The Wedding Planner Poem - 1910

The Wedding Planner Poem - 1910

Deciding on your wedding day? Is June better than November? Here is a poem that describes the fortunes of those who marry during every month of the year.


Marry when the year is new,

Always loving, kind and true.


When February birds do mate,

You may wed, nor dread your fate.


If you marry when March winds blow,

Joy and sorrow both you’ll know.


Marry in April when you can,

Joy for maiden and for man.


Marry in the month of May,

You will surely rue the day.


Marry when June roses blow,

Over land and sea you’ll go.


They who in July do wed,

Must labor always for their bread.


All who wed in August be,

Many a change are sure to see.


Marry in September’s shine,

Your living will be rich and fine.


If in October you do marry,

Love will come, but riches tarry.


If you wed in bleak November,

Only joy will come, remember.


When December’s snows fall fast,

If you marry, love will last.


Clark, Jean Wilde, Ed., Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries: Rhymes and Jingles for Every Month, New York, The Butterick Publishing Company, 1910, p. 28-29.

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