphasis on fashionable uniforms reflects the period from which this brochure represents.

There's Something About a Navy Wave That Sets Her Apart.

There's Something About a Navy Wave That Sets Her Apart. GGA Image ID # 140a5716ed

THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT A NAVY WAVE that sets her apart. She may be an ordinary girl from a small town, a large city, a sprawling farm, or a neat suburban community. But she is also an extraordinary girl who is proud to be a part of her great country and to serve it.

She has not been content to leave the Sea and the Ivory Towers to someone else—she wants them for herself. Not that she will serve at sea, unless she becomes one of the small number of Hospital Corps WAVES with duty aboard the transport ships.

Nor is life in the Navy a dream world. However, it can make some of her fondest dreams come true—provided she is interested in an opportunity to meet people, to make new friends, to see other parts of the country and the world, and at the same time to engage in a challenging, important job.


Wave Signals to a Navy Fighter Pilot.

Wave Signals to a Navy Fighter Pilot. GGA Image ID # 140b01177a

The WAVE of today is a specialist in any one of 20 fields. During her initial training period, she is given an opportunity to qualify for one of the Navy's specialty schools where she can gain the necessary technical background to become an expert in a particular field.

Wave Hospital Corpsmen Receives Specialized Training and Medial Assistants.

Wave Hospital Corpsmen Receives Specialized Training and Medial Assistants. GGA Image ID # 140b6e2d00

About 65 percent of graduates from Recruit Training are ordered to service schools for specialized training as medical and dental assistants, electronics technicians, radiomen, journalists, weather reporters, air control tower operators, Link trainer instructors, photographers, machine accountants, storekeepers, disbursing clerks, and office workers in the personnel and clerical fields.

Wave Journalist Are Engaged in News Reporting, Copyreading, Editing, and Related Jobs.

Wave Journalist Are Engaged in News Reporting, Copyreading, Editing, and Related Jobs. GGA Image ID # 140b805569

These technical schools train both men and women. Those who show marked aptitude for their specialty may become eligible for advanced training, either upon completion of basic school or later in their careers.

Those young women not chosen for schools go directly to a naval base for duty and on-the-job training.


The Navy has always appreciated the value of education and always encourages young people to continue their studies both in and out of service. The intelligent Navy WAVE soon realizes there is no reason for her to be plagued with an educational void.

Career Counselors at every Navy activity explain the many opportunities available to improve her education while she advances in her Navy specialty.

The Navy's Tuition Aid Program provides partial pay for college courses pursued during off-duty hours at nearby accredited universities. Correspondence courses are available through the U. S. Armed Forces Institute.

Outstanding young women may qualify for Officer Candidate programs. For the young woman with real drive, a bent for science, the proper school background, and a strong desire for a Navy career, opportunities exist for a continuous scholastic program at a civilian college or university in the fields of nursing, dietetics, mathematics, or science.

All expenses for tuition, room and board, books and fees, in addition to regular salary, are paid by the Navy. Successful completion of these programs leads to commissioning as an officer.


A Smartly Dressed Wave.

A Smartly Dressed Wave. GGA Image ID # 140b8ecd81

The modern WAVE is confident that she is smartly dressed for any occasion. Designed by Manhattan's famous couturier, Mainbocher, the Navy WAVE'S uniforms are trim and fashionable. The winter uniform is cut from durable serge in the traditional Navy blue.

Navy Blue and Dress Whites Makes for Smart Uniforms for Waves.

Navy Blue and Dress Whites Makes for Smart Uniforms for Waves. GGA Image ID # 140bee2c2a

For summer wear, the light blue and white pinstripe cotton and Dacron provides a good-looking and extremely practical outfit. For special occasions in the summertime a Dress White uniform of Dacron tropical weave is worn. All are two-piece suits with gored skirts and fitted jackets.

Wave Wears the Navy Uniform with Pride.

