The Submarine Review - October 2003

Front Cover, The Submarine Review, Naval Submarine League, October 2003.

Front Cover, The Submarine Review, Naval Submarine League, October 2003. GGA Image ID # 1cfdf093a8

The October 2003 issue articles include Christening of USS Virginia, Virginia: Silent Ieader for the 21st Century Navy, On "The Third Battle of the Atlantic," The Ohio Class SSGN, and More.

Table of Contents

  • Christening of USS Virginia (SSN 774)
    VADM Grouenbacher
  • Virginia: Silent Ieader for the 21st Century Navy
    RADM Butler
  • A View of Virginia's Christening
    Mr. Hamilton
  • On "The Third Battle of the Atlantic"
    CAPT Tangredi

Sub League Annual Symposium

  • Report from ComNavalSubForces
    VADM Grossenbacher
  • The Ohio Class SSGN
    CAPT Wegner


  • Aboard a SubTender During the War in Iraq
    Mr. Hamilton
  • So What if the Seas Were Transparent Pt II
    Mr. Huff
  • Depth Charge: An Early ASW Weapon Pt II
    Mr. Merrill
  • "Set Condition 2SC"
    CAPT Patton
  • The Fleet that Wasn't Sighted at Vinga
    CAPT Bruzehus
  • Transforming Tactical Training Part II
    CAPT Marquet
  • Fast Attacks & Boomers—Moves On
    CAPT Oaverick
  • The First and the last—SEA LION & BULLHEAD
    Dr Beynon


  • WW1I Memories in FLYING FISH
    CAPT C. W. Styler
  • Golden Gate in '48
    Mr. Erickson


  • Wichaway SubRoc?
    CAPT Valade
  • Fish Don't Vote
    CAPT O 'Connell
  • "Monk"
    CDR Curtin


  • Creating the New World by Rockwell
    by 'RAUM Hall
  • Encyclopedia of American Submarines
    by Cross Feist
  • Three Sub Rescue & Salvage Books
    by CAPT Gaverick

THE SUBMARINE REVIEW is a quarterly publication of the Naval Submarine League. It is a forum for discussing submarine matters, be they of past, present, or future aspects of the ships, weapons, and men who train and carry out undersea warfare. The REVIEW intends to reflect not only the views of Naval Submarine league members but all who are interested in submarines.

Articles for this magazine will be accepted on any subject closely related to submarine matters. Content, timing, and originality of thought are of primary importance in selecting articles for the REVIEW. Article length should be no longer than 2500 to 3000 words.

Authors should prepare topics requiring more extended treatment in parts for sequential publication. Electronic submission is preferred with either MS Word or Word Perfect as acceptable systems. An accompanying 3.5" diskette will significantly assist if a paper copy is submitted.

The Submarine Review will pay a stipend of up to $200.00 for each major article published. For shorter Reflections. Sea Stories, etc.. $100.00 is usual. Book reviewers are awarded $52.00, a remarkable figure to honor the US submarines lost during World War II.

Annually, three articles are selected for special recognition, and an additional honorarium of up to $400.00 will be awarded to the authors. Papers accepted for publication in the REVIEW become the property of the Naval Submarine League.

The views expressed by the authors are their own and are not to be construed as those of the Naval Submarine League. A specific reference to that fact will accompany the article in those instances where the NSL has taken and published an official position or view.

Comments on articles and brief discussion items are welcomed to make THE SUBMARINE REVIEW a dynamic reflection of the League's interest in submarines. The success of this magazine is up to those persons with such a dedicated interest in submarines that they want to keep the submarine past alive, help with present submarine problems and be influential in guiding the future of submarines in the US Navy.

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