Shipmate: US Naval Academy Alumni - August 1951

Front Cover, Shipmate: The U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Monthly, The Eyes and the Ears of the Navy. Vol. 14, No. 8, August 1951.

Front Cover, Shipmate: The U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Monthly, The Eyes and the Ears of the Navy. Vol. 14, No. 8, August 1951. GGA Image ID # 1cfd7b6cf9

Our Cover—The "Mighty MO," The U.S.S. Missouri, a veteran of World War II and Korea, engages in shore bombardment of enemy positions and installations in North Korea. . . in this age of winged sea power, even more than in the past, victory or defeat may come out of the sea"—Captain Eller.

The August 1951 issue articles focus on the United States Naval Academy Alumni News, The Navy on Capitol Hill, Bureau of Naval Personnel, Navy Athletics, Local Association News, and more.

Table of Contents

  • Will We Need a Navy to Win?
  • The Navy on Capitol Hill
  • The United States Naval Academy
  • Bureau of Naval Personnel
  • Navy Athletics

United States Naval Academy Alumni Association

Alumni News

  • Editorial
  • Our Alumni in the News
  • What's the Dope
  • U.S.N.A. Alumni Association Branches
  • Local Association News
  • Last Call

At this writing, the fiscal and membership year 1950-51 has just come close. It was the most successful one for the Association. Throughout its span, the trend of our affairs and activities was steadily progressive.

We hope to have 7,000 members this year and have no intention of losing any of our old members without a fight. Incidentally, we now have 47 Life Members, including nine in the Class of 1951.

Alumni House was well patronized by the various classes holding reunions in May, and there were fifteen wedding receptions held in the House in the period immediately following graduation.

Yes, the year 1950-51 was a most encouraging one for the Association, but don't put a period there because we are just working up to speed.

Published monthly on the twenty-fifth of the month preceding the date of issue, at fifty cents a copy. Annual subscription, $5.00. Canadian and foreign subscription, $6.00. Published by the Alumni Association of the United Sutes Naval Academy, Baltimore, Md., and Annapolis, Md.. Louis E. Denfeld, President; H. McCoy Jones, Elmer K. Zitzewitz, F. W. Pierce, Vice-Presidents ;• C. E. Coney, Executive Director. Office of publication at 2601 Sisson St., Baltimore 11, Md. Editorial office. Alumni House, Annapolis, Md. Entered as second-class matter at the post office at Baltimore, Md., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Copyright 1951, by the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association, Inc.

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