Wave Wears the Navy Uniform with Pride. GGA Image ID # 140cbb3b4b

A complete set of uniforms, plus all accessories, is issued to every Navy WAVE. Monthly replacement allowances are also provided. In addition to her issued wardrobe, each WAVE receives a cash allowance for lingerie and high-heel pumps.

After working hours, the Navy WAVE may wear civilian clothing.


Waves Socializing with Confidence.

Waves Socializing with Confidence. GGA Image ID # 140ccb3a46

To maintain the freedom of the seas for all nations, a vast network of Navy bases and Navy ships spans the continental United States and the globe. At most of the Naval shore stations throughout the United States and at certain choice overseas locations, Navy WAVES are working side by side with Navy men to accomplish the Navy's mission.

A WAVE'S first assignment after completing her recruit training and specialty training is normally to one of the U. S. bases or air stations. As her experience broadens, so does her horizon.

After advancing in her specialty and acquiring a few years of experience, she can volunteer for one of the choice overseas locations and may be one of the lucky ones chosen for duty in England, France, Italy, or Hawaii.

A WAVE can expect to spend from two to three years in each location, and then she is off for a change of pace to a new area and a new assignment in perhaps a new phase of her specialty.


Whatever her field of work and training, the Navy WAVE is given every chance to advance in rating. Each advancement brings higher pay and greater responsibility in her duty assignment. She earns the same petty officer ratings as Navy men and receives the same pay.

WAVES qualify for advancement by participating in fleet-wide examinations. There are nine steps in the ladder of advancement. All are advanced to the second step upon graduation from Recruit Training.


Waves Travel the World.

Waves Travel the World. GGA Image ID # 140e766465

For the most part the Navy WAVE lives aboard the station where she works. Quarters vary at the different stations, but there is always thought and attention given to the comfort and wellbeing of the young women who live in them.

The housing is of a dormitory type, with two to four WAVES to a room. There are guest lounges, where the girls may receive visitors; "quiet rooms" for study or letter-writing; kitchenettes where snacks may be prepared; and informal lounges with TV sets for feminine get-togethers.

The girls may have their own radios or record players, and may use their individual talents and tastes in decorating their rooms. Facilities include washers, dryers, hair-dryers and sewing-machines.

Women officers, assisted by women petty officers, are in charge of dormitories and provide guidance and counseling.

Chaplains are always available to give advice and moral and spiritual guidance.


Health, Welfare, and Recreation. This Wave is Ready for Tennis.

Health, Welfare, and Recreation. This Wave is Ready for Tennis. GGA Image ID # 140cfb3bb2

The Navy WAVE is confident that she will have the finest of medical and dental care and hospitalization if required—all furnished free of charge. Salary continues during illness or hospitalization periods.

Comfortable living quarters and well-balanced meals are furnished.
Each WAVE is entitled to 30 days' paid vacation a year. For her travels during these vacation periods she can frequently get free transportation aboard military aircraft on a space-available basis or reduced rates on commercial planes, buses and trains. All travel in an official capacity is furnished by the Navy.

Wave Dances with a Sailor.

Wave Dances with a Sailor. GGA Image ID # 140d503466

Hospitality is traditional in the Navy. Each WAVE finds a ready-made social life awaiting her at her duty station. She will live and work with young people her own age who share her interests.

Wave Relaxing at Poolside.

Wave Relaxing at Poolside. GGA Image ID # 140e132a8f

Special Services Officers provide a variety of wholesome entertainment during off-duty hours. Most of the bases have hobby shops, social clubs, bowling alleys, tennis courts, swimming pools; and some of the larger ones have golf courses.


If you are an above-average, well-adjusted young lady with a desire to serve your country, check the basic qualifications listed below:

  • Between 18 and 25 years of age;
  • A high school graduate, or equivalent;
  • A citizen of the United States, native born or naturalized, a native of a United States possession, or an alien who has legally entered the United States for permanent residence:
  • Of good character and background;
  • Physically fit, with no history of chronic illness (final determination made by Navy doctor upon examination);
  • Between 5' and 6' tall, with weight in proportion to height;
  • Single—with no dependents.

