The Silk and Linen Wedding Anniversary

On the twelfth anniversary of the wedding day may be celebrated the silk and linen anniversary. Invitations may be written on linen doilies with gold ink, and each doily may be slipped into a flax-blue silk band like a napkin ring which bears the name and address of the invited guest. The furniture may be covered with white linen summer covering, and linen crash may be laid over the floors.

Flax-blue china silk may be used for draping, and the color scheme of white and blue may be most successfully carried out. Flax plants may be obtained from a florist’s and used for decorations. Or plants may be prepared at home by sowing the flaxseed in rich, moist earth a month before the anniversary, and keeping it warm and moist.

Candied violets will strike a sufficiently clear note in the color scheme to use for bonbon dishes, and for the decorating of creams and ices.

Jean Wilde Clark, Ed., "Wedding Anniversaries: The Silk and Linen Wedding," in Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries: A Book of Good Form in the Conduct of Marriage Ceremonies . . . with Added Chapters about the Various Anniversaries, New York: The Butterick Publishing Company, 1910, p. 111.

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