Ladies’ Combination Corset-Cover and Under-Skirt - 1890

Ladies’ Combination Corset-Cover and Under-Skirt No. 3377

No. 3377. — This garment is pictured made of fine bleached muslin.

The adjustment, which is smooth and close, is achieved by double bust darts, side-back gores, and a curved center seam.

At the front and sides, the skirt hangs without fulness and is formed by the front and side-backs; while at the back a full skirt-section is gathered to the lower edge of the short back, introducing enough fullness to contribute the required width to the skirt.

Two clusters of fine tucks and a frill of deep embroidered edging trim the bottom of the skirt, the clusters having respectively three and four pleats.

A closing is affected with buttons and buttonholes at the center of the front from the neck to a desirable depth below the waist-line: the edges are well curved, and the right edge is finished with an under facing and the left edge with a button-stand.

The garment is fashioned with a high neck and long coat-sleeves, but the pattern also supports a V neck and a low, round neck, perforations showing how to shape both styles.

A frill of narrow edging trims the neck and each wrist. The sleeves may be omitted, if considered undesirable, and the arms’-eyes trimmed to accord with the neck.

Costume Options

Garments of this description are having a great vogue, and deservedly so, for they are practical, comfortable, and economical.

They are appropriately made up in wash silks, plain and fancy flannels, muslin, cambric, lawn, nainsook, linen and all kinds of fabrics used for underwear.

Colors are used almost as much as white, and black wash silk is very popular.

Laces, embroideries, ribbons, fancy stitching, drawn-work, tucks, and insertions are pretty for trimming, and individual taste may be consulted in the arrangement.

When tucks are desired, they should be allowed for in cutting out the garment, as they are not considered in the pattern.

Pattern Information

We have pattern No. 3377 in thirteen sizes for ladies from twenty-eight to forty-six inches, bust measure.

For a lady of medium size, it will require four yards and a-fourth of material twenty-seven inches wide, or three yards and three-eighths thirty-six inches wide.

Price of pattern, Is. 3d. or 30 cents.

"Ladies’ Combination Corset-Cover and Under-Skirt [No. 3377]," in The Delineator: A Journal of Fashion, Culture, and Fine Arts – Midsummer Number, New York: Butterick Publishing Co., Ltd, Vol. XXXVI, No. 2, August 1890, P. 84-85 (For Illustrations see Page 86).

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