If you qualify on all the above points, phone or stop in at your local U. S. Navy Recruiting Station (listed in the telephone directory under United States Government).

You will find the Navy's recruiting personnel to be friendly and courteous and anxious to assist you in every way possible. During your interview the Navy Recruiter will suggest you take the half-hour Women's Enlisted Screening Test, designed to indicate your general intelligence level.

He assures you that you will in no way obligate yourself by taking the test. Those making a qualifying score on the test are eligible to apply for enlistment.

If you decide to apply once you meet the basic qualifications, it will be necessary to complete a few forms and travel to the Navy Recruiting Main Station for your area, where the WAVE Recruiter will give you the Armed Forces Women's Selection Test (mental qualification test) and arrange for your physical examination and interviews.

On the other hand, if you are running away from an unpleasant situation, or if you have a history of emotional upheaval and nervousness, please DO NOT apply.

Since women in the Navy represent a very small percentage of the personnel in the Fleet, it is absolutely essential that they be above-average, well-adjusted individuals who can make a significant contribution to the accomplishment of the Navy's mission.

Your ultimate selection for enlistment will be based on your complete file—tests, physical exam, references and interviews. Your background is checked to insure you are a respected member of your community, of unquestionable loyalty, and with high standards of personal conduct.


Enlistment Day for a Wave.

Enlistment Day for a Wave. GGA Image ID # 140ea4a15c

If you are selected, the postman will bring you a traditional "Welcome Aboard!" greeting from your Navy Recruiting Station along with orders for your enlistment.

When the big day arrives you will again travel to the Main Recruiting Station, where you will meet the other girls from your area who will be your shipmates and who will travel with you to Recruit Training.

The enlistment officer at the station reminds you that once you take the oath of enlistment you will be obligated to the Navy for three years. It is a stirring moment when you take this oath of allegiance —you are now a Seaman Recruit, United States Navy!

The WAVE Recruiter will have arranged your transportation to Bainbridge, and you will start out for your new way of life directly from the Recruiting Station. You are now on the payroll. The Navy provides transportation and meals.


To aid in the transition from Civilian to Navy WAVE is the main mission of the Recruit Training Command, Women, at the large Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Maryland.

Each year hundreds of young women undergo their first training as enlisted women in the U. S. Navy at this unique school. Bainbridge is located at Port Deposit, Maryland, approximately 45 miles northeast of Baltimore; 55 miles southeast of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and 40 miles south of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Aims of Recruit Training for Women

It takes ten weeks of intensive work on the part of the officer and enlisted staff of recruit training to prepare a recruit for useful duty as a member of the Navy, to issue and fit her uniforms and teach her how to wear them; to instruct her in the basic customs and courtesies which are observed in the Navy, to acquaint her with the rules and regulations which govern all Navy people and to give her an understanding of them; to provide her with a basic knowledge of such Navy subjects as will enable her to be of early use at her duty station, to give her self-confidence and pride in the part she plays in the Navy; to develop further her own high standards of responsibility and conduct, and to help her understand and appreciate her own and the Navy's place in our democracy and American way of life. These are the aims and responsibilities of the staff of recruit training for enlisted women.

Arrival at Bainbridge

Wave Recruits Arriving at the US Naval Training Center at Bainbridge, MD.

Wave Recruits Arriving at the US Naval Training Center at Bainbridge, MD. GGA Image ID # 140edff55e

Upon arrival at Bainbridge, women recruits are greeted by staff members and by recent graduates, called Company Aides, who will be their guides during the first strange days on board.

Bunks and lockers for the stowage of clothing and personal items are assigned immediately. From the very first the new recruits are formed in companies who live together, march and sing together, work and study together.

