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SS American Farmer Passenger List - 22 June 1934

Front Cover, Passenger List, SS American Farmer, American Merchant Lines, June 1934, London to New York

Passenger List for the SS American Farmer of the American Merchant Lines, Departing 22 June 1934 from London to New York, Commanded by Captain H. A. Pedersen, U.S.N.R.

Executive Officers :

  1. Commander : H. A. Pedersen, U.S.N.R
  2. Chief Engineer: William Joyce, U.S.N.R
  3. Chief Officer: Malcolm McKenzie, U.S.N.R
  4. Chief Steward: John Hardy
  5. Purser: Charles H. Rauth
  6. Surgeon: George H. Benton, M.D

List of Passengers

  1. Mr. W. Ferguson Barnes
  2. Mr. John B. Barnes
  3. Miss Jane W. Barnes
  4. Miss Helen Bennett
  5. Mrs. Ruth Brown
  6. Mrs. M. E. Buckley
  7. Miss B. Buckley
  8. Mr. Ernest Butterworth
  9. Mrs. Butterworth
  10. Miss H. Bonthron
  11. Dr. Robert Carothers
  12. Miss Marjorie Carter
  13. Col. E. K. Coulter
  14. Miss B. R. Crompton
  15. Mr. F. C. Dommeyer
  16. Mrs. E. S. Dooris
  17. Miss Dooris
  18. Mr. G. N. Everest
  19. Mr. James B. Fisk
  20. Mr. J. C. Furman
  21. Mrs. Furman
  22. Mr. T. L. D. Hadwen
  23. Miss K. Hardeman
  24. Mr. W. R. Honings
  25. Mrs. Honings
  26. Mr. A. Horns
  27. Mrs. Rebecca E. Howe
  28. Mr. Richard Jenney
  29. Mrs. Jenney
  30. Master Richard Jenney
  31. Master Peter Jenney
  32. Miss Louise Johnson
  33. Miss R. C. Manchester
  34. Mr. Dunn Paul Medalie
  35. Miss O. Niles
  36. Miss A. Niles
  37. Mr. Alfred Pelanden
  38. Mr. Dwight S. Perrin
  39. Miss Mildred Shellenberger
  40. Mrs. James Somerville, Jr.
  41. Dr. J. K. Stoddard
  42. Mrs. Stoddard
  43. Miss Anne Stoddard
  44. Miss Joan Stoddard
  45. Master Alan Stoddard
  46. Master Richard Stoddard
  47. Mr. D. Whiton-Stuart
  48. Mr. Wilson M. Wing

Not on Board

Mr. Charles A. Smith

General Information for Passengers

Meals will be served at following hours :

Breakfast 8.0 —10.0
Lunch 1.0 — 2.0
Dinner 7.0 — 8.0

Seats in the dining room will be assigned by Chief Steward.

Passengers desiring to book return passage on any vessel of this Line are requested to apply at Purser's Office.

A safe has been provided by the Company in the Purser's Office where money and valuables may be left for safe keeping; not Company assumes no liability for the loss of articles nct so deposited.

The long-range wireless equipment permits the vessel communicating with all American and European stations. Passengers desiring to send messages should consult the Purser.

Lost and found articles of any description should immediately be reported at the Purser's Office.

Deck chairs and steamer rugs may be secured at $1 each for the voyage, on application to the Deck Steward.

Passenger mail is immediately distributed on receipt of same; Passengers are invited to leave their addresses at the Pursers' Office for later despatches to be re-directed and forwarded.

Passengers are requested not to take dogs, cats, birds, or other pets in staterooms or on promenade decks.

Passengers are requested to familiarise themselves with their boat stations from printed placard posted in each stateroom.

Stateroom Baggage.—Trunks, if not more than 15 inches high, 2 feet wide and 3 feet long may be placed in stateroom. Trunks or receptacles of greater dimension must be put in Baggage Room.

All complaints and suggestions for improvement of the Service should be reported to the Purser or Chief Steward.

Medical Attention.—The Surgeon is always at the disposal of Passengers requiring his services. In case of illness originating on or after the departure of the steamer, no charge will be made for services. Medicines prescribed by the Ship's Surgeon will be furnished without charge In case of illness not originating on board, the Surgeon is permitted to make reasonable charges subject to the approval of the Commander.

Passengers disembark on arrival at New York at Chelsea Piers, North River (Foot of 18th Street). These Piers are in close proximity to Pennsylvania Railroad and Grand Central Stations.

Passenger List Contributed by Archives Patron Pat Tiffany 2012

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