Passenger List, SS American Merchant, 23 August 1928

Front Cover - 23 August 1928 Passenger List, SS American Merchant, American Merchant Lines

Front Cover of a One Class Passenger List for the SS American Merchant of the American Merchant Lines, Departing 23 August 1928 from New York to London.


List of Passengers

  1. Mr. Wm. O. Allen
  2. Mrs. Wm. O. Allen
  3. Master Richard Allen
  4. Miss Eliza. Allen
  5. Miss Marion Cameron
  6. Miss Louise Cameron
  7. Mr. V. H. Carr
  8. Mr. H. A. G. Clark
  9. Miss E. Van Derveer
  10. Mr. Jos. Diggins
  11. Mrs. Jos. Diggins
  12. Mr. Warren Diggins
  13. Miss A. Edwards
  14. Mr. R. M. Ewing
  15. Mrs. R. M. Ewing
  16. Mrs. Robt. F. Fleming
  17. Mr. Robt. F. Fleming
  18. Mr. L. E. P. Foote
  19. Mrs. L. E. P. Foote
  20. Mrs. L. R. Frazeur
  21. Mr. Ed. K. Gaston
  22. Miss Mary F. Giddings
  23. Miss Ruba Gordoff
  24. Mrs. Rosaland Guntz
  25. Mr. T. Horst
  26. Mrs. S. D. Jessup
  27. Miss Annie Jessup
  28. Mr. E. L. Jones
  29. Prof. Jas. Kendall
  30. Miss Alice Kendall
  31. Miss Isabelle Kendall
  32. Mr. James Kendall, Jr.
  33. Mrs. James Kendall
  34. Miss Helen Larson
  35. Miss M. L. Law
  36. Miss Ethel Lecount
  37. Miss Sarah H. McClintock
  38. Mr. R. A. McDowell
  39. Mrs. F. W. McGowan
  40. Miss Jacqueline A. McGowan
  41. Miss Janet Mehe
  42. Miss Janet Mehl
  43. Miss Mary O'Neill
  44. Mr. A. Paine
  45. Miss Cecil V. Pearce
  46. Miss M. Z. Pease
  47. Rev. Fred M. Perrill
  48. Mrs. Fred M. Perrill
  49. Mr. Chas. Perrill
  50. Mr. John Pintcher
  51. Miss Gertrude Reeves
  52. Mr. Howard Robinson
  53. Mrs. Howard Robinson
  54. Mr. E. F. Romig
  55. Mr. Leoriard Samuel
  56. Mr. Forbes Sherry
  57. Mr. H. B. Silsbee
  58. Mrs. H. B. Silsbee
  59. Miss C. M. Smith
  60. Miss Hedwig Stalland
  61. Mr. Sidney F. Taliaferri
  62. Mrs. Mabel Toad
  63. Mr. J. R. Tod
  64. Mrs. J. R. Tod
  65. Mr. R. G. Tugwell
  66. Mrs. R. G. Tugwell
  67. Miss Tanis Tugwell
  68. Miss Marcia Tugwell
  69. Prof. Fred Tupper
  70. Mrs. Fred Tupper
  71. Miss Mary Tupper
  72. Mr. R. B. Wallace
  73. Mrs. R. B. Wallace
  74. Miss Louise K. Ward
  75. Mr. Walter M. Wels
  76. Mr. Otto Van Weyk
  77. Miss Mary F. Wise
  78. Miss Wise


General Information for Passengers

Meals will be served at the following hours:

  • Breakfast 8:00 to 9:30
  • Lunch 1:00 to 2:00
  • Dinner 6:30 to 7:30

Seats in the dining room will be assigned by Purser steward.

Medical Attention.—The Surgeon is always at the disposal of Passengers requiring his services. In case of illness originating on or after the departure of the steamer, no charge will be made for services. Medicines prescribed by the Ship's Surgeon will be furnished without charge. In case of illness not originating on board, the Surgeon is permitted to make the following charges:—

For Office visits $1.00 per visit

For Stateroom visits $2.00 per visit

With a maximum charge of $4.00 per day

Passengers desiring to book return passage on any vessel of this Line are requested to apply at Purser's Office.

A safe has been provided by the Company in the Purser's Office where money and valuables may be left for safekeeping; the Company assumes no liability for the loss of articles not so deposited.

The long range wireless equipment permits the vessel communicating with all American and European stations. Passengers desiring to send messages should consult the Purser.

Lost and found articles of any description should immediately be reported at the Purser's Office.

Deck chairs and steamer rugs may be secured at $1,50 _cacti for lic voyage, on application to the Deck Steward.

Passenger mail is immediately distributed on receipt of same; Passengers are invited to leave their addresses at the Purser's Office for later dispatches to be re-directed and forwarded.
Passengers are requested not to take Dogs, Cats; Birds, or other pets in staterooms or on the promenade decks.

Passengers are requested to familiarize themselves with their boat stations from printed placard posted in each stateroom.

Stateroom Baggage.—Trunks, if not more than 15 inches high, 2 feet wide and 3 feet long may be placed in stateroom. Trunks or receptacles of greater dimension must be put in Baggage Room or Hold of steamer.

Passengers will be met at The Royal Albert Docks London by Saloon Motor Coaches and Baggage Lorries which will convey them and their baggage to Hearns Motor Coach Station 234 Gray's Inn Road, London W. C. 1 where luggage will be sorted. The charge will be 6/- (or $1.50) per person which includes transportation of baggage. Those who do not wish to use the motor coaches may engage private Limousines the minimum charge for which would be £2/—plus 1/3 for each mile over 15 miles. All arrangements for buses and limousines are to be made with the Steward at least 48 hrs. prior to arrival at London.

All complaints and suggestions for improvement of the service should be reported to the Commander.

Stateroom Keys: Passengers are requested to secure keys from Purser's office, which are to be returned upon completion of Voyage.


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