The Wave is Issued a Uniform During the First Week.

The Wave is Issued a Uniform During the First Week. GGA Image ID # 140f10dd5b

Issuing of uniforms begins the first week. Dress Blue and Dress White uniforms are carefully fitted and tailored to achieve the neat, smart appearance that women of the U. S. Navy present.

During the processing period physical examinations are conducted to make sure all are in good health and prepared for the busy ten weeks ahead. Appointments are made to correct any minor defects.

Preventive inoculations are given. Weight and posture are checked; vision and hearing evaluated.

As soon as the new company is formed and settled in its new living quarters, it is formally welcomed by the Company Commander. She is a senior petty officer with considerable experience in the Navy who has been chosen for her maturity, perception, and outstanding leadership.

She will be in direct military command of the company throughout the ten weeks' training period. To her will come the many problems which arise. To her belongs the feeling of pride and accomplishment as she watches new recruits grow in the ways of self-discipline, cooperation, and appreciation of their part in the Navy.

During the early days of training the Company Commander carefully observes the recruits and within a few days appoints temporary company petty officers from among those whose leadership traits appear to meet her exacting requirements.

Later these temporary appointments may be confirmed or may be changed to allow someone more qualified to assume the position of leadership. The recruit petty officers work side by side with the Company Commander to develop company unity, spirit, and discipline and to help with the many administrative details incident to recruit training.

Navy chaplains are on hand during the processing period to visit and welcome recruits of their respective faiths. Religious services are conducted at the Training Center by clergymen of many denominations, and organized classes reenforce the religious training begun at home. Understanding chaplains are nearby for consultation and assistance when needed.

Classes Begin

Wave Recruits Attend Classes at Bainbridge NTC.

Wave Recruits Attend Classes at Bainbridge NTC. GGA Image ID # 140f29ec71

By the end of the second week the new recruit company is ready to don the recruit uniform and join the regiment as a military unit. Academic classes, military drill, and physical training classes begin.

For perhaps the first time recruits feel the strong sense of belonging and gain increasing pride in their company. By this time most of the small bouts of homesickness have passed, and recruits take a growing interest in their shipmates and their company.

The wide range of attitudes, knowledge, and skills which must be developed in recruit training is divided into a number of areas for instruction purposes. The military phase of training encompasses not only military drill and the development of response to command but also the development of military bearing, respect for authority, unity, and loyalty.

Wave Receives a Navy Haircut at the Bainbridge Hair Salon.

Wave Receives a Navy Haircut at the Bainbridge Hair Salon. GGA Image ID # 1412ea5914

Recruits are instructed in bunk-making, locker stowage, and in getting that military shine on their shoes. Drill classes begin with the simplest formations and maneuvers used to move a group from one place to another in orderly fashion.

As time progresses, the more intricate movements are taught along with some of the procedures followed in the Navy's honors and ceremonies. A precision Drill Team, composed of volunteer recruits who practice in their spare time, performs at all Graduation Reviews.

Learning to Swim or Improving Your Swimming Technique at the Navy Pool.

Learning to Swim or Improving Your Swimming Technique at the Navy Pool. GGA Image ID # 141318bb89

In the classroom the recruits receive instruction in a variety of areas slanted toward showing the recruit where she fits in the Navy program and preparing her for her service.

Naval Orientation classes cover development of traditional customs, wearing of the uniform, information on pay and allowances, the Uniform Code of Military justice, and related subjects.

Waves Studying in the Library.

Waves Studying in the Library. GGA Image ID # 140f94df79

Another subject, Jobs and Training, covers the position of the recruit in relation to other naval personnel, the organization of the Navy as an arm of our national defense, the Navy job structure, and advancement opportunities.

Aircraft Classes for Wave Recruits at Bainbridge NTC.

Aircraft Classes for Wave Recruits at Bainbridge NTC. GGA Image ID # 140fbcbb21

During Ships, Weapons, and Aircraft classes, the recruits learn the basic makeup and use of the Navy's fighting equipment. History and Citizenship instructors strive to instill an appreciation of the development of naval power and an understanding of our democratic way of life with its responsibilities and privileges.

Specially qualified instructors in the Physical Training Division lead the recruits in relaxing and conditioning exercises, group games, swimming, and water safety.

Classes in Self-Improvement, Hygiene, and First Aid are also included. In these classes the recruit is helped to improve her own appearance and provided with guidance on standards of behavior.

The recruit's day is a busy one. Up early, she has only a few minutes to dress, make her bunk, and go to breakfast. By 7:25 the regiment is formed for the daily ceremony of Morning Quarters to hear the day's announcements. By 8:25 the first class has begun.

Waves Enjoy Great Navy Food in the Mess Hall.

Waves Enjoy Great Navy Food in the Mess Hall. GGA Image ID # 140f392007

Noontime finds the recruits welcoming a break and one of the Navy's excellent and well-balanced meals. Early in the training period classes in nutrition and weight control encourage the establishment of good eating habits.

Classes continue in the afternoon until 4:10, after which recruits may visit the Navy Exchange store, collect their mail, do their laundry, and review the day's academic work. Recruits in good standing who have completed eight weeks of training may take advantage of liberty on the training center if » they desire.

In the evenings recruits follow the schedule for their barracks, including time for study and time for housekeeping details. Scheduled every evening is a twenty-minute exercise period, followed by a period of relaxation prior to the sounding of taps at 9:30, at which time all recruits quiet down for a full eight hours' sleep in preparation for the next busy day.

Training Progress is Checked

Evaluation of recruit performance and progress is constant, takes on many forms, and encompasses all phases of recruit life. Most familiar to the recruit are the weekly academic achievement tests. Navy grades are based on a scale running from 1.0 to 4 0. A 4.0 is equivalent to 100%.

To pass, recruits must attain 2.5. Additional assistance by instructors and supervised study time are arranged for recruits who have difficulty with classwork.

Personal appearance is evaluated frequently in formal personnel inspections conducted by the Company Commander or members of the officer staff. At least once a week military inspections are given to determine whether the_ recruit is able to follow directions given her.

Military conduct is under constant observation by the entire staff. Whenever possible, correction of mistakes is made on the spot. Emphasis is placed on the development of reliability and responsibility, ever looking forward to the time when the recruit must prove herself on the job at her duty station.

Service Week: During the seventh week of training, known as Service Week, recruits are given an opportunity to demonstrate their responsibility through the performance of selected jobs.

Some are assigned to duty as messengers in the training area; others assist the Masters-at-Arms in the maintenance of offices, classrooms, or barracks.

This is an important phase of training. During this week recruits learn to work together on a specific job, to use initiative, and to assume responsibility. They learn firsthand the position of officers and petty officers in the routine of daily work.

They acquire an appreciation of the many and varied tasks which must be performed in the daily operation of an organization the size of the United States Navy. Perhaps as important, too, is their growing sense of participation—of being a necessary part of the Navy.

On Saturday of Service Week, recruits go to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for a day. There they may shop, go to a movie, or visit the USO for the evening dance. On this occasion they are received in a civilian community for the first time as members of the U. S. Navy.

By the end of Service Week the company has usually attained a marked degree of cohesiveness. Its members look forward with intense interest to receiving their orders to first duty stations. The routine of military life now rests lightly on squared shoulders.

Job Field Selection and Assignment

Wave Training as Electronic Technician.

Wave Training as Electronic Technician. GGA Image ID # 14102f809c

Although all women recruits must meet certain basic physical, mental, and educational standards, each individual has a different background of experience, knowledge, aptitudes, and skills.

Upon these factors and the needs of the Navy their future assignments will be based. Information sheets filled out in the Recruiting Stations and during the processing-in period contain some of the recruit's personal history.

Classification tests measuring the ability to learn and the aptitude for and acquired skill in arithmetic, mechanical, and clerical fields are given to recruits early in their training period.

Additional tests designed to predict success in special fields, such as the transmitting and receiving of radio code, are given to some. Finally, trained classifiers, in interviews with each recruit, compile, evaluate, and classify all the available data, including the recruit's own preferences and prior job experience.

Aviation Electronic Technicians is a Rewarding Job for Waves.

Aviation Electronic Technicians is a Rewarding Job for Waves. GGA Image ID # 141090ce4f

On the basis of these interviews, recommendations are made for job fields, specialty schools, and first duty assignments. Whenever possible recruits are sent to the duty and location of their choice, but in all cases the needs of the Navy must first be met.

Exciting indeed is the day when orders are read and future assignments made known. Recruit training is nearly over, and plans must be made for packing, travel, and recruit leave. Graduation is just around the corner.

The final week of training is spent in preparing for the Graduation Review and for departure from recruit training for new duty stations. Since senior recruits are expected to set an example for the junior companies in military conduct, in dress, and in performance of duty, inspection standards become more rigid.

Military drill classes are now devoted to preparing for the impressive ceremonies marking the end of the recruit training period.


Graduation Day for the Wave Recruit at Bainbridge NTC.

Graduation Day for the Wave Recruit at Bainbridge NTC. GGA Image ID # 1410be5b60

The graduating companies join with the junior companies in the final review as they demonstrate their skill in military evolutions before a large audience of friends, families, and the Commanding Officer's reviewing party of officers and official guests.

Waves Passing in Review.

Waves Passing in Review. GGA Image ID # 14115c079b

In fair weather this impressive ceremony is held on the parade grounds. In inclement weather the review takes place in the large drill hall. Whether outdoors or in, the review is a fitting culmination of the training period.

In a series of special presentations, the Drill Team performs intricate military maneuvers for the assembled guests; a military band plays appropriate selections; and the entire regiment of graduating and participating recruits performs military drill in unison.

Presenting Certificate of Special Merit to Wave Recruit.

Presenting Certificate of Special Merit to Wave Recruit. GGA Image ID # 1411be1e8c

Following the military performance, the reviewing officer presents certificates of special merit to the recruits selected as honor women. To the stirring music of the military band the assembled companies pass in review, concluding the ceremonies.

Proud Parents Congratulate the Wave at Graduation Day.

Proud Parents Congratulate the Wave at Graduation Day. GGA Image ID # 1411f3c2ad

Following the review, a reception is held for parents and guests. Recruits can then depart with their parents to spend a two-weeks' leave at home before reporting to their specialty school or first duty station.

As with any graduation ceremony, graduation from recruit training marks both a beginning and an ending. Women recruits become women Seamen Apprentice and leave to take their places among the thousands of men and women who man and support the Fleet.

In ten weeks the recruit has successfully weathered the transition from civilian to military life. Each is secure in the knowledge that the Navy needs her to fill a job vital to the national defense, and each has confidence in her ability to perform her duties with thoroughness and pride.

She looks back on her weeks at Bainbridge with mixed emotions; and is inclined to say, as a recent graduate so aptly phrased it: "The time at Bainbridge has been the most dynamic, maturing part of my life thus far! The things I learned, the friends I've made, and the self- discipline I've finally half achieved have made the aching muscles and the homesick tears well worth while."


Prepare Now to Serve Later by Studying and Partipating in Extra-Curricular Activities in High School.

Prepare Now to Serve Later by Studying and Partipating in Extra-Curricular Activities in High School. GGA Image ID # 141206bebe

There are ways you can increase your future value to the Navy while still in high school. Courses in science and mathematics are desirable. Proficiency in speaking and writing the English language is most important.

A knowledge of typing and shorthand will be very helpful. Participation in extra-curricular activities which develop your leadership potential is desirable.

If you are intellectually and financially able to go to college, the Navy encourages you to do so. The Navy offers many fine opportunities to the young college graduate in its women officer program.


Being a Wave is a Rewarding Experience.

Being a Wave is a Rewarding Experience. GGA Image ID # 14126f0420

If there's something missing in your way of life—if you would like to serve your country by sharing the responsibilities of citizenship as well as its privileges—investigate today how YOU might qualify for membership on the Navy Team, regardless of race, creed, or national origin—how you might become someone special—a Navy WAVE.

Whether you complete your initial enlistment and then decide to return to civilian life, or whether you choose the Navy as your career, with all its attendant benefits and privileges, you will consider your years in the Navy a rewarding experience.

The initiative you are encouraged to develop, the work methods you learn on the job, the variety of interests you naturally acquire, together with the experience of working with people, will help you immeasurably in whatever role the future holds in store for you.


Specialist Fields Available to Waves.

Aerographer's Mates are the Navy's weathermen. They collect, record and analyze weather information and prepare up-to-date weather maps and forecasts.

Radiomen transmit and receive messages by International Morse Code, type incoming messages, keep equipment in working order, and copy news broadcasts for distribution to ship personnel.

Electronics Technicians maintain and repair electronic equipment, including radio, radar and sonar equipment, used for communications.

Aviation Electronics Technicians test, maintain and repair aviation electronics equipment used in naval aircraft.

Tradevmen operate, maintain, install and repair training aids and training devices and train personnel in such fields as gunnery, aviation, navigation, communications and electronics.

Machine Accountants work in all phases of Navy machine accounting in keeping records of personnel, supplies and money disbursement; and perform maintenance for the machines which they operate.

Data Systems' Technicians maintain electronic digital data systems and equipment; inspect, test, calibrate, and repair associated units.

Disbursing Clerks prepare payrolls, process claims for expenses incurred, disburse funds in payment for supplies and services, and prepare financial accounts and reports.

Dental Technicians assist dental officers in the treatment of patients, render first aid, give preventive treatments, and perform dental administrative duties. Some are qualified in dental prosthetics.

Hospital Corpsmen administer medicines, apply first aid, assist in operating rooms and on wards in nursing the sick and wounded. Some qualify as Laboratory, Operating Room, or X-Ray Technicians.

Journalists engage in news reporting, copyreading, editing and related jobs in publishing news about Navy people and activities through newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

Air Controlmen assist in the direction and control of air traffic and provide air crewmen with information regarding air traffic, navigation and weather conditions.

Storekeepers procure, check, store and issue foodstuffs, mechanical equipment, office supplies and other items; prepare requisitions and take inventories.

Aviation Storekeepers procure, check, store and issue all types of naval aircraft, aeronautical equipment and accessories; and inventory aircraft and spare parts.

Yeomen perform clerical and secretarial duties involving typing, filing, preparing and routing correspondence; and serve as stenographers and office managers.

Personneimen maintain personnel records; analyze, evaluate and classify Navy jobs; interview and test personnel; and recommend school and work assignments.

Illustrator-Draftsmen prepare, alter, check and file mechanical, electrical and statistical drawings, blueprints, charts 2nd maps.

Photographer's Mates make photographic records of naval operations with both motion and still cameras, develop and print pictures, and maintain equipment.

Communications Yeomen operate teletype machines and perform clerical duties in connection with communications.

Aviation Maintenance Administrationmen perform administrative, clerical and management duties required in implementing and supporting the naval aircraft maintenance program.

Brochure Reviewed and Approved by Captain Jesse Wood Jr. USNR

Reviewed and Approved 1 January 1967
U. S. Navy Recruiting Aids Division

Back Cover, There's Something About a Navy Wave. 1967 Brochure.

Back Cover, There's Something About a Navy Wave. 1967 Brochure. GGA Image ID # 1412ad049e

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